They grow up fast, don’t they? (13 Photos)

  • jn1512

    Isn't that Sydney Crosby?

  • Jimmy d'

    Haters gonna hate….you dudes have no clue but shit dribbles out of your mouths anyway. Losers and douche bags.

  • the_mike

    To everyone bitching about this being a shit post, think of it as Chive doing a public service. Think dimly lit bar and you are drunk.

    You are welcome..

  • Leslie

    Keep calm and chive on. Unless someone does something that makes narrow minded blow yards uncomfortable. You negative commenters don't deserve to call yourselves chivers.

  • Will Brunner


    I'm so confused.

    I think I might shit a brick when I see what you did there.

  • RGT1026


  • thisismyrealname

    Why post this? Why?

  • K Mac


  • Brian Rosnick

    Last I checked, I'm not in charge of him so fine by me.

  • Your name here


    • MERICA!!


  • Len

    Doesn't matter…still gonna suck cock anyway?

  • Tom

    It's just you.

  • Salvador Carmona

    Who are they?


    I am so glad to see not all Chivers are assholes, and I hope the Chive posted this to hopefully spread a little understanding and tolerance. Good luck to the person in this post.

    • Suzanne

      Thank you! I'm transgender, a crossdresser if you really want to label me. I don't want to become female fulltime, but I enjoy being a female in my spare time. I'm not hurting anyone and I'm not trying to deceive anyone either. I'm happier dressing as a female and I'm sure that this individual is also. Live and let live, I say.

  • Adam

    That's ironic, considering you previously posted that the last pic made you puke.

    • st33

      Yep, it's pretty strange. I don't understand how people think he has "found himself" and is "happy now". He obviously needs psychological help.

      • mcfadinj

        So everyone who has a problem with who they are needs psych help. Generalizations normally fail, ma'am,

        • st33

          I would say it's a signifiant problem he is having. And you just assumed I am a woman because of a pink cancer ribbon. Nice generalization yourself.

  • MinervaMink

    The fact that majority of you are posting such hateful, nasty things makes me wonder what dafuqqq were you thinking when you write what you wrote. You are so close-minded, negative and breath such hate into this world that it makes you look ignorant and dumb! You all really need to take a good hard look in the mirror, not everyone is perfect or happy with themselves. You should respect that this WOMAN did what SHE wanted to do to make HER happy! More power to ya, KCCO!

    • Guest

      Yeah? and pedophiles do what they want to make them happy. More power to them? Sheesh!

      • derp

        There are MANY laws in place against pedophilia, asshat

        There are no laws in place about being a tranny.

      • MinervaMink

        You're an idiot. That is probably the WORST comparison I have ever heard in my life.

    • Truth

      Thank you! The world needs more open minded people like you. I put a plant on my head and now im a pinapple. When will others accept me for what I truly am..a pinapple.

      • MinervaMink

        I LOL'd hard! 🙂 KCCO Pineapple!

    • tcja4

      Beautifully said. KCCO, Minerva!!


    I mean… wtf?.. I don't…I mean… WTF???

  • Bill G

    Well I hope this person is finally happy and content…and honest!

  • Greg Kennelty

    Right on! She looks way happier now 🙂

  • Lee Stuttaford

    Holy Cow, what part of … they are TWINS escapes people here?

  • Plurp

    He makes a pretty cute girl.

  • Dick Salad

    You would kill someone for doing something to themselves that in no way affects you? You sound like a sorry little bitch of a man. Go find a Klan site to preach your gospel bro.

    • jason

      I'm in the Klan. What are you trying to say faggot?

      • Tommy

        That you're a douche.

      • Mark Loehrer

        I'm going to say you're lying. You wish you were in the "klan" more likely you're in a southern baptist church that preaches hateful words that never were uttered by Jesus…

        That, or you're a 12 year old kid who doesn't know what he's saying.

        • Ron

          Jesus was a conman who cares what he uttered.

      • zTom

        That the world will be a better place once garbage like KKK F*cks no longer will be in it.

      • S.Freud

        Thaaaaaat you're a racist ass-monkey with the IQ of a dead rat?

        You're the poster child for inbreeding?

        Your mother is also your aunt. . .and your sister?

        You should have been strangled at birth?

        I could go on, but you're probably still on the first sentence.

  • Dylan

    mmm yeah buffalo bill


    As seen in reddit!

  • Kylee

    not even sure wtf just happened.

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