Daily Afternoon Randomness (49 Photos)

  • fabi87

    #47 that is all

  • anon

    25 is kriss larkina

  • Cat

    #20 Jessica Alba in see through top meow =^.^= Sexy

  • nouu

    #46 nice parenting fucktards.

  • LG1385

    #26 Yay Manitoba!

  • vulvasmash


  • AntSlanT

    #23 Im a teamster movie driver and you in the hair/makeup combo

  • Ben

    # 22 and you did it by drinking Guinness…well played sir…well played!

  • ramon

    #49 i like lists and your list looks damn good.

  • Matt

    #45 your g/f is DEFINITELY DAR worthy…and underboob…and gap (always mind that gap)….damn she's hot!!

  • TheGuy

    i just met my future ex-wife and future wife #25 #49

  • kk


  • Joey

    Feminists misjudging men not for any great advantage, but for a trifle. Something as trivial and inoffensive as a compliment and a whistle. Just want to waste our time by condemning us on frivolous pretences that we are hassling them when in reality its just a figment of their imagination. Its just Belial playing tricks on their minds. And every woman who passes judgement on men calling them names like pervert,creep and dirty old man etc. is going to go to hell someday unless they repent of their sinfullnes. That includes everyone on the internet thats posted all these negative things putting others down to build themselves up. Making up stories like its about power over the victim but thats a lie you have taught yourself to believe.

  • d1gitalpunk

    #6 haters gone hate

  • katastrophe89

    #25 …. oh. my. GOD.

  • freddwit2dz

    I don't understand why dudes like skinny bitches they're so gross.

  • https://www.facebook.com/blazej.prusiecki Blazej Prusiecki

    woohoo 😀 go Poland ❤

  • Tim

    #6 Sophia I have loved you for over 10 years and long before mainstream knew who you were

    #20 never really cared for you as much as most men until now. Glad you burned it!

  • BranDON6619

    # 43….I just can't stop watching and laughing my a*s off!

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