Been a while since we put the spotlight on gorgeous Asian girls (36 Photos)

  • Mad_Hittman

    I always double check when there are pictures of Asian ''girls but #6? She's fo real and she's drop dead gorgeous

    • Dave Andrews

      I'm still waiting for a name for this beauty….

      • hater

        I concur

    • Mike

      I concur

    • Devin_Medrano

      Apparently she's a single in my area according to the add on Pirate Bay!

    • Hobber

      Nina Mascunana, I'm pretty sure.

      • lavmdmv


    • @spin033

      Is it tiffany luu

      • Texan

        #12 is Tiffany

        • darren

          its not nina

    • foru2digg

      hells yeahs she is

  • BabyFart Magizax

    #7 #25 #35 do it for me. Can't wait to mind some gaps!!!

    • elliott

      chive half of these are BARELY Asian and the other half are not Asian..

      • Token Black Chiver

        You've never seen or heard of Asia, have you?

        • elliott

          I'm an idiot.

          • elliot


    • James Dobry

      Thank you… I found this easy to fap to.

  • BabyFart Magizax

    MOAR of #4 and #16

    • :'(

      I'm openly weeping because #16 will never love me.


      #16 If I am wong, I don't wanna be right? She is smoking. (is that racist?)

  • Dave


    • Christopher Mata Campbell

      Doesn't matter what language it's in, the level of fail doesn't change

    • JHL1

      ichi ichi ichi pittang zoop boing goodem zuowlyzhim

      • shane

        knights who say ni, nice.

  • Jeff

    #4 is a stunner! Can we get MOAR?!

    • Chris Farley

      FYI, That's the Saigon whore that bit my nose off

  • DB000000001


    Douche bag level = Asian chic

    • MattyDeuce

      Sex appeal level = thru the roof.

      • Bob

        #27 Just look at those boobs, don't get them that good on many Eastern babes.

        • MattyDeuce

          Well whoever bought them thanks you for your input.

        • thats nice

          It was really hard for me to look at all of these when there has been so many HE to SHE transformations lately.

    • D3AN

      Dannie Riel

    • Shadow

      DB level or not, hot

  • BabyFart Magizax

    Can't forget #14 either. MY GOD!!!

    • andysniper

      my jaw hit the floor, dropped through the floor and now the people living in the sandwich shop below me are really fucking confused.

    • tmaxxnc

      she looks like Ariel Spinner the av actress

  • Jeff

    #26, l think you made me believe in love at first sight.

    • misschris

      Isn't that Melanie Iglesias?

      • Cooper Poly

        ur pretty fkn hot 2 Chris-

    • celand

      that's melanie iglesias. totally not asian…

      • Big_Curt

        I think shes jus a lil bit asian….wikipedia told me so

      • AussieChivette

        Shes part filipino.

    • Dr_StrangePants

      She's hot Regardless

  • etcrr's goat

    #11 #27 #1 all good things……

    • etcrrr

      But i still want YOU.

      • chito

        #1 is Reon Kadena. NSFW

    • jackn

      This looks good to me. pfffft

    • Chiver

      #11 is Stephanie Ly, more great pics at enjoy!

  • Sceptic

    So, which ones are dudes now 🙂

    • etcrrr

      Doesn't matter to me ,ask my Goat.

    • Zappa

      I have my doubts on last one #36

    • Nwf

      I can't help but play it safe and assume they all are. Sneaky ladyboys.

    • tg0st

      Lmao, there are a few questionable one. #20 has a manly mid-section.

    • mike

      #15 almost looks to have an adams apple…always tricky with these ones

    • Jason

      You only have to worry about the Thai chicks. Don't think any of the ones here are thai.

    • timbo

      You mean it's not all the same girl?

      • Johnny K.

        Racist Level = Epic

        Funny as all hell though…

  • erok

    do not trust a single one. i have seen far to many post where they used to be men or look hideous without make up. just sayin.

    • MattyDeuce

      Meh, I am looking at them as women with makeup on. I'll never meet any of them so I am more than content seeing them "as is," and I am happy with what I see.

    • etcrrr

      Men ? That`s even better !!

      • Martin_McFly

        wow… Creating a profile to copy "etcrrr" and even using the same avatar… Troll Level 9999.

        Not sure whether to be impressed or disgusted..

        • etcrrr

          KCCO Martin ,you want some fresh goat milk ?

        • Village Idiots

          They are true sick people, Super OCD. with Narcissistic disorder and pathological stalking problem. If found they would be treated as dangerous people (to themselves) and are in need of psychological help

    • Dusty

      Every time I look at an Asian chick I think "I wonder how long ago he had the surgery".

      • : D


    • videologic

      you really think any of these would look hideous without make-up? For most girls on this site they are photos taken at their best angle with their best makeup on, in real life they wont look so good.

      also -1 for saying "just sayin". Such an overused phrase on the internet and it looks like you have jumped on the bandwagon too late. Next you will be rickrolling someone or posting a chuck norris joke

    • LOL

      It was really hard for me to look at all of these when there has been so many HE to SHE transformations lately.

    • mpeppo

      Well then call me a homo. Their all smokin. Crying games.

  • tflo

    can we please have a post dedicated to the hottest form of woman? the blackanese girls

    • Jeff

      don't you mean Chinegro?

      • iamwhoiam

        not cool

    • iamwhoiam

      Im with you on that!

    • John

      Almost all women with any black parts are not that attractive to me

    • Scott

      Black chicks are ugly

  • osco7

    If I could speak now all I could say would be moar

  • pickleman77

    #14 Me love you long time.

    • Bill Cosby

      Lets be reasonable. Me love you few minutes.

      • Filbur

        lets be honest… me love u for 18 seconds…

        • Brian Jensen

          Lets be truthful, no one actually likes 2 Live Crew.

  • ur3minutesrup

    Sorry #7 No one looks good with a duck face. NO ONE!

    • @McBeastie666


    • misslee

      I don't know… she does pretty damn well.

    • chito

      And she's not stuck with a duckface. It's only one picture. Im pretty sure she has a very fine smile.

    • sigh

      it's a kiss. something your probably not use to seeing.

  • z chiver

    Love this post! Reminds me why I'm not going to Japan just to snowboard haha

    • z chiver

      these women are beautiful

  • misschris

    #17 Stopped me in my tracks! Just lovely!

    • Cali_Dude

      Agree and would like to see more of women with real small to medium breasts. Not everyone is a huge fan of big ones.

      • misschris

        Cali_Dude, you just gave me a nice ego boost, as I am one of those small chested ladies. Nice way to start a Monday, thank you sir!

        • Cali_Dude

          You are welcome, there are a lot of dudes who are not into the huge ones, especially surgically enhanced.

          • josh

            hell ya man!

        • flyingzombies

          Hell yeah! Just think about where large ones will end up a few years from now… And even more importantly, it's been my experience that smaller ones are WAY more sensitive – and that's a plus for us both!

        • Ned_Plimpton

          Prove it.

    • matt

      chive please find her she is gorgeous

  • BostonRugger

    #18 Speaking of Angels

  • Peter

    Asian girls everywhere, UCLA.

    • NomBruin

      Go Bruins!

    • derp

      Even more Asian girls everywhere, Asia.

    • Ryan

      Forget these white girls, I need some variation. Especially if she very Asian.

    • @sofakingsays

      You see me babe?

  • petabobeeta

    just developed a case of yellow fever!

    • who cares

      I don't want to get better.

    • Meowmix

      Yellow Fever? I have the YELLOW PLAGUE!

    • yep

      There's a reason why I've been to Manila three times…and you just hit it on the head! Love those Pinays…

  • etcrrr

    #32 This girl has nice tattoos and tattoos are nice.

    • etcrr's goat

      that one really sounded like a typical Stan comment……

      • etcrrr

        Only you understand me. Lets meet in the barn.

        • Not Stan

          Don't you mean "understan me"????? I crack myself up.

  • The Jeffry

    #13 Chivette of the week

    • bob

      for me, it's nice to see a woman NOT on her cell phone for a change…therefore, I can't agree with you on that one.

      • @McBeastie666

        there was a cellphone?

    • vandal

      She can shit on my chest any day.

    • arun kumar


  • JMT

    #11 , yes please!! Great start to my monday

  • Kevin

    #3 moar!!

    • joshis2hip

      agreed. id marry her later this evening

  • etcrrr

    36 hot women and am still Limp. FML.

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