• dee12682

    "Trained"????????? I hope it was free lessons.

  • Samhedi

    Faaaaake. Young guy took a fall, probably to make the old guy feel good about himself, which would make him pretty cool.

    • Ryan Hartsell

      Not fake. I was at this fight. This was only the last round. They were both exhausted from previous rounds. lol… it was awesome to watch!

  • http://www.facebook.com/sam.bjorklund3 Sam Bjorklund

    He knocked out a 21 year old MMA fighter, he is, the most interesting man in the world

  • Jake


  • Jay

    Missed a guillotine there for the taking and there was no head movement or footwork.

  • Yug

    Get outta my yard!

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  • blammo

    That's called "old man strength".

  • Randyflagg

    The young guy may have had some MMA training, but not much. His stand-up was sloppy as hell and he never tried to take it to the ground. Even on the local circuits, the fighters are much better.

    • Ryan Hartsell

      It was his MMA debut. First fight.

  • Ryan Hartsell

    HEHEHE! Suckers! I got to watch this LIVE! This was only the knockout round. The fight was actually much longer. That's why a lot of the hits were looking like they did more damage than they should have. Both were exhausted.

  • https://www.facebook.com/lukasperez15 Lukas Perez

    MMA is garbage…

    any real martial artist can destory every fighter in the octagon. that's cuz guys who go to MMA classes go to learn how to punch people… people who do martial arts learn discipline and self control…

    MMA is entertainment, its not a sport. nor is it a real martial art.

  • troy


  • Cotton

    Holy hell. This is where The American Psycho is nowadays…

  • the devil

    Jeez….there's still hope for me!

  • joe

    Fake, but it was a kind gesture to let the old man win.

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  • Felipe

    Instead of training martial arts, this kids today just wanna train MMA. MMA training is the just the same as knowing absolutely nothing. Don't you all hear the biggest winner of the UFC? "You've gotta train martial arts and learn fundamentals." That's it.

  • quazjinx

    Trained yes, learned not so much.

  • nburr20

    looked like two fourteen yearl old black kids fighting over their crack rock

  • guitarz333

    this kid wasn't gonna win regardless. If he did, congrats, you beat up a 53 year old guy, if he lost, wow you got beat up by an old guy…tough one

  • Chiver101

    hahah "trained"? who trained him, a chimpanzee? That was worse than a street fight.

  • Slick

    how did they even get matched up together. father time is like 2 weight classes larger than small fry.

  • dustinkern

  • http://www.kneedeepinabottle.com Navin R. Johnson

    I aint as good as I once was….

  • jared

    that 21 is not an mma fighter. only mma it looks like he trained in was on his xbox.

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