• Stokanator

    Sorry but this video is ridiculously misleading. The "middle aged man" is also a trained MMA fighter and wasn't some random old guy off the street. The older man had a decent ground game and showed he has had some jiu jitsu training and had a decent boxing stance although he quickly fell out of it when getting pressured. If you want to look at amazing middle aged men killing younger guys there is no one better than Randy The Natural Couture, no he is impressive!!!

  • KBC

    I love Dads on Vacation. One of my favorite categories on here.

  • Suttle

    That was Great!!! Old man has been in a couple fights in his younger days has a good chin…..

  • Livio

    I missed the part where the kid is trained!

  • ShredFace

    Too many "tapout tuffguyz" commenting. He obviously trained otherwise he would not have found himself in a cage in a cage-fighting even. I'm sure most of you know MMA through UFC, maybe even some Bellator or India Superfight League (lol, j/k). These are the highest skilled fighters around, with huge training camps and tons of experience, obviously an ammy fight in Kentucky isn't going to look like UFC145. The young man probably trained for no more than a year, but he is still A TRAINED MMA FIGHTER, not a well trained one, but trained none the less. Also, props for Gramps for not gassing, that in itself is an astounding feat.

  • Keith

    looked like Bonnar

  • http://www.facebook.com/chris.galida Chris Galida

    have the Tai-Bo videos doesnt mean your MMA trained, just saying

  • Ebaum1

    I believe the person filming that was none other than Stephan "The American Psycho" Bonnar…the UFC fighter…

  • Kev

    You must have a pretty loose definition of "trained"


    Well that's how you allow two men to cat fight without any training

  • Zarafraze

    Son, you´re not gonna go to that party even if I have to kick your ass in a cage fight for it

  • saaa

    Awesome. congrats to the winner. (and is that Bonner?)

  • Scott

    That little punk ass got his ass HANDED TO HIM.

  • Dunk


  • mikedefoe

    I want to know the story behind this old guy Chive.


    Im 16 and my dad is 43 and some 25ish punk musclehead tried some road rage on my dad and cut my dad off and jumped out of the car and ran towards my dad . My dad hit him with a left hook and knocked the idiot senseless, it was awesome! The guy got up and started calling my dad a bunch of names and my dad calmly asked him if he wanted to get hit again. The guy called the cops and my dad just leaned against the car and laughed at the guy while the cops told the guy that he shouldnt cut people off and run up to people with clenched fists telling people that you are going to F them up and think that people are just going to stand there…My dad is badass!

  • Michael

    Had that 21 one year old got a lesson in boxing, maybe the outcome would have been different, none the less Epic middle aged man is Epic !

  • paulwells55337

    Just shows that every douche bag in an Affliction or Tap Out shirt thinks they are a cage fighter

  • Bryson

    best, worst fight I have ever seen

  • http://twitter.com/Rick62 @Rick62

    two words: dad strength

  • wes

    camera guy sucks

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