Hot Right Now: This guy’s ex sent him an apology letter and he sent it back graded (15 photos)

Daily Afternoon Randomness (49 Photos)

  • Brock

    #42 im in love…..marry me?

  • DarthLoki

    #35 I REALLY hope that's Sharpie… #45 DAR-worthy? I think we've got a strong candidate here for Chivette of the Week!!

  • JMac

    42 + Moar = Awesome!

    The only math needed!

  • Tom

    #42 Find HER!!

  • liljohn1998

    #49 YOU my dear are an angel 😉

  • jofassa

    #31 and #42 MOAR. Wow y'all are just beautiful.

  • Holy Smokes

    #49 doing it right… a boss

  • @Veneco_3
  • bkfrijoles

    #15 and #32 yes!!!

  • @Veneco_3
  • Medium00Rare

    #3 Planking lvl one-jillion

  • Kevin Kozlowski

    #33 where were girls like you when I was in Poland????

    • Piotr

      What part were YOU in. I saw girls like this (and better) in Kielce, Krakow, Warsaw, to name a few.

  • mike

    #49 I can see through your shirt, but I cant see everyting. What happened

  • JTG

    #12 Welcome….to Jurassic Park

  • guest

    more #25…….

  • Anonymous

    #27: Am I just imagining that guy’s wanker is peaking out of his shorts ?

  • KennyB

    #49 Your are a good girl

  • s45qu4tch

    It just occurred to me. What if all these GFs who say they aren't "chive-worthy" are actually saying, "If you post me without my permission I'll kick you in the nuts."

  • T.G

    #31 BOOMER SOONER!!!

  • ttrade

    #1 is really shopped-up, cant we just leave some of these alone. shes still hot.

    • ttrade

      sorry heres the link

  • A.E.

    #17 amazing just amazing

  • BealetonChiver

    #11 Why does today's DAR have to be late when I'm elbows deep in 2lbs of snowcrab legs and can't order a shirt!!!!!

  • Vayahil

    #2 hope that person is ok. They run into places we run out of…

  • Cody

    Who is #25 & #45 omg soooo hot

  • Sammy


    just the tip….HA HA HA

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