How would you like to live in a completely transparent house? (12 Photos)

Via Twistedsifter

  • abbedm

    So fucked in a storm but the neighbors and the passersby will have free bukake porn every weekend.

  • Andy

    Where's the bathroom?

  • Jambo

    Please stop Japan our government is getting jealous!

  • Rebecca

    This would be like living in a fish bowl. I couldn't do it. Just seeing it makes me all gittery. I hate the thought of people being able to see in my house.

  • Skedaddle

    Can Sara Jean move in?

  • TheGuy

    interesting… Wonder what it looks like at night.

  • D-Wiz

    is there even glass? half the people in the pic seem to be sitting off the edge of the building.. and ya i could live there, but my neighbours might hate me..

  • prostituteordaughter

    I think it would be awesome to live next door to a glass house. Especially if there's a very attractive person living in that house.

  • sarah

    couldnt do it.

  • herp de derp

    asians are wierd

  • James

    where is el bano?

  • JarikCBol

    People who live in Glass Houses; change clothes in the basement.

  • Capt. polock

    NO!!!!!!!!!!………no way could live like that lol

  • broseph stalin


  • Plschive

    Please Chive, don't you love us anymore? Why must you keep the scrolling advertisements? It is soooo frustrating! Make it stop, please!!

  • hahaPOOP

    that would be so handy. People would just see my massixe dookies instead of me telling about them!

  • coll dix

    the glare on their television must be out of control

  • mpisarski01

    What the f is wrong with the girls smile in #5

  • Keith

    Since it doesn't have a bathroom or a kitchen it meets neither the definition nor the building codes to be a house.

  • CraneTrina

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  • losir

    Confucius say: Man who lives in glass house must change in basement

  • bob

    I laughed when I notices a bank in a nearby town was being constructed of all glass. I knew the sun and super high air conditioning bills would make them sorry. I was right,,, after the first 6 months, they started putting up curtains. You know how hot a car gets in the sun, how hard it is to cool down, and how the upholstery fades? Think about something 1000 times larger! The novelty will wear off in 30 days, and curtains will be put up!

  • Guest

    It would have been even cooler if the floors, stairs and furniture were also made of glass. There is a house in Manhattan Beach, CA that has just that except for the furniture.

  • ChiEditer

    Not convinced this is a house meant to be lived in, even as crazy as Japanese pop culture can get. Tokyo can be seriously harsh in the winter, miserably hot in the summer. I don't see how this kind of house could even be really livable on an ongoing basis.

  • john doe

    Where is the toilet with glass plumbing so ppl can see my crap too?

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