Daily Morning Awesomeness (30 Photos)

  • PeZ

    #25 is Timo Boll

  • Blindman


  • Kenton

    I know no one will probably EVER read this, unless for some magical reason they click on this album from the bottom of a current one. They still would have to scroll through the entire gallery, which is totally dependent on A) If they have seen if before B) If they enjoy it. But let's say they do and they make it that far, Yay! They only have the hardest part remaining: THE 8 LINKS. There are a few factors with the 8-Links between the photos and comments that need to be addressed. First off, there are ONLY 2 Chive links of this 8. If they click on either of those, they are not making it to the comments, the other 6 are fine because they are programmed to open in New Windows. This doesn't mean they can't deviate the reader from no making it to the comments, if the sponsored link is something good, they may spend a lot of time there and come back just to scroll to the top to go to theChive homepage. BUT LET'S SAY, for some awesome reason, the reader miraculously makes it into this album, scrolls through it all, makes it past the 8-Links, now we are at the final stage. Since my comment is the latest of them all, it will be appearing on the last page (looks like it's going to be page 6 or 7). Now, some people do read the comments, especially those who post often and girls who want to see what girls the guys like the best so they can do what they do. But even then, they might go a page or 2 deep into the comments, but not ALL THE WAY to page 6. Basically there are 2 ways someone will read this comment. 1) Someone else comments after me, leaves the page, then comes back to see if anyone has responded (their comment posts on the first page immediately when they post it, but when the page reloads it goes to the back of the line). And even then they might just look at their own and not see the one right above theirs. 2) Someone, for some reason, chooses to see the oldest comments first. I had something about this Album i was going to write, but I forgot it. Sorry Chive, don't worry, no one will read this.

    • Kenton(again)

      the B) is actually the capital letter "B" with a closing parenthesis ")" after it, indicating that there is a part A, and a part B. like a multiple choice question. Which is you favorite?
      A) Humps
      B-) Gaps
      C) FLBPs
      D) YogaPants

      My answer is C. I love a good buttox and a bangin body, but a large rack of lamb is the prize catch.

  • MattyDeuce

    Embedding fail, I get it, because I am a technological n00b, but check it…things are gross!

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