It’s Friday, you could use some photobombs (28 Photos)

  • matt


    • Underbaker

      Indeed you are my friend. You win a date with the woman who ate Carrot Top. #1

  • anon

    #28 wanted to watch?

    • ZeFrenchMan

      something is drooling down her chin

    • She

      she's pretty hot in that picture. way to go bill!

      • S.Freud

        Yeah Bill! You go boi! Cheat on your wife, embarrass your daughter, and throw the US into an impeachment scandal! You rock Bill!

        • JESSE

          I never thought that I would say this but I would still rather have him over Bush or Obama. At least he had a basic understanding of economics (albeit inflationary)

    • DickFister

      Smoke 'em if you got 'em

    • @sofakingsays

      He picked her for that sturdy chin

    • bzazz

      dammit anon I was going to make that joke!

    • TDub66

      Hey Monica, ever puff on a white owl?

  • chris

    #22 is a good looking bitch!

    • Brent

      don't call women that you don't even know bitches you disrespectfull prick

      • BrazilJiuJitsu

        Whoa there tiger, see how there's a dog in the picture…i believe he's making a pun with the whole female dog being a "bitch" thing…don't worry Chris, i see what you did there

      • lgnlgn

        Cool it, Don Quixote.

      • AmBush_Steve

        Wow. Somebody needs a midol. Chill out and stop bein' such a bitch.

      • The2nd

        Guys on their rag, never a good thing

    • jomo

      the girl is good looking as is the dog
      the only mutt in that pic is the guy in the mirror

    • SIR

      Is the photobomb the dog or the cameltoe?

      • sean

        seeign how there isnt any toe…id say out of those choices its the dog 😛

  • Jey


    • austin

      first fail…

    • Underbaker

      You are #4 Magnum PI and this guy just smile and shake their heads at your pitiful attempt.

  • LucretiusCarus

    #4 There can be no competing with the force of nature that is Tom Selleck's moustache.

    • Woop

      Except when he shaves it off.

    • Buck

      I completely agree but his mustache vs chuck norris beard who wins?

      • LucretiusCarus

        To quote Todd O'Connor on Bob Swerki's Quiz Masters:

        "The senseless waste of pitting these two mighty forces of nature against each other, like matter vs. anti-matter, will be a tragedy, not only for the teams involved, but for our planet. All nations must band together, to ensure that such a conflageration never takes place."

  • tv_paul

    So hot, want to touch the hiney

    • AlMart

      Is that Diasy Fuentes? She's still hot.

      • TX Country Boy

        Looks like bullock.

        • AlMart

          I think you're right. At his point, half of these celebrities look the same. The other half look like street performers.

      • @The_Yute

        I'm thinking it's Elizabeth Hurley..she should throw on the schoolgirl outfit from Bedazzled just to be sure

  • C C



    • Franklin1138

      If that is what I think it is, then that's just wrong.

      • carl

        what do you think it is? I can't tell.

        • Franklin1138

          I think it's a spider or some weird bug. Just the thought of someone doing that gives me the heebie-jeebies.

    • MojaveAdventure

      It's a vineagaroon. A harmless arachnid related to scorpions. they are really cool.

      • MonkeyMadness

        It's cool that they're cool.. BUT I DON'T WANT THEM IN MY MOUTH!!!

  • who?

    #13 i hate walmart kill it with fire!

  • Wet_tosti

    #1 Captain Shakespeare got bombed!

    • Adam West

      the Joker without makeup?

      • right?

        Robert De Niro + Shaun White

    • Clutch101

      De Niro trying on "Blue Steel"?

  • Token Black Chiver

    #3 time out time out! That hurt! owee owee owee owee!

  • B!!!

    #13 family vehicle

    • YEMX


  • Shannon Coverdale

    #15 LMFAO!

    • wdh

      i thought chive was only for white folks?

  • DaveR

    #22 Moar

  • ACyo

    Its friday cunt-hivers just a reminder the mets blow and you all should be ashamed for having love for that freak of nature yesterday

    • kashakesh

      go hate somwhere else. if anyone is a freak of nature is was your mom.

      • ACyo

        Dear genetic mistake its not weird that your creepy old ass is on here to begin with but you probably write dork things like moar and find her so you can just go out pedobearin. Step off cousin.

        • kashakesh

          Alright air conditioner yo – actually, I've been here for a while, so it's your creepy ass that isn't welcome. If you're trolling, then touche. If not, which is what I suspect, you really need to grow up and quickly before life and maybe some people start smacking you around. karma is a bitch and eats little punks like you for breakfast.

  • Guest

    #22 Lucky dog!

  • David Allen
    Clinton for President 2012!!

    • licky licky

      He would be a LOT better than the ass we have in office now

  • echogeo

    This shows promise.

  • Scot

    Dude just got dumped….

    • Bubba

      wants to lick it bad!

    • AmBush_Steve

      No, I think they're in France. Dude's their waiter. That's how they treat all foreigners.

  • Do0zer

    #8 God bless her fine ass and her work!

    • Aklancepriest

      Ok seriously….how do I get on the Bree Olson bus???

  • NebraskaGuy

    #1 Robert De Niro FTW

    (and May the 4th be with you!)

    • Chris

      that made me lol

    • Chive Sweat Shop

      LOL – never heard that before, I will use it as my own before the day is over

  • noegod

    #27 why is he so happy to be there for that?

    • NME

      He just saved money on his car insurance.

  • TX Country Boy

    I think #17 wins. Laughed my ass off.

  • saltygary

    #2 Lets Go Mets!!!

    • Patrick Dill

      Yea what he said

  • Come At Me Bro

    #23 Allow myself to photobomb………..Myself.

    • bambam

      Not a reflection unless the mirror changes the shirt too.

    • Billy Bob

      Ever hear of twins

  • Falthor

    #17 want to touch the hiney!

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