Russain painter moves into sh#^^y apartment building and “remodels” it (29 Photos)

  • Retired Navy

    Makes one wonder what type of childhood this "artist" had

  • Jorge Vilaça

    they should do this everywhere, buildings are so dull… and the most generic artist could be employed…

  • NickHM

    Anyone else notice that a lot of stuff has been getting misspelled lately?

  • Joe

    That's it chive. I can't take your mobile banner ads. I'll come back in a week, if they're not gone I'm out. Great site ruined by pop ups. Shame.

  • Derek

    A few hits of acid and you be trippin bawls! XD

  • Annni


  • Lyndon Franks

    This would be an intense place to visit on acid.

  • Dan

    spelled Russian wrong. yes i went there

  • MitchyD

    pedobear lounge

  • Tom

    REALLY? I mean art is art, but I'd rather go to prison then live there and look at that shi*!

  • letters85

    Can anyone say, creepy?

  • Big Poppa

    Disney will be round at 5:30 am to firebomb your house.

  • behemoth


  • Lito56

    It looks so rapey.

  • monstrinho

    this is infinitely more terrifying now. it screams the words 'kiddy porn dungeon'

  • fatmanhammer

    If this isnt a rape dungeon I'm Doctor Who.

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