Dads on vacation (23 Photos)

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  • Rabbit

    #23 Find the daughter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Collin

    These are some of the coolest dads anywhere.

  • freddy boy

    Fellow dads. We can do way more than this to embarrass our kids. So what are you waiting for!!

  • mac daddy

    i think its a rule that dads should wear cargo shorts and high tube socks

  • eddy

    I can't wait to be a dad so that I can embarrass my children when we go on vacations.

  • YouNoMe

    #5 is the Hole in the Rock in Phoenix. My sun-bleached bones are still along the trail. Please be considerate and don't molest them. Hottest place in the fucking world. Sincerely, My Spirit

    PS I know that feeling on that dads body language like you are sitting in an oven.

  • t-spoon17

    i could picture phil dunphy from modern family doing all of these!

  • Jammy

    While I like to think I am much better dressed and in shape Dad than these guys…. there is no doubt they are awesome. I strive everyday day to be goofy and make make my kids laugh. Plus being a Dad allows me to play with Lego's all over again.

  • Chris

    Being a dad is the best. Just remember, all these chicks you're chasing? This is exactly what happens when you catch one.

  • ImpressMe

    When you are a teenager your dad embarrasses you when he does this stuff, but later in life when hes gone you would give anything in the world to have him back in his black shorts, sandals with socks, and goofy hat. I miss you Dad. Thanks for the post guys….. #1 #7 #18

  • WisKatie

    Middle-aged men are just the goofiest.

  • Fatty Magoo

    And all these years I thought my dad wasn't normal. Got to love dads

  • bartonroulez

    this is a straight up rip off of the identically named tumblr, dads on vacation

  • bartonroulez

    this is a blatant rip off of the tumblr, dads on vacation

  • TheDude

    I do half this crap, and I'm only 24..

  • DrMa7moud

    Would love to see their childrens reactions to this

  • rawrmels

    i'm so posting a pic of my dad!

  • Pikesville

    #21 You're doing it wrong. They did it wrong too. Look how clean they are. Gross.

  • Melissa

    Chive I love you ! But sometime it's hard to KCCO with advertisements popping up all the time !!

  • Anonymous

    San Diego

  • Byron_Black

    #4 Lol #6 White people! Sheesh.

  • Maggot

    It's times like this that I'm glad my dad died soon after I was born

  • Cal1

    #22 yep that right mrs wife it needs to look like I'm seeing from my knee

  • David Irving

    #14 PASTOR LOU!!!!

  • Stella Lopez

    ha ha. Absolutely loved them all, especially the first one. He looks so funny I tell ya.. 🙂

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