They grow up fast, don’t they? (13 Photos)

  • Vent187


  • DickFister

    I few beers or no prior knowledge and I'd hit it

    • Miles

      I would too

  • @hutton2420


  • NickBurnin8

    Still a better love story than Twilight

  • Guest

    Imagine a world where everyone was gay! No more wars, no more strife, no more ridicule. and in 100 years, no more people.

  • WTF?

    WTF? Did the chive and all it's loyal followers suddenly turn GAY?

    Maybe not, but you all are certainly inconsistent as fuck! By 'inconsistent', I mean you're all flip-flopping/waffling/contradicting/don't-make-a-bit-of-sense!)

    Just a few short weeks ago thechive posted someone doing this exact thing and everyone thought it was sick and disgusting (YES, i'm right – check previous posts AND comments over the past few months), but today you're all supportive and approving – seriously people – MAKE UP YOUR FUCKING MINDS! WTF???

    • kashakesh

      you know, we can like T&A, fuzzy animals, bitchin' cars (the throttle), fun stories of old ladies on paragliders and not mind at all when someone transforms themselves. The hate is what is new here at the chive…

  • Evil Wade

    Life is hard. All anyone wants is to be happy with themselves. Good luck buddy, ignore the haters.

  • c.schimming

    why are all of you hating on this? i really thought chive was a place full of cool people. some people are transgender…..get the fuck over it! i think she's beautiful ❤

  • dominantone

    Neville longbottom turned into a girl?!? I guess they did learn magic at that school.

  • brad

    Wow , that shit dont happen where im from , if he likes boys , he likes boys. But to transform yourself into something else because ? You know what i dont know what to post her without it sounding vary bad so im going to leave it at that. Good luck IT

  • Marcus

    Agreed, and now I have very low respect for chivers who are proud of this faggot and commending him on living a very confused life.

    • therewasshrinkage

      woahhhh save some bigotry for the rest of idiotic homophobes

    • Hooka

      You are a jackass. Stupid boy, go back to your cave and leave the thinking to the rest of us.

      • Marcus

        Well at least I'm not brainwashed into thinking this is ok in my "cave". Besides, aren't you supporting his freedom of choice? I'm merely demonstrating the same right. Deceptacons like this shemale need to all be placed on the same island and carpet bombed.

        • S.Freud

          No, you're just brainwashed into thinking that 'different' means 'wrong.'

          People like you need to be neutered for the sake of the species.

          • Fug

            Its funny… this guy was neutered… and you're celebrating it…

          • Marcus

            yah…what do I know, I'm just a humble engineer and pilot, people like me should be neutered and turned into a liberal fuck, and perhaps go protest at wall street saying life isn't fair

            • therewasshrinkage

              calling yourself humble, like calling yourself wise, means you aren't. a humble person would take into consideration what others feel and say, two things you did not do. nice of you to use an authoritative fallacy, shows that you think you being an engineer or a pilot somehow substantiates that you know better than the rest of us. how those two things make you an expert on sexuality is beyond me. also, i'd rather be a liberal fuck and accept people for who they are, even morons like you who were indoctrinated with religion and to believe heterosexuality is the only correct sexuality, and be content with the world around me than be a conservative up his own ass like you and be angry and vocally berate someone for their life decisions.

            • S.Freud

              Yeah. An engineer and a pilot. Look, playing with Legos and making paper airplanes doesn't qualify you as an engineer or pilot. Your comments, however, pretty much identify you as a bigoted prick who more than likely has mommy issues stemming from delayed potty training.

        • Mark Loehrer

          It's "her"…

          And grow up.

          • Pneumatic

            Do we have to do air quotes with our fingers when we say it like you did when you typed it?

    • Mr. Slave

      Now, now, now. Tisk, tisk, tisk. You are not being a very tolerant little mister. You have to accept everyone for exactly how they are so we can achieve world peace.

    • Lil John

      Oh no! The ignorant bigot doesn't respect me! Whatever shall I do!?

    • tcja4

      How funny that you've lost respect for us. I'm honored to be among those because I sure as hell wouldn't want to think like you.

    • Grant

      Fuck you, Marcus. Do you know where the word "faggot" came from? It's the bundle of sticks used to light fires under homosexuals in the middle ages. You might be an engineer and a pilot, but your knowledge of history sucks. What, pray tell, are you? Let us know and we will apply the appropriate slur to describe you! Do you want this person to die? Fuck you. Get the fuck off of the best site in the world and go be a Nazi somewhere else.

      • commander cool

        actually the term faggot means many things. those two aren't synonymous with each other, a faggot was a bundle of sticks, or a food item, or a fire used to kill criminals or prisoners (lit with faggots).

        irrespective, I like to see the amount of people on here supporting this persons choice to follow their feelings and become a woman. This amount of open-mindedness is pretty rare on the internet, and it makes me pretty happy to see the amount of effort that has gone into showing this bigot for what he is, to such an extent that he's deleted his original comment. Chivers, I salute you.

  • Dustin

    ……I would

  • Boo

    Wtf. Good for him/her but why post this ? Not trying to be mean but I'm a bit disgusted 😦

  • Zagreb

    The chive = a day later than imgur

  • Turd F.

    My penis has a sad.

  • Dallas
  • Hoagmeister

    Looks like she found her happier self. Good for her.

  • Chris

    un-natural, gross, freak

  • Alex

    Oh, bigots, never change.

  • I-Need-$$

    Time to check your junk everybody…….. ok I'm good.

  • @ShitFemeVetSays

    That's good. I hope that she is happier now and feels more fulfilled in the one life she gets to live.

  • Pete

    I think she looks better and happier after the make-over. She does resemble Sarah Silverman…
    By the way, I spent many years in the military protecting your right to live and think freely, so don't mess it up.
    Live free and Chive on!

    • Ron

      Dont you mean killing innocent people in country's that are no threat to our freedom?

    • Spartacus

      Must have been the air force

    • MinervaMink

      Personally, I'm not the military's number one fan but I do respect your choices and decisions. Just like everyone else should respect this young woman's decisions. I appreciate what you have done for our country and I'm glad you spoke up for this woman. ❤ KCCO!

  • BeHappyThat

    A young Noomi Rapace

  • Joe

    take this off!

  • Master_Rahl

    #6 Looks kinda like Dr. Frank-N-Furter from Rocky Horror Picture Show

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