Dads on vacation (23 Photos)

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  • BostonChiver.

    Checklist for dad's: Cargo shorts, cut off shirt, Hawaiian shirt, Teevas or other strapped sandals, crew socks and some awesome dad jeans. Everything in here is spot on.

  • tv_paul

    #8 "Thoust wilt taste the full force of my penile sword foul Beastie"

  • Mlumley

    Everyone of these could be my old man

  • Joe

    where is the burn bra post?

  • Giggity

    Dads rule

  • martin

    i'm a Dad. I lol'd

  • Dennis Swearer

    I love this post so much, reminds me of an awesome picture I have somewhere with my dad on vacation at Universal Studios.

  • mayorjacoby

    Black People don't have dads

    • Gash Hound

      I knew you were a closet racist all along

    • Cecil

      Racists don't have brains. Trolls don't have cocks.
      Sucks to be you!

  • exponentialfunk

    I cannot wait to be this old and be this awesome

  • LucretiusCarus

    I suppose I must resign myself to doing this sort of stuff in the not-so-distant future. I'll go Teva shopping and get some tube socks tonight, I suppose.

  • ChestRockwell

    Lol!! These made me laugh out loud. I am a new father and absolutly cant wait to humiliate myself to let my son have fun on vacation. Props to these dads!

  • jgos929

    WTF is this Chive??? Step it up

    • Adam

      STFU and GTFO!!

  • torontochivette

    #14 is hilarious! What a funny Dad!

  • NicRae

    The funny thing is, that my dad would have done all of these (maybe not the life vest one though) Thanks for bringing a smile to my face Chive, I lost my dad a year ago to cancer. This is a great post! Love it!

  • Vent187

    I've now decided that I'm never going to get old.

  • Oli

    -Hey what are you doing?

    "Oh nothin, just waiting in line at the DMV… The line doesnt seem to be moving very fast"

  • Oli

    and #6 Who the hell is this little black kid following me around???????????

  • DAC

    I laughed out loud at this post. Nice work

  • Cin


  • Oregon_country

    I feel as if my dad is capable of any of these embarrassing things.

  • negative nancy

    #6 one of these things is not like the other…

  • Seamus

    My dad is dead, if I'd have known this post was going to happen, I'd have sent in a picture of him chasing my brother with a machete.

  • Danno

    When you're a dad and you go on vacation, ZERO fucks will be given.

  • amykayyy

    Love this post. I have a seriously goofy dad so I can relate 🙂

  • MgoBlue

    Hahaha… I love this post. How is my Dad not on here.

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