• TJBalls

    For anyone else curious about the song/music used, its a cover of Coldplay's "Fix You" by Javier Colon (Studio Version).

  • Incorrect Sir

    Shouldn't she have said, "I should not have swallowed you."?

  • WynnMichael

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    […] sure some of you have seen this video – but check it out if you haven’t watched it. This 40-odd-year-old gentleman had his […]

  • Vet

    Wow that is amazing….good job and it warms my heart to c someone care enough about a disabled vet to help him out….that is so great

  • KaptynStiphy

    Awesome….way to stick with it and see things through….KCCO!!!!

  • youngcalf

    Wow. Good job man. And just for the record, I've always been a DDP fan.

  • Shadow

    Oh hell, I will be the first to say it, this brought a tear to my eye…

  • Dana cranford

    So proud of you


    WOW… one of the best videos I've seen… good for him 🙂 now I must go clean the cat hair out of my eyes…

  • Bar B.

    You The Man.
    Well done
    Keep going
    Chive On!

  • RichoVonBlack

    "Sniff,sniff" damm onions.

  • Adriaan

    damn onions, got me.

    Got to love the livelyhood that this guy has BUILT up, brick by brick, really inspiring….

  • http://twitter.com/wholeeeohkun @wholeeeohkun

    Amazing story! Struggling with weight is a huge problem for many. Glad I got to see this video. Great job chive!!

  • alex

    fuck it, im man enough to admit im just flat out crying. inspiring stuff.

  • http://www.facebook.com/patrick.cummings.58 Patrick Cummings

    Wow. Simply amazing. Thank you for you servie and keep up the great work.

  • Cole

    I'm really curious if Yoga alone did the weight loss. How much eating habit change was needed, and how much cardio/strength training he did to accomplish that much in 10 months (sure genetics factor in somewhere too).

    This is a great video and thanks for your service and humility!

  • Jonathan

    if this guy can do it, anyone can do it. shows you how lazy people are. congrats to this man.

  • sjrver

    oh, this made me cry! what a good ending to a tragedy.

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  • ccs42

    I worked with him for a year and we shared an office. The stories he would tell were so amazing and life changing. He is also hilarious and a major star wars fan. You're the best, Art!

  • phuoc

    manning up like a boss! – these damn onions…

  • Flynn

    you are beyond an inspiration….amazing, amazing, amazing….thank you for sharing your journey!

  • Ryan

    awesome story chive! i hope in hard times i could gather even half of this mans determination. KCCO

  • Izzy


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