• Retired Navy

    This was great!! Also very true!

  • Katy

    All the guys who insist this is all true obviously haven't had any women.

    • missbreezyj

      More like they haven't found the RIGHT women. There are women like this but they are the WORST kind.

  • Mackin

    I'm not annoyed that this is so-called sexist, because a good joke can work with stereotypes. I know not all men do some things, and not all women do other things, but we use "men" and "women" as generalities. Heck, here's a sexist sort of observation for you; When a man says "I'm ready" he has nothing to do but walk out the door. When a woman says "I'm ready", she continues to say "I just need to…" and discusses 5 minutes worth of the 20 minutes left of actions she has to do before walking out the door.

    I'm annoyed because this is the sort of "humor" I expect from the Lockhorns. What's all this about marriage? Did someone let their dad make a post based on a standup routine he did in college?

  • EvaSaintJames

    Wow, I understand that this is a comical post but the Chive is really into solidifying gender stereotypes. This is very sexist.

  • Xilant

    I realize that this is suppose to be funny. However, I can't deny the fact that I was a little irked by it. I think it's because I didn't expect it from theChive, considering that girls continuously submit photos for us men. It must be a slap in their face to see stuff like this and then see all the guys' comments. Girls, not all men believe this. In fact, I'm pretty sure it's mostly those stuck in the "Friend-zone", a place I never even heard of until I came to theChive (true story).

  • missbreezyj

    This post is so one sided it's bullshit. The women depicted here are uptight, high maintenance, fake, sale shopping whore, dumb bitches. The women depicted here are so uptight they can't call their friends by nicknames, can't pay the bill without calculating the cost to the dime and wont buy anything unless it's on sale. The women described here are so fake they cant take a shit without putting on make up and need 1000s of beauty products to feel good and apparently deteriorate over night. The women shown here are so weak they can't call themselves successful unless they find a man that can pay for them…or until they have had kids and dedicated their whole existence to being the sole caretaker for them. THIS IS FUCKED UP. Considering that most of the girl who enjoy this sight( which is made up of mostly half naked chicks and dick jokes) are not anything like this. I call my girlfriends slut face and whore mouth! I love my man exactly the way he is and I'm successful when I'm happy. I have 5 items in my bathroom and I'm real enough to not need make-up when I go about my daily tasks. Understand that I can take a joke but when ALL women are generalized in this way it's hard not to get offended. I dont appreciate being shown in this kind of light when I think all women like this should fucking DIE. That is all…..

    • Mark

      Seriously?!?…right on. I see these girls talking about "taking a joke" and "get a sense of humor"…I want to shake them and tell them to get some self-esteem. The women described here, unfortunately, do exist. They are the one's usually complaining they can't get a good man yet allow themselves to not only be talked about in this way, but treated this way too. Its very sad, because REAL men WANT women with self-esteem. We don't go around looking for THIS TYPE of woman. Thanks for posting this response, good to know that an attractive woman see's herself as a complete person!

  • Jennifer

    I'm a lady. I thought it was really funny. This is the guys site, it's probably more funny to guys. If you don't complain about all the tits, why complain about this? If theChive disgusts you, go to theBerry. Learn to take a joke!

  • sean

    the first 3 are wildly inaccurate…and the rest are somewhat inaccurate and wildly boring

  • @Zordabo

    yeah cos all men and women are the same <–sarcasm

    This is stupid

  • Yamomzboyfriend

    And remember…once you're married your car insurance goes down but your wife doesn't!

  • timmy4383

    lmfaoooo this was true and awesome

  • Ant B

    you can never get too tired of reading these.

  • tommytwotime

    haha! man all of this is pure gold

  • orion

    everypony calm down

  • she's a witch!

    this post isn't even funny. the jokes are old and the sexism is out of date…obviously it's supposed to be funny, but i failed to laugh. poor job chive

  • etcrr's goat

    that is why your wife left you

  • Mark

    The proper title of this should be "Men vs. Women as Retold By Spineless Little Boys"…seriously douchebag, grow the fuck up. This is why you can only have sex for about 10 minutes.

    • ItsCalledABook

      …we are of course assuming they can get someone to assist them in getting it up

  • Anonymous

    I’m married to this woman.

  • xena

    this is a guy's post..what can you expect? 😛

  • ItsCalledABook

    As a guy this is pathetic. I can expect that after…I dunno…over 100 years, boys would grow up past the "women as property" mentality. The fact remains that boys like these who not only post these things, but endorse such mentality, are walking around calling each other "gay" and "faggot" yet OBVIOUSLY hate women. If a guy can not find it in himself to to mature past this phase, his inferior intellect and lack of maturity will continue to make a mockery out of him and continue to fill his days with humiliation making him feel he has something to prove. And the easiest outlet for such spineless weaklings is to selfishly consider themselves superior to females. The only remaining point to be made here is that for an individual to brush something like this off as "just a guy thing" demonstrates that stupidity loves company.

  • DurrginWellThx

    While I think this is, indeed, stupid…I think some of you are forgetting, most of us on this website are of a college age and don't give a shit if you think we're stupid.

  • soup

    heres for veiled sexism!

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