Cat Saturday (26 Photos)

A few weeks ago, some amazing Chivers rescued a tiny newborn kitten near their house. They said, “orphaned at only a couple days old, we found him shortly after his mother was killed. He’s noisy, adorable, and his survival is a miracle.” Chivers, meet Moses!

You can follow Moses’ tiny little blog here. And special thanks to Chivers Clay, Meg, Bobbi, and Mark for being so awesome.

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  • Vee

    Tiny Moses is such a cute kitten!! I have to say those folks that took him in, bravo to you!

  • Travis

    #26 Watch this while listening to Iron Maiden's "Run To The Hills".

  • Fuzzhead

    proud member of teh itty-bitty-kittehz-for-caturday-committee!

  • Brandee Lee Hiller

    Great cat Saturday post!! Thanks for sharing the story on Moses!!

  • Bill

    I love that this is a rant for the sake of ranting and all people react so strongly to him. It's funny. He hates cats and made his statement without calling anyone names, like some of you. Just KCCO…
    (I hate the cat meme too, especially with the stupid misspelled words, but my sister still sends them to me just get my goat. Not the goat that Lucretius referred to in a later reply, though).

    • LucretiusCarus

      Preach it, Bill. I find it supremely comical how personally some people seem to take my distaste for cats. Apparently the equation looks like this

      I dislike cats = I anally raped your mom while pouring sugar in your gas tank.

      C'est la vie.

      • voice in your head

        Why would I rape there mom while pouring sugar in there tank? …….dick……

        • LucretiusCarus

          Not sure. Why would you rape that there mom while pouring sugar in that there gas tank?

          Is this a rhetorical question?

          • voice in your head

            oh, thanks for clearing that up i was worried.

            • LucretiusCarus

              Always willing to help.

              Fuck Cat Saturday.

              • voice in your head

                no need to lie to yourself, you don't want to help.

                • LucretiusCarus

                  You should flatter yourself more. I was clearly lying to you.

                  • voice in your head

                    some how i still don't believe you.

                    • LucretiusCarus

                      Against my better judgement I rather like you.

  • Ispeakchive

    There will probably never be a platypus Saturday….. : (

  • Pepper

    #2 Help!! I've fallen and can't get up!!
    #8 Back off Bitch!! It's ALL mine!!!

  • mises

    Well professor where in my posts is it clear that I look at milfs? Why don't you use your mind for something other than making baseless claims and assertions with no arguments?

  • AZLiving

    my cat loves bacon

  • annonymous

    This is why we don't have NICE things!! That guy sure is well educated in his arguements. Cats are sweet because they're differant. Don't like it? Don't come here. Maybe make your own website to troll people and have posts of nothing but T&A. I for one scroll the chive with my girlfriend and its all about what satifies women. Caturday is pretty funny If you have the capacity to enjoy it as a funny picture and not the Egyptian Religion. They're cats dude, and its not your website. Maybe talk to the admins and stop bitchin about poo-poo cat Saturday. Just please don't complain, cause only small children and bitches complain. Be a man. Get over caturday. Sheesh if you don't enjoy it then keep calm and chive on.

    • huh?

      This was one of the funniest things I've seen on this site in forever. One guy stating an opinion and proceeding to restate that opinion over and over again as everyone freaks out. Congratulations Lucretius.

  • Gerri

    BACON BACON BACON…. that is all

  • Matt Gabrielson

    I like cats. Fuck you.

  • xanivan


    • LucretiusCarus

      Are you totally shitting me? My comment got deleted? This is EXACTLY why there should be no Cat Saturday. A few cat lovers meet some dissent, and by dissent I mean roughly 3 people, and they lose their shit and get the comment deleted.

      This is some seriously fucked up shit. It would be one thing if I'd actually committed an ad hominem attack against any particular user. As it is some people just can't grow a fucking spine and deal with shit. This is seriously weak. Shame on you, cat lovers. You only prove why you shouldn't get to have nice things.

      This is probably just about the most traffic a Cat Saturday has gotten in ages and someone goes and gets a pretty much completely innocuous post deleted. Weak. Seriously weak.

      My original post:

      Fuck cats. This post was, is and will always be total bullshit. Every time I see a cat on this site I feel like I'm in The English Patient: dying a long, boring death.

      Relegate it to a more suitable venue like The Berry, or a manure processing plant.

      Replace it with something cool, like MILF Saturday, or even a post about dogs. Giving a whole day to cats is simply an affront to humanity. It's just wrong. Wrong, I say.

      • snooch

        Lucretius, you crack me up, man. I haven't enjoyed reading comments this much in quite a while. One guy standing strong and holding his own against the masses; and doing so with superior grammar and intelligence. That's what I like to see.

        Chive on, my good man.

        • LucretiusCarus

          Thanks. The fact that the original post got deleted only goes to show how bullshit Cat Saturday lovers are. I was willing to play nice and be a foil they could bust on; they clearly relished it as you can read above. It was amusing. But this is seriously beyond the pale.

          Totally weak. I bet they kick puppies and push people in wheelchairs down stairs.

      • boe

        you should not be on the chive with that attitude. keep calm… seriously though, settle down.

        • LucretiusCarus

          Honestly? So some total clowns get a post deleted and *I* need to calm down? Did I report anyone who said I was a sociopath or a loser? Was I the one who reported a post that was directed at no single person and got it deleted?

          Seriously, stop being a clown and realize that, while I trolled everyone here harder than even Paula ever has, I wasn't the one who couldn't keep calm. This only served to prove that cat lovers are total asshats. I hardly even had to try.

          • shawn

            LucretiusCarus… I fucking love you man, I was rolling the entire time. best "cat saturday" ever!

            • LucretiusCarus

              Thanks, shawn. I thought everyone was having a pretty amusing time. Too bad a couple panties got legitimately twisted, though. At least it seems that way.

              At least you love me. It's clear my mom didn't love me enough, right?

          • @McBeastie666

            give it a rest man.

          • ATouchofInsanity

            Obvious troll is obvious

          • Petre

            Thank you for existing, Flamewars are the best way to waste time.

          • chito

            And your original comment serves to prove that dog lovers are better people than cat lovers? Cat persons don't comment "Fuck dogs" whenever they see dogs in "Animals don't suck" posts. And you dog people always take the time to click on the post and go to the comment section and tell everybody that you hate cats. And you act all tough when you reply to the comments of those who didn't like your post. Classic internet tough guy/ troll.

            • LucretiusCarus

              My original comment proves nothing but that I hate Cat Saturday, which was its sole intent. I don't speak for dog lovers, nor do I speak for cat haters. You infer these things on your own. What you should rightly conclude, however, is that, were you to show up at a dog post and talk smack, I wouldn't be the knob to report your comments and get them deleted. Enjoy a cat free Sunday.

              • @McBeastie666

                you sure as shit speak for fucking assholes. we all inferred that much.

            • lol

              Does this remind anyone of all the bitching that happened due to the lack of black chicks on this site…
              I think Lucretius proved his point, people freak out over the smallest things.

              -1 for humanity today

          • Franklin1138

            Hey, my manimal. I love cats. But I also think you have a point, and I'm glad to see you posted it under your name, and not some stupid, cowardly, ball-less anonymous name like the "chive is racist" spammer. I give you a hearty "Chive On" for that.

            And I totally agree that a lot of folks in this town (the town known as Chive) love to flip their shit at the slightest provocation. Everyone is entitled to their rant, and they inordinately jumped your shit.

            What if they did MILF Saturday AND Cat Saturday? Or one of my favourites, "Hot chicks from comic book conventions Saturday?" I may be wrong about this, but I bet there's enough room on the internet for them to do that…

            • LucretiusCarus

              Thanks, dude. I was pretty astounded by the vehemence and savagery of some of the Cat Saturday proponents. Glad everyone (mostly) enjoyed themselves.

              I hope all is well with you.

              Not sure about sharing a day with Cat Saturday…but if there were at least more posts on Saturday to lessen the painful blight of Cat Saturday it would be better. Maybe.

              Take care.

      • patriots suck

        you are such a fag, go beat off to girls you can never get and leave the rest of us alone

        • Bill

          Eagles fan?

        • Adam

          I can't believe I read this entire thread. *shakes head*

        • Franklin1138

          Why, so you can beat off to cats?

  • Dave

    Cat Saturday is hands down the best Chive series

  • CCGreenbean

    #1 : Cinco de Meow.

  • Aga

    Moses' foster mamma looks like Katy Perry

  • Farlok72

    #14 ….. A jar of pussy cok… Hahahahahahaha

  • sid206


    One Tequilla…..
    Two Tequilla…….
    Three Tequilla……

    I lost count….

  • Gallus

    #1 is so very approriate or today. Happy Cinco de Mayo!

    Regarding Moses – I guess you all have figured it out, but just in case. After you have fed the little guy, wipe his little butt several times with a damp paper towel. The action mimics the mother cat's licking his butt, and encourages him to poopie and pee. Without that help, some kittens bloat and die. Good luck. I hope the little guy makes it.

  • grandfred

    #21 lol

  • MattKL


  • VAchivette

    I love CATURDAY!

  • I heart etcrr

    why do people own a pet thats worse than a rodent???? boggles my mind.

  • Anna

    f*ck is wrong with #21?!?

  • Guest


    I've seen what a cat can do if he doesn't want to be on a leash. The suit is totally necessary.

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