Soooo…. you got wasted (32 Photos)

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  • First

    Anonymous first!

    • BabyFart Magizax

      Meaning you have no life on saturday nights… Congrats

      • OrgazoidHD

        Everyone can't be as cool and hip as you Babyfart

      • derp

        you posted a whopping 20 minutes after him… your life must be amazing!

        • BabyFart Magizax

          I check the chive when I awake from slumber, and go back to sleep.

          • derp

            Like I said…amazing…

    • DaddyD

      Anonymous dick.

    • Cynical

      Are they still giving away a free T shirt for being first?

    • FirstsSON

      Stop it MOM – I don't care that you got first – I took $20 from you and bought weed with it, so there.

  • yeah

    #6 holy shit!!!

    • ahhh

      Wonder if he can breathe…

      • hhha

        Probably not seeing as he is out of the water.

    • arealcad

      Never get wasted with a bunch of art students.

  • PaulaSuxDonkeyMeat

    Paula sux. That is all.

    • Not Paula, really

      Oh c'mon, I'm sure you can do better than that!

  • Tee


  • Jay

    #24 you forgot step four which is get electricuted and fall to your death.

    • MeIrakly

      don't be a party pooper bro

    • Capz

      I love me some Step 4

  • jeremy

    #28 comes to the party prepared!

    • Guse

      Is that Jwoww?

  • David Allen

    Pee level : 100

    • Kasey

      Up until he gets splash back on his face…

    • DeadEye Dick

      how to piss with morning wood

    • Jeremy

      This is just simply fucking impressive.

  • HillbillyNinja

    #15 "Hayyyyy…. no shtairway!"

    • Ryley

      This was at my house! And I didn't post the picture! = ) Chive on!

      • bud

        thats pretty bitchin Ryley, i want you to tell that soloist that some dude from the internets said he has a kick ass stache

    • bromister

      awesome stache

  • phoenixpwns

    #8 Thats normal during finals week, even when you're sober. haha!

  • Sweet Doogs

    #12 Please Find

    • dewd

      Yesss plz!!!

      • seanpatrick

        Again, pretty sure it's Joanna Daane.

    • LeB


    • Mark Wolcott

      Hopefully this trend will replace the duckface! #21

      • bud

        i was praying/comment thinking the same thing

    • callsignboot

      there is no fucking way she is find worthy. yes, different strokes for different folks, but i can find better behind dumpsters with crack pipes in their mouth. raise your standards son.

      • sean

        you cant see her "dumpster" so idk wtf you are talking about

        • Toro

          Uhmm, I fail to grasp what her aim is with a solid thumbs up and her ass-cake in his face! Unless she's throwing in a solid fart! Would vote for that!

      • Truth

        No callsignboot may be hatin' but he's right. She is really ugly….honestly look at the pic! She looks like a Klingon midget with long hair.

        • liter of cola

          i just care about that ass

  • vodkamartini

    #1 you choose the wrong side

    • whiterussian

      Find the girl with the black skirt!!!!!!!

    • southernmost

      Hmm..why are her knees so dirty? I wonder….ssssilly ssserpent…..

    • Bill Cosby

      Is that her fat vagina?

  • Wet_tosti

    #25 He got off the island by tying sea turtles under his feet with hair off his back. -true story!

    • The Foley

      Or the tide came up and he drowned.

  • bitsas

    # 16 hope they packed all their litter

    • AmBush_Steve

      Thumbs down for making me scroll all the way back up to #16.

  • ForgottenXero

    #19 Question for the Chivers! Is this an epic win for the best man or epic fail of a bachelor party?

    • passwordistaco


    • bachelorette

      That's a pretty epic fail, no fun for him, I'd be surprised if he has any memory of it and now he's married..Saad day!

      • ForgottenXero

        He remembers most of it before that, but what he doesn't remember was calling his fiance when he was drunk, crying about how much she loves her and how he doesn't understand why she was marring such a loser like him. Good times.

        • bud

          yeah your buddy should have paced himself a little better than that. if i was him i would have done some booze conditioning a good week before that night, and lock my phone in a safe. on another note, whats wrong with the suit on the right? looks pretty stuntin to me

    • bones

      fail for the groom. that really sucks. the best man should do something else, if not a proper bachlor party, at least a guys night out.

    • C-los

      I must have a bad suit party now.

  • elric619

    #12 agreed. please find. want to see MOAR of that tattoo. yummy

    • Benson

      Why are there 3 thumbs down for this ?

      • Doda

        Because no straight man should say "yummy"

        • Harcourt

          he would if his girlfriend used it a lot and it became a part of his normal vocabulary as a result

          • elric619

            more like my wife and my 1 year old.

    • seanpatrick

      Joanna Daane

  • Rivh

    #1 hate it when I go right and should have gone left!

    • USSS Chiver

      Kansas City Shuffle

    • evil

      elephant toe?

  • penguin slayer

    Bacon makes it al better.

  • Carlspackler

    #3 Boobs + drinks = FIND HER!

    • Guest

      I think she goes to Ohio University and her name is Emma…

  • passwordistaco

    #3 Find one that can set em on her ass and then you'll have a winner.

    • Shanks

      Find one that can do that without leaning and you have a winner, haha.

      • ns_chiveon

        Find one that can do both and you have a winner

    • Sarcastic Prick

      Find the man that's finding them, and you'll have a "wiener"… OH!

  • LucretiusCarus

    #6 Go to sleep drunk and wake up as Poseidon? Sign me up.

  • OrgazoidHD

    #8 I think we have all been there at some stage.

  • Joe Mamma

    #1 Ok, seriously is the guy on the right wearing potpourri camouflage ?

    • Dusty

      I think it is a Jolly Rancher print. Also, he he all up in her butt.

  • BabyFart Magizax

    #21 and #28 my kinda of drinking buddies!!

    • ChunkyMonkey

      great ass on one, great tits on the other.

      fap fap fap fap fap fap fap

  • AmBush_Steve

    #22 – I've never wanted to be a beer can so much in my life.

    • Heath Gandy

      Even within this context, I wouldn't want to be a PBR.

  • Ispeakchive

    #15 lip-fur rock

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