Best photos of the week (55 Photos)

  • Jack Burton

    #47 When is that shirt coming out?! Yoda KCCO!

    • Jett

      Sold out in new record it will.

      • Steve

        "…onward you must Chive."

        Verb's always last.

        • JHL1

          ^agree, you could just say 'on' instead of 'onward' though

    • Stuborg

      May the 4th πŸ˜‰

    • @theterryburke

      as soon as they ask lucas and he demands they be sold for $50 a pop so he can get 50% of the profits

  • Shirley

    #7 Toadally cool

    • mike

      ha! i laughed way harder than i should have..

      • BobbaFett

        I bet you were hopping mad.

    • Mike Keller

      blame lucas?

    • BloodScrubber

      That frog so big, when he coughs, he says…sorry, I have a human in my throat…..
      *groan i know. 😐

  • brian


    • steve

      I want to be that bra

    • TheJCG

      Pathetic, lonely nothing of a human being.

      • Honkey Jim


    • thatsticker

      i AM that sticker

    • p$d

      i would just like to have sex with her

  • Sam

    #18 absolutely gorgeous. i too am a cancer survivor. Livestrong and KCCO πŸ™‚

    • Tommy

      Prettiest girl all week!

    • Jeremy Warren

      #18 … Fuck cancer, Nina and Sam, you both are incredible sources of inspiration and hope. My hats off to the both of you.
      From a humbled Army veteran, congrats on your success. God bless and KCCO

      • Sam

        Thanks man, and thank you for your service. I was 17 when I was diagnosed, its been four years now and I'm still cancer free. I hope Nina is as lucky as I am.

    • Swenka

      I have a friend who has a friend named Nina who got cancer…I shall inquire. Would be awesome to actually meet a chivette!

    • Edd

      Need to release that Keep Calm Fuck Cancer tee chive….

  • BabyFart Magizax

    #3 and #43 best photos of the week for me!! Reason I come here!! I ❀ this site! Keep Calm and Chive on!! Moar of these two btw

    • buck

      Just because the total of the girls'ages in #43 add up to 18, doesn't make it legal.

      • Jlopez

        Thank you for your input leave your man card at the door. The site is fun not a place for righteousness.

    • steven

      Don't forget #28!

  • BabyFart Magizax

    #54 I DO like this πŸ˜€

    • mike

      the best!

    • ithurtswhenipee

      want to poke

  • BabyFart Magizax

    #48 #32 #28 MOAR of all three!!!!


      28 is a photoshop. and a bad one at that. And before anyone says it, I know because I have the original.

      • Alex Slemp

        post the original then

      • RayBoogs

        where is this original you speak of?

  • deeznutz

    #32 looks like Kate Middleton?

    • Truth

      Looks like Dani Daniels

    • JarikCBol

      dunno about that, however, i want to know just what it is that keeps those panties from falling off, cause from where I'm at, they are held up by magic and wishes. (hers, not mine)

    • Bollyver

      This girls has a body. The princess very hot, but would blow away in a light breeze.

    • Thatguy

      Def dani daniels, best tumblr account ever.

    • therealguy

      dani is a penthouse pet and porn star

  • Panigale

    #28 If it was only true. #32 My brain hurts..way to hot.

    • MAX

      why cant 28 be real!!!!! i was hoping so badly 😦

    • tag

      i don't see any obvious signs of photoshop. there is such thing as a shapely ass you know. mostly in girls that workout/play sports.

      • tag

        nvm, saw this before the top post. shameful.

  • Bigpoppasmurf

    #23 u lucky son of a bitch!!

  • JTA

    #8 Chivette of the week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • iheartboobs

      Did we find her?

      • Matt

        Yes, porn photos from but I can't find the *exact* link, so you'll just have to scroll through them all…

      • Orcslayer

        Nina James

        • guest

          gorgeous girl.

    • 9999

      Google Nina James & u can see a whole lot MOSR if her!!

    • Memo

      Got damn! Hands down she is the chivette of the week she is fucking hot…

  • wigs

    #41 second pizza looks better

    • iheartboobs

      Yup, its REAL pizza, but who the fuck cuts it like that?

    • sneakytiki

      agreed, a pile of picturesque toppings a good pizza does not make.. the crust on number 2 is where it's at

    • JHL1

      Down with olives!

      • guest

        I manage a pizza restaurant and I am telling you second one tastes better guaranteed. 1st pizza toppings are not cooked , crust prebaked just some commercial shit.

    • Kevin

      both pizzas look like crap imo, first one has crap topings, 2nd one looks like it's been sitting in a heating oven for 3 days

  • Droid

    #8 Definitely on of the best photos this week, seriously gorgeous

    • steve

      damn fine

    • JHL1

      (How hard is it to spell that word anyway?)

  • TheJCG

    How does something as awesome as the tribute to M.C.A. and the corporate whoredom to a dead sport and it's reigning coward exist on the same site? And then there's this with it's vast array of worthless whores with daddy issues and no self esteem.

    • Desi

      All attention whores, please line up to the left. . .

    • hemmer

      your a turd

      • Grammar Police


    • urmomslefttit

      did someone duct tape you to a chair and force you to type thechive. com? oh, no? then quit trolling. life is much easier when you KCCO. πŸ™‚

    • Project mayhem

      Whoa easy bro…KCCO!!

      • Lotus

        He's not your bro, guy!

        • Reason

          How can you know they have so called "daddy issues", whatever that means, you don't know any of these women? No self esteem, I find that hard to believe, if I had low self esteem I can't imagine I would post pictures of myself with little clothing knowing that thousands will see them. Anyway just thought I'd let you know your logic is faulty at best, leaning in the direction of non-existent. Just make sure you think before you write. Oh and "worthless whores", as if you have any right to judge the worth of someone's life, or to speculate on their sexual tendencies. You are in fact an egotistical moron, and that is made clear by your prior comment.

          • Reason

            I hit the wrong reply button, my previous comment was meant for TheJCG.

          • Tim

            "No self esteem, I find that hard to believe, if I had low self esteem I can't imagine I would post pictures of myself with little clothing knowing that thousands will see them."

            I think it makes perfect sense, just substitute insecure for low self-esteem (although they are closely tied).

        • Chivin' Dutchman

          He's not your guy, buddy!

          • Earl

            I'm not your buddy guy!

          • JHL1

            He's not your buddy, friend!

            • AmBush_Steve

              He's not your friend dude.

              • Jack

                Dude? Where is my car?

    • Chivin' Dutchman

      Watch out we've got a D-bag over here!

    • Stephen Davidson

      because fuck you

    • Panigale

      Hey winner, since you are gay why don't you take a look at #11 and stick the dick hanging out of that guys shorts in your mouth.

    • coolhandluke

      What we have here… is a failure to appreciate.

    • Shawn

      Or you could shut the hell up and enjoy the damn Internet.

  • DBrown

    Please make #9 a shirt!

    • Daniel Gatlin

      I was thinking the same thing!

  • Anthony

    #28 is amazing

    • mike

      thanks to photoshop

    • biggles


    • steve

      looks shopped to me

    • Lotus

      It amazes me how people cannot see a shop as obvious as this. I'm gonna go ahead and assume the chive editors can't even identify a shop given how many I see in some posts, pretty weak.

      • @MRKCCO

        Ive seen a girl with an ass like this in the street! it can be true πŸ™‚ kcco

        • Effigy

          In Brazil

      • Shawn

        Just because they post it doesn't mean they don't know it's shopped. I'm betting this one was posted because of how bad of a shop it is.

    • Rayzer

      ass ass ass

    • thedude325
      • Billy

        I still dig it.

    • dweeb

      photoshopped and she's underage. perv.

      • amon

        Dat ass dont make up for dem thumbs

    • pixygypsy

      Totally shopped.

    • Dan

      this is not real we need moar proof

  • buckinut51

    In love with #3 I am!!!

    • steve

      she looks like the type of girl that could beat me up… and i'd let her

    • Austin Cordova

      Safety First then Team Work

  • James

    I am happy that you are a survivor. CC&CO.

    • Chivin' Dutchman

      Every time someone doesn't spell KC&CO right, I die a little.

      • Die Die Die


  • Robert

    #28 looks like my friends girlfriend named Bri Wimberly in South Elgin, Illinois.
    she is 16 btw

    • Shad

      i didnt know illinois had tropical shrubbery……dumbass

      • Jacob

        i agree with you but its possible they bought those plants, we do live in amerca.

        • bleepbloop

          lol, can't even spell the country he resides in

    • DeadEye Dick

      judginh from the haze blocking the view of the hill in the background and the palm tree. I would say so cal- most likely outside la. but this is just a guess- smog everywhere and no hills that big in Florida.

    • Calmdownandchiveon

      Living in Illinois doesn't deny you of vacations.

      • Connor Folks

        yes it does

    • Really???

      Good job blurting her name and location on the Internet jackass! Don't you think you should be keeping that info private if she's under age?

    • David

      Not likely. South Elgin is a dump and full of dumpy people.

    • Bmore

      Like I always say, girls are like squaring numbers. If they're under 13, do them in your head.

  • A Dude

    #28 oh my god! Who is that??

    • wokka

      bri wimberley

      • Tropical Shrubbery

        She's from Illinois.

        • amerca

          hahaha, nice user name too!!!

    • Leeks

      That is photoshopped girl. It's sad that an obviously shopped picture made it to the best of the week. Any chivette pic would have been better.

      • Chivin' Dutchman

        We want proof!

      • Shawn

        Again, it's probably here because the guys at TheChive thought it was funny how bad of a shop it is, not because they thought it was hot =/

  • Todd

    #18 I love you!!! #38 perfection!

    • dhsgreenwave

      #38 = Monique Luchese

  • sneakytiki

    her ass looks 100% shopped, it has a 90 degree angle….

    • sneakytiki

      #28 that is.. i posted that as a reply but it posted a new comment, apparently i'm a noob

      • Droid

        eh, shit happens lol….but you're right, that ass doesnt look completly real at all

  • press

    I didn't understand #6.

    I did understand #38 and #54.

  • insaaaaaaaane

    #21 Don't look back, just run dude-

    • freddy boy

      Remember the video of the chick proposing to her boyfriend of 2 weeks? Yep…

    • JHL1

      It would be stupid to run, he has a truck.
      Drive dude! Drive very fast, very far.
      And wash that crap off of your truck.

  • that dude

    #8 WOW #28 that can't be real? it just can't! is it?

    • mike

      it's not

    • wokka

      Bri's butt is a bit smaller

      • Tropical Shrubbery

        and water balloons have been outlawed in Illinois.

        • Sarcastic Prick

          It was in the same bill that outlawed vacations – I remember now…

    • bubble butt

      no chance #28 is real. you know what i'm talkin about…

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