Darwin’s exceptions (35 Photos)

  • craig

    #27 someones getting laid.

    • guest


    • Name

      Doesn't matter, had sex!

    • JAFitC

      Looks like he gave the blow (up) job.

    • crawdad

      Yeh, the cane and top hat really complete the ensemble. How could she resist?

      • http://www.facebook.com/justin.nelson.969 Justin Nelson

        This was my senior prom in 2003. I don't know why parents were offended…..

  • etcrr

    #6 #14 good luck getting the job

    • S.Freud

      Head shops, tattoo parlors, 'edgy' coffee houses, night club (maybe). . .there's places they could get hired.

      • Gainful Employment

        All for a whopping minimum wage. Wow I am duly impressed with those possibilities

        • banananah

          i am dulym impressed by your priorities

          • banananah

            duly* also duly impressed by my grammar skills. What do you expect from a banana?

            • fuckhaters

              haha gainful employment)fuck you enjoy the little things s.freud

        • Andy Valentine

          Have you any idea what really good tattoo artists earn? If my schedule was booked 8 hours a day at £50+ an hour, I'd be a happy man.

          • RW Griswold

            Precisely. There's a very high misconception that people who heavily modify themselves are somehow destined to forever be poor and miserable. It is a lifestyle that most mainstream people cannot understand and therefore love to poke the same joke over and over and over and over and over and over again about…
            I'm a tattoo artist and piercer and while I'm not as heavily modified as some I can guarantee you I make enough for a comfortable living where I can be myself. Could I make more money if I had some corporate job? possibly… but that's not what I'm about, and that's not what most modified people are about. they're about enjoying their lives as they see fit, not how others think they should.

            • Andy Valentine

              Oh and look, you can also string together grammatically correct, legible sentences… but how can that possibly be considering you're a tattoo artist. (I should probably point out that this in intended as sarcasm, as I'm aware it's often misconstrued on the Interwebs).

              You're completely correct though. It's just closed minded ideal that make people think you can't be modified and achieve anything in life.
              I too have a lot of tattoo work; two full sleeves, back and chest, and working on the hands, but over the years have worked for the likes of Disney and other large creative businesses, that genuinely don't give a crap about how you look, as long as you're creative in the right ways. It will be nice when people stop judging books by their covers.

              • https://www.facebook.com/lexeris Vytenis Kybartas

                If you dont want people to judge books by their covers, why do you paint differently on your cover? just a thought

              • duh

                But the covers are intended to emphasize what is inside the book. If the cover is nothing but things that remind me of pain, I won't bother reading the inside. Not worth it. The same way it's not worth it for you to get a corporate job for that little extra bit of money.

                +1 Vytenis Kybartas

                • Andy Valentine

                  Since when is all the money in corporate jobs? My friends who work for the NHS (the biggest employer in Britain) as data analysts and such, earn pittance. Same as teachers, nurses, sales assistants, office workers and all those nice "corporate" work places that don't reach deep into their pockets when it comes to wages.

                  I'm not saying that people's looks don't alter their potential workplace of choice, that's still (unfortunately) a given, but "corporate" life isn't all it's cracked up to be.

                  • Alexander

                    I can understand someone doing this to themselves if they belong to a tribe or something. Where this is part of the culture. I just see this as trying to be something they're not. And to the ones talking about making money as a tat artist. I'm pretty sure these guys are the "canvas" not the artist. In the end these guys are trying to be so extreme to be different. But there are others doing the same damn thing. So you're not different, just like the rest. So I don't see the point in this. And you're not gonna convince me otherwise. You have your opinion as I mine. That is all.

  • Chris

    some of these scare me

  • RandomTask09

    #4: Statue of Liberty… Middle East version?

    • S.Freud

      Making fun of Lady Ga Ga, I think

    • Lynsay

      No because it's legs are showing…

    • lol

      Its Sauron

  • sodapants

    #18 That chainmail gives him +21 protection against encountering a vagina.

    • cookie

      exactly what i was thinking….protecting his virginity!

    • bdg

      That's a LOT of chain mail!!!

      • twoedges

        Of course that's a "LOT" of chainmail. Way to point out the obvious. One does not battle vaginas with only a "little" chainmail.

        • Kyle

          We have a saying in Texas, "Go big or go home." Looks like he went big and is going home alone.

    • xbod

      <GASP!> Mithril!

  • cookie

    #1 looks so proud of her offspring.

    • Plurp

      Im thinking that her grandson. I bet he still calls her Nana and begs for her chcocolate chip cookies when he visits. Such a nice boy.

    • Aoi

      Wrong, that old lady is his offspring. i´ve seen it in animal planet

  • M.C

    #28 congratulations your still un-fuckable.

    • David

      Does her shirt say OINK?

    • MWis


    • Shawny

      Love how the shirt folds over to spell oink

    • 6655321

      I know. Why do women who tan like that think bright colors look good on them? Bright colors are for pale skin.

  • LiquidMuff07

    Doesn't matter what number i put down, i feel confident i don't want to live on this planet anymore

    • Devin_Medrano

      Why the hell should WE leave? I say put these freaks on a rocket and fly them into the sun.

      • annonymous

        Simpsons style +1

  • Giuseppe Black

    I got nothin…just nothin…

  • goodguysfan

    Will still kick your ass#12

    • S.Freud

      Without breaking a sweat.

    • ObiOne

      chive I am thoroughly disappointed in yall for putting Steven Segal, a boss of all bosses, on this list just for wearing a goofy scarf. this man is LEGEND

      • mutant26

        agreed…How can you put this pic on here. I guess if you make fun of that fruity looking scarf and his bad hairline from a distance you might be alright…that being with binoculars.

    • crazydog

      You misspelled "slap you to death"

    • qwert

      …i think they were referring to the cameraman

    • Fish

      Big time Homo. Fake-ass Martial Artist. He's NOT a Bad Man. Don't be fooled, Chivers, you're smarter than that.

      • SARmedic

        You need to educate yourself Fish, he's a very accomplished marshal artist. Read up on his background, I'm sure you will be very surprised at what you find out. (He just looks cheesy, lol)

  • TokyoFace

    #17 … hahahahaha!

    • LucretiusCarus

      Even my wife realized immediately how much HIM sucks. When she first saw the logo she asked, "What does that mean? I ❤ the Devil?"

    • MattyDeuce

      I guess some people never choose to grow out of their phase.

    • Fish

      Steven Seagal's son

  • Wogsamatta

    #31 all the better to see you with darling.

    • Mcgrabbin

      Lady Gaga?

  • Browns

    #25 #28 Oompa loompas They Do Exist!!!!

    • Guest

      oompa loompas are orange not wrinkled-leather

      • hpph00

        I'm pretty sure oompa loompas are smarter aswell.

    • Byron_Black

      They look like baseball gloves. Old ones.

  • Brian

    #18 "I just won win for life"

  • WG27

    #18 Dre???

  • TylerG_76

    #26 Parker Lewis cant lose!

    • RobsterCraws

      I thought it was Eli Manning's high school photo.

      • Csquaredapparel

        I thought it kinda looked like Maynard James Keenan.

    • rich

      ahhh…I used to love Parker Lewis! The TV show, not the movie. But, while this dude doesn't look anything like him, it does appear his style was inspired by PL.

    • bob

      "mr. lewis? mr. randall? hello?"

    • Xor

      He looks a hell of a lot like H.P. Lovecraft.

  • Chad C

    #17 Bam Margera has really let himself go since Etan Dunn died…

    • Fig


    • alpal

      too soon?

  • Chad C

    *Ryan Dunn

  • RealSkyHigh

    #35 keeping calm taking a picture and Chive on

    • RealZoo

      #35 Soon…..

    • TDub66

      Come a little closer gramps!!

  • flaccidasshole

    #13… still would

    • monty

      notice its two women drivers…

      • Dr Awesome!

        It figures.

    • rich

      women and cars DO NOT mix.

  • HurrTard

    #30 Yeah He F*ck The Systsem… LMFAO

    • Not Again

      Yeah f… the systsem that wants to teach me how to spell.

    • SweetDannyJ

      Not sure this chimp knew what he was doing and I'm not saying this goofy tatt is anything more than quite lame, but fucking the "systsem" is actually fucking the system

  • Maroun

    Rob Brydon?

    • Eric

      Ryan Reynolds: Goober Edition

      • Filippe Heringer

        I thought it was Michael Phelps

    • Storm

      Michael Phelps?

  • Arcona

    #20 is a massive dreamcast fan!

    • monstrinho

      or a poliwhirl in disguise as a human

  • http://backrowheckling.tumblr.com/tagged/writing Chowdahr

    #18 You won't be laughing when civilization devolves. He who has chain-mail will be king.

    • http://twitter.com/McBeastie666 @McBeastie666


    • Hurricane Harri

      Bring me a shrubbery! (let's see how many get that reference!)

      • mcfadinj

        Is that good ole Monty in action?

        • Hurricane Harri

          One that looks nice, and not too expensive.

    • armed2thetooth

      Not till I run out of .223.

  • FatmanHammer

    Just to the right of the creepy mofo is Admiral Ackbars face, anyone else see it or am I just going mad?

    • LiquidE

      Lmao. It took me a sec but I see it too.

    • Cali_Dude

      Yep he is there, good eye. I have a demonic owl in the tile pattern of my shower.

    • MattyDeuce

      It's a traaap!

      • Doug

        Haha damn beat me to it

        • http://www.facebook.com/MeghanCupcakes Meghan Pagliaroni

          Ahhhhh you beat me to the "you beat me to it".

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