You lost your camera, we found it. (44 photos)

  • pickleman77

    #19 #20 – Am I the only one that thinks this is dangerously close to child porn?

    • mudmonkey



      As my high school football coach used to say,"If there is grass on the field, play ball."

      • pickleman77

        LOL! Hopefully your coach wasn't Jerry Sandusky!

      • roger

        as my high school "foot"ball coach used to say, "if there's turf on the wicket, let's play cricket."

      • Josh

        And if there's no grass, play in the mud

    • Big Dave

      #9 and #29 as well…

      the most difficult job in the world is being a high school teacher when a girl like that says, 'I'll do anything for an A"
      I ran out of the classroom several times…

      • uhhuh

        doesn't matter…fapped anyway

    • trulyrough

      The tattoo on her left side says "Either I'm legal or daddy doesn't care"

    • G.Iggity

      Believe it or not, even if these two ladies are underage there is nothing illegal about either picture–at least in the United States (though some jurisdictions may say otherwise, of course). Not child porn by a long shot, but definitely questionable.

    • Michel Payette

      #19 I don't think so…just a tight, tone, in shape ladie. As for #20, definitely underage…like the child posted in a gallery earlier this week…there as sooo many pictures of hot chicks out there, why post those that look no more than 13-14?

    • ohboy

      The one on the right has a high school shirt on…..

    • Pedobear

      I approve.

    • Torden

      I know some women in their early 20's that have bodies like this so who's to say? Petite women do exist after all. Also i still use a t-shirt from my high school when i'm not going anywhere and i'm 21. I doubt The Chive would post a woman that's under 18 in this context anyway, so stop being such dumb asses.

      • LukeTheTerrible

        What, you think they ask for ID??? Doesn't matter cause they're not nude. BTW, there are no "women" under 18.

    • guest

      #2 is the worst of the lot. Looks to be about 12.

      • Emily the Chivette

        damn dude!! i'm a college student… just because i don't have large tits and have a petite frame DOESN'T mean i'm freaking twelve. jeez!

        • guest

          My apologies. And your response made me laugh more than anything in a long time.

          • Emily the Chivette

            I am glad I could do that for you 🙂 You know us chivettes love a good laugh

            • guest

              All I could think of was: God help the bouncer who IDs you at the bar tonight. It would be like opening a shaken can of soda.

              And when I said worst, I didn't mean – ah, forget it. My bad all the way around.

        • mike

          in that case….more!

    • moX

      I would put #2 #3 and #4 in that category

    • Quentin

      #20 is underage, She was a few years below me in high school. Reppin' Mukwonago.

  • carl

    I just farted really loud at work and blamed it on #15 Everyone got a good laugh.

    • carl

      That is not nearly as funny as I thought. My bad.

      • twoedges

        I'll tell you what, it was much funnier that "first".

  • Kroger_Security

    #41 i just fell in love

    • sick350Z

      dibs.. sorry bro called it

      • Just sayin

        Lela Starr. She's in the movies

        • anony

          I thought it was her too… my porn game must be outdated though i didnt recognize the tattoos.

    • Ned_Plimpton

      That exercise ball has done her good.

      • JustSayin'

        Nope. Those are butt implants. True story. Compare with her "work" from early in her "career." She's a sad, sad case of plastic surgery gone wrong.

        • OTE

          Agree. She used to be my fav PS. Then she went plastic crazy. The top I can understand, but the butt implants were too much.

    • SaysWho?

      I've seen her suck five cocks at once.

      I would caution you against falling in love with a girl like that.

      • eric cartman

        HAHAHAHAHAHA awesome comment…

    • Just Saying

      She looks tacky as fuck.

    • Underbaker

      Channel phone case, I am sure she could spend way more money then I could make.

    • M3 Love

      She went away for a year, Came back with fake lips, fake ass, fake tits, face cheeks, but I dont give a fuck, Id still hit it!

      • SaysWho?

        Actually she just took her implants out. IMO, she had some of the nicest real tits in the history of boobage so the implants were a real travesty.

    • RayBoogs

      with lela star, her ass, tits, lips and face is fake, but yeah, I'd still bang her.

  • bob

    #36 Mom?

    • gs425

      I'd do you "mom"

    • Michel Payette

      Granny-panties….. :S

      • roger


    • Underbaker

      Hey Bob, can you introduce me to your mom?

      • bob

        She's not normally like that, Underbaker, but she had two wine spritzers with dinner and said she was feeling "frisky".

    • ZipZipster

      Hahahahahahahaahaha _ FTW!

  • Ned_Plimpton

    #40 Made me break my jaw on the floor

    #42 Would be perfect if she lost the "I just sharted" expression on her face.

    • pickleman77

      Good call. That's totally the "I just sharted" face!

      • ChowdahHound

        I would clean it up for her

    • Bob

      More please

    • wolfpack

      #40 looks to be a perfect 10, but could've gotten extra credit if she'd moved her hand!

      • Ned_Plimpton

        or her clothes

      • robbie_R

        Rachel Spence

    • nunya

      Moooooooaaaaaaarrrr #40

  • Hellequin_Bull

    #10, #40, #42 What a find!

    • bubble bobby

      #10 shame on u,pancake ass.and u think that is sexy.hell nooooo!

  • roger

    #39 duckface?

    • Kroger_Security

      for her.. I'll let it slide

      • Mickens


        • roger

          no, no, no…we need to make a stand against duckface. btw, are you a security guard at kroger?

          • mike

            it's completely shopped. everyone take two seconds and tineye. honestly…the original is better.

    • Shannon Coverdale

      The ass almost makes up for it

      • DoomsDayDub

        Considering I didn't even notice the duck face till this guy brought it up, I would say the ass DOES make up for it. Cot damn!

      • H. Olivier

        almost??? really!?!??!?! hahaha come on!!

    • Oran Allen

      I think we can let this one slide

    • duh

      who fucking cares

    • liter of cola

      damn dat ass

    • the dude

      who cares!

    • Dano

      Claudia Sampedro….Those curves are all real….Google and enjoy

    • KHanson25

      No duckface please, you make an exception for one and they keep doing it

    • LoydRage

      Whoa, she has a face?

    • Maynard B.

      I think we can make an exception. We'll let her off with a warning.

    • bradlygrey

      With an ass like that, who care!

    • Steveo

      It has been shopped. Look at the original:

    • Duncan

      whos looking at her face

    • Rick_

      You looked at her face??

    • SMT

      Who cares! She is smoking!

      • badu

        Smoooooking hot

    • @Thedude_1620

      Didn't make it pass the ass to see any duckface

    • duck


    • biggles


      one thing i have learned on chive. If the womans body looks entirely too good. It's photoshopped. GUARENTEED!

  • b money

    Best post.

  • sick350Z

    #5 #9 #12 FTW

    • McIrish

      #5 HOLY CRAP!!! Are those Back to the Future sneakers?

      • ysoserious

        they are roller blades you dumbass

      • Mr. Magoo

        Try roller skates…

        • sdk

          actually they are rollerblades….

        • Darth Vader

          they are freakin rollerblades…. roller skates are like old school disco skates!

    • JDB85


    • john v.

      #9 is super cute, but I hate that bathing suit design. c'mon, show that cute belly.

      • Hassel Shattnerhoff

        This girl is amazing, anything she ain't got, she don't need.

      • LawnGuyLand

        Like the suit. Must they all wear string bikinis?

      • steven

        I think she knows based on her facial expression that the suit doesn't work.

    • Jimbozo

      I concur on all three.

      But #18 made me gag.

  • amplexus

    MOAR of all of them!!!

    • Jay

      I agree!! Good day to be a chiver!!

    • @randyhab71

      HELL YES!!!!!

  • sick350Z

    and #41

    • JustSayin'

      Lela Star. Very famous adult "actress"

      • JustSayin'

        butt implants btw.

        • mike


  • Brian

    Damn, Chive. You've had some jail bait before, but this post was ridiculous. Ew.

  • Not Clark Gable

    #3 like this, like that, with a wiffle ball bat so…. yes please

    • @ComfySlinky

      Actually it's: I hit it like this, I hit it like that, I hit it with a wiffle ball bat….

      • Not Clark Gable

        Aware. Can't past-Tense this one.

  • Shannon Coverdale

    #13 Dayummmm

    • Susie Ulrey

      That's me 🙂

      • Jorge

        then send MOAR!

        • Susie Ulrey

          iI did!

          • Dutchmaster

            Take your clothes off yo

          • roger

            Awesome! I love it when the girls field comments from the panel! Nice rack, Susie!

          • Guest

            sweet tits, sus!

            • bill

              if you take out the comma from your post, you have a pretty sweet nickname for Susie

      • lackofabetter

        Keep up the great work Susie!

      • Shannon Coverdale


      • slappyrad

        Thanks for sharing, lovely 🙂

      • deg

        That facebook page your name links to is probably getting swamped.

        Thanks for the pictures…. look forward to seeing more

    • sammy

      hey susie, what are the odds of a guy like you going out with a girl like me?

      • Susie Ulrey

        Enter text right here!haha oh idk

    • Susie Ulrey

      sent in better ones but haven't seen them yet

      • roger

        Susie, why must we let a middle-man decide whether or not your photos are good – how 'bout a facebook page or twitter account? I mean, for the fans!

        • Susie Ulrey

          ok it's susie0689 on twitter

      • jive

        You wouldn't happen to be the musician Susie Ulrey, would you?

        • Susie Ulrey

          Nope not me but I will set up a twitter

          • roger

            awesome. i can just tell that you'll be a big star! btw, age? city or state? just curious.

            • Susie Ulrey

              22 st louis area

              • roger

                shucks. well, hope to see you on twitter!

    • shawn

      Incredible boobs! What size?

      • Susie Ulrey


        • shawn

          good god. you will make some boy very happy.

        • whyme1973

          You have an incredibly sexy body. I hope to see a lot more of your contributions in the future! Thank you so much for sharing with us.

    • Susie Ulrey

      Ok it's susie0689

      • Shannon Coverdale

        Nice pics

  • @lackofabetter

    #4 Try to keep the shitter out of the picture when trying to look sexy #13 Now thats a woman! #39 Gorgeous!!!!!!!

    • Chivacy Please

      #4 – Hello Kitty!!

    • Susie Ulrey

      thank you! i'm 13

      • @lackofabetter

        So am I

      • phil

        too old for me.

  • Ned_Plimpton

    #4 "I wanted to look sexy so I bent over by the toilet"

    #34 I would definitely take her out on a romantic date & call her again. Beautiful face & bum.

    • bubble bobby

      front face fucker.cause they have that disgusting pancake ass eeeewwww.

  • Martin_McFly

    #40 Herroooooo!!!

    • nonya

      More like "Prego…. 7 months knocked up now"! lol

      • Bob

        Even Hotter

    • Mike

      Rachel Spence?

  • Dash Riprock

    Love the Derp expression in 42. Hot & Derpy!

    • roger


  • John

    #29 would be perfect if not for that trashy belly button bling.

    • All men in the world

      John u r a loser


    #40 Dear sweet baby Jesus. Thank you

    • Chazz_B

      mother of god, she is perfect

  • Zach

    #39 is amazing. I'd lick her butthole.

    • TX Country Boy

      I'd drink her bathwater.

    • Gonna Do One

      I'd watch Desperate Housewives with her, but just one episode.

    • Boat

      i'd floss with her tampon string

    • Travis McKee


    • mike

      id let her poop on my face then let her watch me make out with my best friend while she poors hot chocolate on our bodies and laughs and calls us gay. yeah.

      • Zach

        Too much man. Too much.

        • seanpatrick

          I would have sex with 15 guys while she watches, bored from the other end of the room.

  • marc

    #40 hiyee!

    • Gabe

      find her chive!

      • penguin slayer

        Rachel Spence

    • Bob


  • Coach

    #8 needs to be found…
    plz… no really… find her! 😀

    • zoom

      I'm going to go buy 200 new laptops, open 200 new accounts with different ISPs, and give 200 thumbs up to this request.

      Also, #20.

      • LATimes

        If you buy used, you can buy 400 laptops.

        Agree #20.

    • SPZander

      Looks like Misa Campo… but can't say for sure

      • SPZander

        On second though I don't think it is

    • Bus

      I agree. We have seen her 3 time on The Chive? We need to do this!

    • Gogurt

      it sorta looks like Kate Tsui

    • New Girl fan

      That's Hannah Simone from the TV show; New Girl.

  • CallsignMigs

    #6 you make me miss the Corps. even more. oorah!

    • callsignboot

      dont get all moto now. i am sure you were a shitbag while in my beloved corps. supply is at a real loss without you, pog.

      • bill

        Lol your probally an admin trying to be all hard

  • mark

    Can you limit the pic in the bathrooms my sense of smell it kicking in and some pics smell like ass

    • bubble bobby

      go away pancake ass.

    • jimstarswagg

      Pretty sure that's your upper lip.. just sayin..

    • robert

      actually, it's true, a lot of these girls take big, nasty dumps right before snapping these photos…just sayin'.

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