Whatcha doin? Oh nothin, just thinkin about burnin my bra. (41 photos)

  • BabyFarts Magizax

    #19 I ❤ BURNSDAY!!!!!!

  • Maynard B.

    More of #1 and #5 PLEASE!

    • Pablo

      #5 is bryci, google her

      • Macro

        Bless you, good sir.

      • Ned_Plimpton

        My penis thanks you.

      • bones

        i googled her and they're fake. what a let down!!

    • tuck

      #5.. oh wow

  • duff


  • Sam malone

    #2 makes me want to garden, dig deep they say

    • RY!

      id eat that ass after she drove 500 miles in the georgia sun!

      • Sam I Am

        Garden Gnome style

  • BabyFarts Magizax

    #41 #32 #5 MOAR pleaaaaaase!!! You're all stunning

    • Cass

      #41 Danica Thrall

    • nico

      the last on the list is danica thrall

    • sid206

      #5 Thank you and moar please 🙂

  • RGT1026

    Burn baby burn!

  • Tiimmytime

    #23 the Chive and the Charlotte John blog are all I need

    • winfields

      what's the Charlotte John Blog?

      • Ranger Lando

        Just looked it up… Lots-o-bewbs is what that is!


    #39 Love!

  • Martin_McFly

    #20 Things are REALLY getting heavy now!

    Calm Martin… Stay Calm!!!!!!!!

    • tag

      great hips on that one, we need to see MOAR!

    • Dr Feckles

      Who She!!?? Moar.

    • LeSir

      Indeed stay calm by all means. Additionally, MOAR!

    • Spencer M

      I could swear I know this girl… Went to highschool with her, she was always smoking… Name was Jackie. Not 100% its her though

  • jeff

    #35 can we have front and back views plz

    • its_forge

      I'd love to see frontal even *with* that hand protecting her muffin.

    • mrme

      Pasty white…

  • dagleja3

    #30 – Want to kiss the bewbies!!

    • Guest

      and that pretty mouth.

  • Blame_anxiety

    #13 #18 #34 moar

    • djp

      Beautifully done #18, there's just so much that's right about that pic. Although I'd like to see them (and you) in your glory that picture shows nothing but pure heat. That's as hot as it gets with your clothes on, unless you care to prove me wrong.

  • Martin_McFly

    #34 Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  • Bob

    #11 moar

    • https://www.facebook.com/hustla.275 Michel Payette

      Definitely my favorite!

    • Houdini112

      yes moar please

  • iambigd42

    #22 Love the Hand Bra, chive please have a dedicated post to it.

    • Buck

      Agreed and a side boob sunday as well. Thanks

    • Dirt

      Need do do a post for the 1 finger bra

    • Parker

      Agreed!! Dedicated post is needed!!!

    • gedda_g

      What about a Hair Bra post? I'm not talking about hairy boobs.

    • zaffa

      lools like my wifes body when i met her. then i married her and she gained 20 lbs. fuck me…..

    • Dan-O87

      YES! Who in their right state of mind does not LOVE the Hand Bra COME ON!!!

  • winfields

    I think #1 is thinking about something else.

    • Big_Daddy

      I think #1 is thinking about me. At least assuming that is making my day completely awesome!

  • HOOK

    #26 lovely

    • MOAR

      His workweek just got a lot better.

      • HOOK

        You bet it did.

    • http://twitter.com/Teitn @Teitn

      All Kevins in they works looking for this Chivette 😀

    • Guest

      Kevin, get your dick ready. You're gonna need it.

    • # 26 chivette


      • Kevin from work

        Thanks, Babydoll, for every second of this ride (no pun intended).

        Love you forever.

  • tv_paul

    #11 #35

    Can't decided which I like more. Is there a Two for Thursday deal going on today?

  • Jesus

    #25 hot! (hope she's on age)

    • winfields

      of age?

    • Brian

      I'm sure the rest of the post was great. But had no need to scroll further.

    • bob_the_cook

      She's so hot her bra burnt right off her bewbs!

    • Jake

      Yeah, I'm gonna need MOAR of that.

    • FONZIE

      Mother of God!

    • Atlanta Chiver

      Yup, this is the winner!

    • Whoopi_G

      I think I'm in love.

    • Bollyver

      More than the bra burned, ouch.

    • Guest

      my first wife. first name lynn.

    • thirdeyeblind

      fantastic, crazy sexy

    • kapow boy

      winner winner chicken dinner

    • Jason

      Good god that is sexy!!

    • TommyKnockers

      Somebody needs some lotion applied… ok I guess I'll volunteer.

    • cliff

      you dumb ass its OF age

  • TheUChiver

    #5 You look tired let me help you with those #10 Vintage BEWBS… I like!

  • Birdland

    #4 Lia 19

    • morganpaige08

      fat bitch

      • Doc H

        Hey! She's a nice lady!

    • bdg


  • http://www.allinbayarea.com TWON925


    • Dick Folgers

      Whatever dude, that Mom has some sweet tits!

    • https://www.facebook.com/hustla.275 Michel Payette

      Hey…power to her 😉

    • bob_the_cook

      um… who cares?
      There's nothing wrong with some cougar action. Nothing at all.

    • Bigpoppasmurf

      Who cares! Their awesome

    • Oli

      Yo MaMa

      • Amy

        lol 😀

    • steve k

      She does have great bewbs

    • manilovefilmsdylan

      Who says ya gotta be 22 to be hot?

    • TheUChiver

      Yeah, I would that is one hot ass cougar…dare I ask for MOAR

    • TWON925's Mom

      Didn't know there was age restrictions on The Chive. Sorry.

    • Red

      Trust me, what she lacks in youth, she more than makes up with experience. Try it, trust me.

    • http://www.facebook.com/AndyColley86 Andy Colley

      Haha look at her hands, they are way too course for anything pleasant.

      • captncavman

        Stifler's mom!

    • Guest

      She's totally hot! MOAR!!! Chive should have a MILF day.

    • TommyKnockers

      Dude she's hot and already in the kitchen. Who cares.. MILFs are welcome to submit to The Chive.. or they can just send their entries to me to be sorted through. 😀

    • Dan-O87

      I'm totally cool with that Mom, does she have friends……Cougar Tuesday….lol

  • jake

    #38 was this a joke?

    • Skaman

      It's a dude

      • ChixDix

        'member…? u cum in me, i cum on floor

    • Guest

      Hey, what is Jessica Sanchez doing on here from American Idol?

  • TheUChiver

    Oh and #2….Sweet baby Jesus, you are perfection defined!

  • YouMadBro

    #5 #20

    i love thursdays because bewbs

    • Kevin

      #26 – thank you for every minute we shared. No regrets, great memories.

      I'll love you always, babydoll

      – The real Kevin from work

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