Cat Saturday (26 Photos)

A few weeks ago, some amazing Chivers rescued a tiny newborn kitten near their house. They said, “orphaned at only a couple days old, we found him shortly after his mother was killed. He’s noisy, adorable, and his survival is a miracle.” Chivers, meet Moses!

You can follow Moses’ tiny little blog here. And special thanks to Chivers Clay, Meg, Bobbi, and Mark for being so awesome.

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  • George_jiji


    • truth speaker

      ya fuckin douche

    • biggles

      You must feel so blessed to be first. Treasure that moment. It's probably the only thing you are going to do in your life, that is worthwhile.

      Enjoy mediocrity

    • Sgt. Pepper

      Come here so my penis can have its way with your face. Fucking cum bucket!

    • susan

      Any other chivers at the kentucky derby? We ahould have a chive meet up

  • P-Willy


    • Jim

      Cat Saturday is the worst thing that has ever happened in my life

      • patriots suck

        the worst thing that ever happend is you being born

        • KennyWenny

          Am I the only one who has a tough time fapping to Cat Saturday?

          • Clutch101

            LucretiusCaro… you're the man!
            It's amazing how your three little words have invoked all this. I have read all of them (there were 90ish at the time) and love the way you have calmly backed your option while everyone has freaked out. I don't really agree with your point, but like how you have made a bunch of supposed KCCO Chivers lose their shit over a comment. Well played!
            To all you Chivers out there – smarten up! KCCO Don't let this guy get you so easy.

            • Moose

              Successful troll is extremely successful

            • LucretiusCarus

              Thanks for the kind words. 'twas fun.

              You take care.

  • kitra

    Cats on cats on cats on cats

    • mal influencia

      oh sh*t, who in that??

  • insaaaaaaaane

    This isn't the kind of pussy I was searching 4 Chive…

    • Kull767




      • robo bitch

        actually the most cliche' outdated joke made on this site is the "get in the kitchen" bullshit and 1000 idiots give it thumbs up-

    • patriots suck

      go look in the mirror and you will see more pussy

    • annonymous

      These are not the droids you're looking for.

    • DaCoop

      #27 I have the weirdest boner right now..

  • yoyo

    why dont you just call it caturday

    • annonymous

      I second that motion.

      • Hugh

        ICHC probably trademarked that term 😦

    • nattyann

      I suggested that months ago. No one listened.

    • VAchivette

      I already call it that! ha

    • xfudgenxmeowx

      go back to tumblur

  • Mark Wolcott

    "though shall not pass!" #25

    • iambigd42

      Good one mark, i was just about to post the same thing:)

    • Mark Wolcott


    • Paula_

      <img src=""&gt;
      – typing all this shit takes a lot of time!

  • m.c.

    #25 I have the weirdest boner right now…

    • TomatoTipper

      Same here. I like women with blonde hair and a cat-like furry mouth.

  • Paula_

    Damn Mac, can't you just do one Saturday without pussy?
    You monster you!

    – Fan testimonial: "I'll have to give props to Paula… It takes some obviously large ovaries to willingly put yourself out there like this on a daily basis. To be constantly called a c.unt and not give a damn. To let the hate of so many fuel your desire to voice your opinion, and Chive On from a cold kitchen counter."

    • S.Freud

      What we have here, folks, is an example of narcissistic personality disorder. She (it?) probably has some mild masochistic tendencies as well. Given that she is most likely a fat, mustachioed whore who for some god-awful reason thinks she's 'attractive' (maybe she is–to a goat) and can't get any dick from the men she unfortunately meets in real life, the only sexual gratification she gets is from being abused online by total strangers.

      • Paula_

        Careful meow, all my previous analysts killed themselves after 2-3 sessions.

        – Fan testimonial: "Once again Paula…you have delighted and disgusted me at the same time."

        • ShakeyTheMoyle

          Every time I read your posts and it has a "meow" in it, it reminds me of "Super Troopers"….wahooo to the funniest movie ever! And thank you Paula! You're the best! πŸ™‚

    • patriots suck

      dumb whore…get out of here

  • BabyFart Magizax

    #22 R2-Cat2

    • rromero

      Cat2-D2 also sounds cool! πŸ™‚

  • Diana Santos

    #22 wish granted -> #13

  • BabyFart Magizax

    #18 cartmans cat

    • Cooper Poly

      kitty stole 2 many cheesy poofs…

      • MattKL

        Kitty was being a dildo.

  • LoveitMac

    Then don't look at the post. Ass.

    • LucretiusCarus

      I didn't look at the post, assbag. I came and said it sucked. But they have this rotten habit of sullying otherwise good posts with random pictures of cats. Bad enough that this shit exists–they should at least keep all other posts cat free.

      No more cats. Fuck Cat Saturday. Fuck it in the goat ass.

      • kryvian

        >not your site. get over it. you have a whole internet to explore saturday.


        • Schlong

          >greentexting on thechive

          • kryvian

            ok I actually had to google that, and I don't see my posts as green text nor did I post off a phone.

            also feel free to elaborate as I might have gotten that wrong.

      • JAFitC

        Well, you'll haave to bend over first. . . .

      • boo

        you obviously looked at it if you posted here…

      • ChodeLauncher

        I honestly feel sorry for you

  • skeeterboy48

    what is with all these noobs hating on cat saturday?this is what the chive was built on! if you dont like it go to college humor of ebaums world!

    • Paula_

      This is not the kind of pussy the Chive unfortunately is currently building on…

      – Fan testimonial: "For once, Paula, you have read my mind and actually said something that isn't horrible or troll. You ma'm are awesome."

      • Anon

        eh some people don't come simply for sexy chivers and such. I look at it but I enjoy the DAR and DMA and such things a lot as well πŸ˜›

      • @McBeastie666

        yeah, but it gives uncreative people the ability to use the same tired old pussy vs. pussy joke. good job paula, I think it was only posted 5 times before yours.

  • AssClown

    I don't always comment on Cat Saturday

    But when I do, all I can say is FUCK YOU!

    • LucretiusCarus

      I can't tell if you're saying fuck you to Cat Saturday or me.

      Fuck Cat Saturday.

      • Woop

        I enjoy your rants on cat saturday because it won't change a thing. Y U no accept facts!

        • LucretiusCarus

          Giving up is the best option to assure Cat Saturday continues. I will never pass up an opportunity to piss on Cat Saturday.

          Unless I forget. Today I did not forget. Fuck you, Cat Saturday.

  • Kodos

    Henceforth, all cat posts are forbidden unless supervised and approved by a licensed Chivette.

    Said Chivette must appear in one of the pics and must boldly display either boobs or tush along with aforementioned feline.

    You have failed us for the last time, Mac.

    • patriots suck

      you are a total douche

    • Mooch

      Chivettes come for the cats too; As soon as this is strictly a TNA site, you're going to lose some of the cool, genuine Chivettes.

      This site is awesome because it plays to more than one demographic.


      • haeddre

        Mooch… you are SO correct…

  • Paula_

    BTW Mac, Martha says you have received cupcakes… SHARE!!!1!

    – fan testimonial: "You'll have to talk to your friends at the site. They have pictures of the other cakes… – MarthaJeane"

  • BigFatal

    #8 where are my chopsticks asshole!!!

    • crazydog

      If that cat hissed at me I'd boot it into outer space….oh, and cats suck

      • DickFister

        That cat's a wannabe baby killer. Freaks me out.

        • guest

          most evil cat ever…. thanks for the nightmares

    • Franklin1138

      "Also, let's not forget – let's *not* forget, Dude – that keeping wildlife, an amphibious rodent, for uh, domestic, you know, within the city – that aint legal either."

    • ktel

      where did u go wrong? *shakes head*

  • tommytwotime

    ha! they were all pretty awesome today

    • Paula_

      MMMMmmmmmmman card…….. REVOKED!

      – Fan testimonial: "Holy shit that is fn' HILARIOUS!!! That made my week, and quite possibly my month! Thank you so much for that!"

    • Sean

      I'm sorry 😦 I accidentally pressed the thumbs down button when I meant to press the thumbs up.

  • Mark

    I wait all week for Cat Saturday, It always makes me LOL. Thanks Chive πŸ™‚

  • themisschelsea

    The first comments on caturday are those of dislike, good job visiting this early when you don't like cats. Stop hating.

    I don't own any, but I love cats.

    • DCD

      Agreed. Gotta love 'em. The haters are insecure cockasses. Even vocalizing against them is already so pathetic. It's like… they're cats, just being cats. If you've bothered, you really are pathetic. Go stroke your ego on Xbox Live or something.

  • Paula_

    Cat Saturday chat:

    – Fan testimonial: "Paula, You make me hard. Paula, You make me wet. Paula, You make me wonder."

    • Firefighter23

      It's learned to spam! We have to kill it now before it becomes self aware!

  • Drew

    Your passion over it speaks volumes about you, and not in a good way. Get a fucking life. People like animals for their companionship and personalities of their own kind. If you're semi-sociopathic and lack and security to have compassion or for fuck's sake, laugh a bit at some harmless pictures, save everyone your emo bitching and go back to sleep or die off. Fucking troll.

    • LucretiusCarus

      Being asleep at work would be unacceptable behavior.

      I think I have the exact opposite view of you. The passion with which some people defend bullshit posts of senseless cat pics, based on some meme from nearly a decade ago, is mind-boggling and makes me fear for the fate of humanity.

      Fuck Cat Saturday.

      • Drew

        Somebody's not getting it:

      • mises

        i think being online and looking for pictures of MILFS and getting into arguments at ahem……work is unacceptable behavior. I'm losing my faith in humanity.

        • LucretiusCarus

          And clearly you look at the MILFs AFTER work. Come on, use your head for something other than looking at stupid pictures of cats.

          Fuck Cat Saturday.

          And I don't think it's fair to call any of this actually argument. It's a disservice to logic to call this an argument. And argument is a connective series of statements intended to establish a proposition.

          This is just me fanatically repeating "Fuck Cat Saturday" while other people fanatically say that Cat Saturday is great, which boggles my mind. An argument, however, it is not.

        • mises

          well professor where is it clear in any of my posts that i look at milf pictures? nothing i've said gives indication of that. in fact you're wrong. come on use your head for something better than making empty assertions with no arguments.

          • LucretiusCarus

            You apparently aren't good at parsing sentences, or rather aren't familiar with English colloquialisms. The 'you' there clearly mean "one" or "everyone," not you specifically. I have no knowledge of your disposition toward MILFs. You clearly like cats, though. So there we are with that.

            • Frank

              hey lucretius, keep likin' your own posts bro. -_-

              • LucretiusCarus

                Actually, I was as surprised at that one like as you. I guess there must be some cat-neutral English semantic loving fans out there. It takes all kinds, Frank; it takes all kinds.

                • Ken

                  Do you have nothing else to do?

      • I heart etcrr

        spoken like a true hero. Cat lovers are weird people who wear foil on their heads.

  • husky the bottle

    More Chiver for a better world

    • Shawntee

      I dislike you greatly.

      • ShakeyTheMoyle

        Yes..that comment was gayer then Twilight πŸ˜‰

  • Seth Whaley

    Not a cat person but these were pretty convincing. #1 looks like what my cat would look like.

    • rromero

      Celebrating 5 de Mayo like a boss

  • Symcah

    Moses is adorable!

    • Greg

      Yes, totally love it! πŸ™‚ And thank the Chivers for saving it! (I just wouldn't name it after a mass-killer like moses, see Exodus32,26-29)

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