They grow up fast, don’t they? (13 Photos)

  • Ben

    Honestly, he (I guess she now) looks good either way. It's just sad to see so many people unhappy with who they are.

    I hope he/she is better off now.

  • perryinjax

    Whatever man 😛

  • alex

    #1, #2, #3 and possibly #4 are one person, the rest are another, similar looking person. The guy has a mole on above his mouth on his left, the girl doesn't. The furthest I would go is saying that they are fraternal twins. Not the same person after a sex change.

  • Kody Fossett

    idk about every one else, but i think this dude/chick did a great job becoming what he/she wanted to be, and i hope he/she is happy. however, i hope he/she tells their future relationship partners about this, just out of consideration. nothing against em' but i could never do it with a transgender person.
    that is all.

  • Steph

    I think she's beautiful. Nice eyes!

  • Katie

    My brother was born the wrong sex and was diagnosed with GID when he was 18, he is now 22 and finally going through the process of becoming who he really is. A female, and my sister.
    Your sister Katie
    PS: thank you for posting this, it means a lot

  • @Zordabo


    what is the point of this? To see how some douche trolls other cunts? Another shit post chive.

  • shabazdavis

    looks like one of the dudes from degrassi the next generation living as a woman.

  • shabazdavis

    she looks much happier in the lower portion of pictures. did she turn her penis into a pocket ? sometimes that's the way to go. or she wanted all the good with no bad. you can be your own best friend.

  • Ned Ryerson

    and we care what this guy does why…?

  • DoThis

    Grow up chive

  • Very Disturbed

    I have nothing positive to say about what just happened or the poor unfortunate young man who did this. So I'll just let you all imagine the sound of me retching.

  • LOLzor

    Would do.

  • wesley

    this is why birth control is available….

  • xyz

    abomination…equivalent of saying F U God, I think you made a mistake so i'll just cut my penis off.

  • Speed racer

    Lame. Lame person(s), lame post.

  • martian

    one more chivette!

  • AzLiving

    They are juzt twins…..

  • Martin

    What the actual fuck!!

  • Oliver Vorian Wang

    #3 looks like when Lady Gaga dressed up as Jo Calderon.

  • Zedisdead

    Good on her.. Ignore these ignorant posts go get em gal!

  • El UK

    Some people change.. Doesn't affect your life does it 🙂

  • dude


  • Kev

    Completely unexpected. Just thought it was some kid taking goofy pictures from the first 5. Good for her.

  • Anonymous

    Ugh, what a waste…

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