There are Sexy Chivers Among Us (110 Photos)

The Chivettes are quickly becoming pop subculture's darlings and for good reason, because REAL is the new BEAUTIFUL and our Chivettes are leading the charge. Each week, the SC is viewed by millions and I can't thank our Chivettes enough for putting themselves out there without the aid of photoshop for the world's viewing pleasure. Well done, ladies.

On that note though, we're now receiving hundreds of SC submissions every day and we're trying to figure out a more efficient system to give every Chivette a fair shot at the SC. If you don't see yourself this week, please check in next week or even the following week (and always check the DAR, as you know that's where the most creative submissions land.)

Chivettes and first-time Chivettes submit your photos right here.

Stay tuned for the Friday DAR and enjoy your spring weekend,


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  • Yayyy

    #35 and #105. What else can, or needs to be said

    • Yada Yada

      #35 is totally the George Costanza pose

      • truth

        what else can be said? How about…FAT!!

        • KCCO

          No kidding! Thighs like a linebacker

          • John

            Exactly-gross fat legs and no ass to compensate

  • iambigd42

    #22 This one is for the late MCA

  • PenthouseTommy

    #3, #29, #31, #46, TOO MANY numbers to post! It's like Calculus! Screw it! Chivettes ALL rock!!!!

  • Travis McKee

    #15 Hmm Ideas for the weekend…

  • David

    #24 I may be in love with you

  • Whoopi_G

    #19 Wowza!!

    • KCCO

      indeed… very nice

    • Unusual_Suspect

      Agreed. Would love to see more pics of cutie.

  • Kvegas

    #110 hottest rugby chick ever
    #61 slip

    • TheUChiver

      Yeah I saw that slip too….Gravity has been kind to her so far!

  • jreddy23

    #61…Chive On from "Nepal" if you know what I mean…

    • Whoopi_G

      Good eye.

    • tv_paul

      I get the point.

    • Greg

      I'm surprised no one else has noticed this. It almost poked my eye out when i was looking at the picture! Hah!

  • Boozer

    Chivettes…the real Girls Next Door!

  • mikeb

    little nip slip there on #61

  • wokka

    #5 Makes me wanna FAP……………again

  • mattgn

    #110 she is amazing looking…well they all are but she is beautiful!

  • soft taco juice

    I heart #15 and #87

    • chf


      • yoboi

        #87 is perfection

  • Andrew

    #16 cuteness overload. Didn't think there were any chivery in my area. Chive on from salinas.

    • Messed up


    • masvino

      haha that is me and thank you! i know there are a lot of chivers at that navy military base/school in Monterey

  • datface


    Hand bra post please!

    • Bogus_Shizzall


  • tv_paul


    One of my favorite movies, but in your case I don't believe V is for Vendetta I think V is for….

    Please post more. Remember; remember the day in May (okay so it doesn't rhyme)

    • Jessica Johnson

      Haha! You're awesome! I just submitted more photos so hopefully they will be posted! 🙂

  • HOOK

    #14 #24 WOW! Should be declared illegal

  • ron

    #5 we want moar! and howabout a small perky breast post for us small breast lovers chive!

  • jimmyjames2

    I just fell in love 110 times

  • jroc


    #62 #62 #62

    • Jessica Johnson

      Thank you 🙂

  • yah

    they're all lovely, but #27 stole my heart.

  • Brian


    Lets go caps!

    • Tyler Durden

      I would love to try to score in your 5 hole!!

    • BuffaloJustSayin

      Kings have this year in the bag.

  • Martin_McFly

    #83 Chivin from Texas! A good Chivette, this one is!

  • doggiedude

    #5 #97 #69
    A couple of years ago my fiance passed away & I have had no desire to ever date again … posts like these are starting to change my mind. Thanx Chivettes


    • Warhawk

      Glad to keep your spirits up! KCCO!!

  • Darrell

    So many beautiful woman! Gotta love it! #1 #65 Thank you for coming back! AMAZING! #52 Really Gorgeous! Hard to chose whom to be in lust/love with hehehe 🙂

    • Ferret

      #52 Please find me

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