Your Michigan Chivette: Jordan (22 Photos)

Two weeks ago, a girl submitted a photo of herself driving to work (above). That photo appeared in 'I Hate My Job' and it caught the Chivers' attention... big time. Talking to Jordan it's not surprising everybody around her at school, and now the Chive community, loves the girl. She couldn't be sweeter if she was dipped in chocolate. I'll let Jordan take it from here:

Hey Chivers!! Before I get into all the stuff about me, I want to thank everyone of you who got me where i’m at! When I saw all the comments and heard about the messages asking me to be COTW, I was in total shock. You guys are badass, so thanks!

Anyway, as some of you noticed in the pictures, I’m a college student living in Michigan. I haven’t really figured out what I want to do yet, but I’m getting my degree anyway. For now i’m studying Fine Arts & Communication, leaning towards graphic design. 

Other than that, I’m a pretty down to earth girl. I love just hangin’ out and cracking jokes with friends! I travel every chance I get, i love playing my guitar, and love, love, love riding horses!! I spend way too much time on theChive (actually, I take that back.. you can never spend too much time on theChive!) I’m always down for a cold beer (but i’ve gotta have some pizza with it), and I’m a total sucker for the Tigers, Redwings, and American fast cars. 

Thats just a little bit of me in a nutshell! I’m really looking forward to meeting you fellow Chivers now that I’ve had this awesome opportunity! It’s really cool knowing people all over the world are Keepin’ Calm and Chivin’ On! I hope to get a chance like this again, you guys ROCK!

P.s. For all you Chivers overseas serving your Country, I'd like to give a special thanks to you for everything you're doing. I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for you guys!! KCCO.

Jordan's (really) looking forward to meeting Chivers on her Twitter Page.

Say hello to Jordan on her Twitter Page.

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  • Dr. Awesome

    #12- even sexier because, MSU, GO GREEN!

  • Brent

    On board until #16…fuck the redwings!

  • Bollyver

    How could you not want to wake up to #3

    • Nope

      I'd rather wake up to a girl who actually has an ass.

  • ksc


    It is so nice to see an amazingly beautiful woman like yourself that hasnt covered her gorgeous body in awful tattoos.

    You are perfect.

  • Greg

    She is gorgeous, but… Go Bucks! O-H-I-O!!!

  • Larry

    Tigers and redwings can suck my balls

  • RoastedNuts

    I was really enjoying the pictures until I got to #16 and #17

    But then got to #19 and forgot about them.

  • Nick

    #21 do you play lax?

  • Brad

    Wow. Where to start. first of all, while "the scream" (one of my favorite pieces of art) just sold for 119M. Ms. Jordan makes that art look like a crayon drawing! ha. Second, With those eyes & that smile she could talk me into robbing orphan children! Now to be a little creepy. That is about as great of a butt as they come. Seeing J slink out bed every morning would make getting up exciting. Every day! Go Wings! RIP Bobby Probert! Stevie Y for prez! Thank you for sharing Jordan. Hope your man treats you like a gift from above. Dam she is sexy, cute, & drop dead. Hard to find all 3 @ same time!

  • Hunter_BZ

    #11 Nice penmanship.

  • bollandfan36

    #17 ruined it…Detroit sucks

  • Dave


    What a great photo!

  • jfor48

    Even.though your a wings fan I would love to meet you

  • Frank

    Sending some love your way from Farmington Hills!

  • ZNBigTen

    On the banks of the Red Cedar?

  • eatsleepnexercise

    she's got a very sweet "girl next door" vibe about her!

  • TJ

    Beautiful and patriotic! Enjoy a cold beer for me! And pizza mmmmm KCCO from Afghanistan

  • Maxilla

    Jordan is gorgeous, but GO BUCKEYES!

  • pooder magoo

    doesnt matter how cute or sweet she is. i just cant get past the fact that shes a redwings fan…


    cute…i guess

  • Aquonox

    Good looking and loves the Wings and the Tigers. What more could a Michigander guy want? 😉

  • Dave

    #20 look an actual stomach, very sexy.

  • @mattdwilson1984


  • Nighthawk

    She is hot and has some equally hot friends

  • Ian Coates

    Where in MI is Jordan from?

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