Hot Right Now: This Island Is Offering A House And A Job To Anyone Who Has The Balls To Move There

Best photos of the week (55 Photos)

  • Jsin

    #28…I jus wanna smack that ass!
    #32…Wanna mustache ride lol!

  • Huey

    That water balloon isn't the only thing that's about to burst!

  • Huey

    Triangle of Joy….. Hope?

  • Ian

    #18 Great job, you are beautiful and an inspiration and…bewbs 😉

  • Andre Nowacki

    #28 im in love!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    #28 photo shop shenanegans

  • DanIel

    #28 photo shop shenanegans

  • Nikki

    #41 is only true outside of NY, because as I'd much rather have the bottom pic then the DiGiorno any day

  • Edd

    #28…Worst photoshop…since dinosaurs.

  • @k1shi
  • ChiveOnSeattle

    Love #54

  • WynnMichael

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  • Onyoursix

    What is coming out of the dudes pants on the right in #11

  • tell me your name

    #46, Robin Williams is the coolest. If I ever meet his daughter I will marry her just so I can have his grandkids.

  • Ispeakchive

    #3 I hope she showers before the MENSA meeting

  • Ispeakchive

    #54 No, I don't like your panties, if you don't believe me , just come over here and watch me rip them to shreds.

  • mattricky

    #3 and #32 are reasons to wake up in the morning! Chive on!

  • Colton


  • ghostwriter

    #28 Photoshop… This is impossible even for a brazilian chick.

  • Fiddy

    More #28 that is all

  • ERIK

    #54 is perfect

  • Calem

    #24 Not surprised by the sewing machine in the background

  • 7.62 4 U

    #32 OMG I'm in love!

  • BounceAround

    Holy shit. That ass doesn't look real at all. But it has to be… #28
    And I fell in absolute love with #32
    As for #43…. I hope they are legal. At least in the US. Because they seem quite young…

  • buster brown
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