Your Michigan Chivette: Jordan (22 Photos)

Two weeks ago, a girl submitted a photo of herself driving to work (above). That photo appeared in 'I Hate My Job' and it caught the Chivers' attention... big time. Talking to Jordan it's not surprising everybody around her at school, and now the Chive community, loves the girl. She couldn't be sweeter if she was dipped in chocolate. I'll let Jordan take it from here:

Hey Chivers!! Before I get into all the stuff about me, I want to thank everyone of you who got me where i’m at! When I saw all the comments and heard about the messages asking me to be COTW, I was in total shock. You guys are badass, so thanks!

Anyway, as some of you noticed in the pictures, I’m a college student living in Michigan. I haven’t really figured out what I want to do yet, but I’m getting my degree anyway. For now i’m studying Fine Arts & Communication, leaning towards graphic design. 

Other than that, I’m a pretty down to earth girl. I love just hangin’ out and cracking jokes with friends! I travel every chance I get, i love playing my guitar, and love, love, love riding horses!! I spend way too much time on theChive (actually, I take that back.. you can never spend too much time on theChive!) I’m always down for a cold beer (but i’ve gotta have some pizza with it), and I’m a total sucker for the Tigers, Redwings, and American fast cars. 

Thats just a little bit of me in a nutshell! I’m really looking forward to meeting you fellow Chivers now that I’ve had this awesome opportunity! It’s really cool knowing people all over the world are Keepin’ Calm and Chivin’ On! I hope to get a chance like this again, you guys ROCK!

P.s. For all you Chivers overseas serving your Country, I'd like to give a special thanks to you for everything you're doing. I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for you guys!! KCCO.

Jordan's (really) looking forward to meeting Chivers on her Twitter Page.

Say hello to Jordan on her Twitter Page.

  • BostonRugger

    #21 And she plays Lax?

  • Habsy

    Hmmmm, looks like you are as well.

  • G-MAN

    Wow. I've been following the chive for months and months now (almost every post!!!) and haven't ever commented. Had to comment on this one now though. You are absolutely stunning. I hope we see a lot more of you!! Hopefully in less clothing too… wow

  • Face

    MEH….. Im from Michigan so I dig the post (GO BLUE) but……. this chick is super average!

  • RichG

    What a beauty

  • GeauxTigers

    Not sure this makes any sense, but obviously she's very hot, but she's also very "cute." Seems like she would be fun girl, and not just another pretty face.

  • Eli

    thank you for taking the time and allowing us to get to know you for who you are. you are stunning

  • Falthor

    #19 gorgeous eyes… very classy lady here.

  • kayaksurfer

    okay, she's cute… But gorgeous? You guys really need to step away from the keyboard now and then

    • I.Cest

      Sorry. Not all of us like to watch our sister in the shower like you do

      • kayaksurfer

        Owned. I'm a douche. Kudos to you sir. Just trollin'.

  • Panigale

    not impressed

    • Panigale

      Also, I am a sad, sad boy that feels better know that I said this.

  • Ryan

    Lions and Tigers and Wings….. oh my!

  • Justin

    The lacrosse stick just put her on another level. Come to Maryland

  • Fuzz

    I've hated the Red Wings since I was 7. Not anymore.

  • david

    anyone else feeling a little giggity after these pics? geez Jordan you are hot

  • Grand Rapids

    Tell me you live in Grand Rapids…

  • S.Freud

    Jordan, sweety? A good friend of the male gender for the last half century and more would probably like to see you. His name is Hugh, in case you're wondering. Send him a pic, see what he says, k darling?

    • Wrong

      That is mean as fuck. You are just asking her to get crushed. Those guys are way pickier than anybody here and they would spit her out in a second.

      • e.cullen

        You're an idiot. She has just as much of a chance as any other would be Playmate. Go fuck your goat herding mother.

  • @Computalotapus

    always good to know there are other Chivers in this horrible state!

  • sucka

    Now kiss.

  • Luno

    I thought Erin Young could not be bettered. I was wrong. Woah.

  • DaddyD

    Cute almost beyond belief.

  • Clay


  • Joshua

    Jordan you are absolutely stunning. OMG. love your beautiful blue eyes.
    Your eyes are hypnotizing. So gorgeous
    Thank you beautiful Mich. Chivette. Im a fan for sure.
    Love #3, #5 #8 #11 #12 #14 #21 #22.
    Jordan KC&CO always.

  • Redwing guy

    Beautiful and a redwing fan!!!! Can't beat that.

  • hahahah

    1. i can't believe you have a handle called torontochivette
    2. you are not attractive
    3. read number 2
    4. your life is pathetic, looking for self validation on the chive. gross

    • fasfd

      fuck you fatty go eat another hostess cupcake


      • Martin_McFly

        Whoa! You mindlessly insulted someone you know nothing about, you MUST be a badass!

        • fasfd

          I'm not. I'm a bored Troll with no hope for life. Sorry.

          • Martin_McFly

            Well good job. Your ungentlemanly behavior has lost us another Chivette in the comments section.. I'm sure your mother would be very proud.

            Stupid asshats.

    • TOGTFO


      • JustSayin'

        I guess she chose GTFO.

    • CoLNo1

      Prepare to be down-voted…heavily…

    • CoLNo1

      Marty – we meet again

      • Martin_McFly

        So we do! But apparently I deleted my comment!?!?! Bleh — must be the booze, Opps! Chive On!

        • CoLNo1

          Chive on Brother


      You gotta admit sweetheart, this chick has zero curve to her at all.

  • Brian H

    #3 – keep reminding myself to kcco, kcco, kcco

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