RIP Adam Yauch (MCA)

After a long battle with cancer, Adam Yauch (MCA) founding member of the Beastie Boys, has passed away. He was one of the most influential artists in hip hop history. Along with Mike D, Ad-Rock and Mix Master Mike, the Beastie Boys were icons of our generation. We’ll all remember listening to Licensed to Ill for the first time… and the hundredth time.

And lest we forget when the boys dropped The 5 Boroughs in 2004, celebrating a the city they loved post 9/11, and New Yorkers started tapping their feet just a little more in in the streets.

Beyond his music, Adam was an advocate for the less fortunate and disenfranchised, everything the Chivers stand for. RIP, MCA, we’ll see you in another dimension.

  • Andrew Liotta

    RIP … Paul Revere was my Favorite

  • john stamos

    RIP Adam.

  • C C

    Fuck mutherfucking Cancer

    RIP MCA, thanks for being a part of one of the soundtracks of my life!

  • Goldenage_Geek

    He was "as cool as a cucumber in a bowl of hot sauce."

    We lost an amazing human today…RIP MCA. Thanks for providing a fantastic soundtrack to my childhood.

  • GreyGhost9

    A hip-hop pioneer that will be greatly missed for sure.

  • Maple bass

    my man MCA has a beard like a billy goat! This sucks balls. do yourself a solid pump some sabotage check that sick bass line MCA is dropping on the old 4 string RIP Adam

  • Hoagmeister

    42 is too young, but the Big C takes no prisoners. Hope you're somewhere better. Thanks for trying MCA.

  • the_mike

    Fuck Cancer

  • AlbusQ

    RIP Adam

  • IlyaJayJay

    "I wanna offer my love and respect to the end."
    Peace out Adam, thanks for making some of the illest music out there.

  • mith

    Rest in Peace

  • KayakAggie

    The mic has been passed. RIP MCA.

  • Steve

    RIP MCA, you have made an impact!!

  • nuccabay

    their last few albums have been great too, they never slowed down in 20+ years…the mix up shows mix master mikes producing skills, and the hot sauce committees were sick

  • shoelessjoe

    Nice tribute to a legend. RIP MCA. You and your buddies changed how I looked at rap.

  • FiddyKing

    Damn this sucks. I still remember throwing the "License to Ill" tape in my Walkman and skateboarding down the street.

    • Jammy

      I hear that.

  • Qtballs

    Why do good people go too soon, but the shitty ones never fucking die.

  • jim bob

    rip adam you will be missed

  • @hutton2420

    RIP Adam!!! Calling all y'all it a SABATOGE!!!!

  • rube

    phone is ringin'; oh my gawd

  • TheJesus

    Most celebrity deaths don't phase me…when I heard about MCA this afternoon, though, it was like a punch to the stomach. RIP Nathanial Hörnblowér!

  • Bumhugs

    This was completely the soundtrack of my childhood, as well as a large portion of my adulthood. Whenever I'm feeling down I just pop in Check Your Head or Paul's Boutique and the bad juju just flees. It's a sad day. RIP

  • Jason

    RIP Adam. I had the chance to meet him when working the Front and Back stage at the Freedom Tibet concerts in Golden Gate Park. Great guy. He will be missed.

  • louis

    wow my only concert i went to in my whole life was The Beastie Boys opening for Run DMC at The Pacific Amphitheatre (Costa Mesa, CA) – June 20, 1987 we all came for the Boys not Run DMC

    they finished the set with out brass monkey we all shouted Brass monkey until they came out and did that song it was the best !!!!!

  • VideoVampire

    MCA will be missed. By Me. A Lot! MY condolences to his family and friends and fans.

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