A little bizarre skiing tradition in Russia, where else? (41 Photos)

  • drbman

    Wow looks awesome!!!

  • glennyskieast

    This has been going down for a long time in the US. My local Mt Burke Mt VT has been doing it for 20+ years. Here is some good pics

  • SEF

    These are the sorts of people who go off with a gun. Seek help sir before your anger ruins your life!

  • glennyskieast


    good You tube. Oh and its called pond skimming

  • mauisgrdaddy

    Please find that rock from which you crawled out and tuck yourself right back in there. Or maybe find someone to give you a hug. KCCO

  • joedirt

    they do this at a ton of ski resorts throughout the season

  • Doug

    #13 for the win…#24 #36 just looks hot….

  • T-bird

    i could be the guy that pulls the ladies out of the water. also, is 26 supposed to be a sperm or something? wierd costume.

  • fasfd is a tool

    WTF is wrong with you. I promote genocide in Africa too.

  • jack of all trades

    #23 his face shows how cold it is. And is #25 an albino turd?

  • SadeShadz

    #14 Cute!! 😀

  • crb

    "Russia. where else?"…Washington, Idaho, Utah, Colorado, etc. I just saw one of these comps at Stevens Pass outside Seattle a few weeks ago.

  • canadianbird

    FYI – we do this in Tremblant, QC, Canada every year. It's called the Caribou Cup, and involves skiing down the face of the mountain, over the water and running through Tremblant village while stopping at every bar to take a shot. Fastest time wins. FUCK YA!

  • Zrock76

    Just looking at these photos makes my scrotum contract.

  • prostituteordaughter
  • JDB85

    #5 As an American, this is totally what we all look like…

  • http://alwayscivil.blogspot.com BostonRugger

    #1 Most ski resorts do this but these are some great get ups

  • Brian

    This is done at every ski resort, everywhere. In Canada it's done at the end of May.

  • http://twitter.com/Thedude_1620 @Thedude_1620

    Get a life dude. you dont like this site then don't go there. yes its that simple. you choose to go here so you are the problem.

    • fasfd

      I'm just a shitty troll.

  • http://twitter.com/Thedude_1620 @Thedude_1620

    in michigan we call it the polar plunge

  • Myles

    This isnt anything new 😛 called a slush cup here in Canada. We do this every year at the end of a season!

  • BostonChiver.

    Mount Snow, VT has this to wrap up their Reggae Fest every year…such an awesome event to watch…and when you're an intern for the marketing/events team you get shoved into the pond (womp womp).

  • skibum1080

    this isn't a russian tradition at all. in fact i am pretty sure they got the tradition from the U.S.. every big resort out west does this; from the lives of vail to jackson hole. it's called pond skimming and it is a helluva blast!!

  • 16inchzipper


  • Snunners

    Dear Bob, this is not just a Russian tradition. Pond Skims happen all over Colorado, generally on the closing day of the season. You must now do another post on crazy US Pond Skims to redeem the odd ball ski bums in 'MERICA.

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