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It’s Monday, you could use some motivation (26 Photos)

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  • Behemoth

    #26 isaac didnt notice the difference between her and his leather couch, he thought he was on her at home

  • Onceplustoo

    That'll be in my head for a while.


    #3 i'd wreck that
    #17 fucking hilarious

  • hazel

    #9 i would wax that if it was me, i would not show these off

  • prostituteordaughter

    I want a poster of #3 over my bed, or just next to it, or in it.

  • kev

    #29 Maybe Issac is too busy looking at her dickweed bush

  • Falthor

    #20 this is a game I'm more then willing to lose.

    • Marios145

      180degrees turn…now you're ready to play

      • Falthor

        well obviously that comes after she destroys you in game.

  • dirtysteve99

    #8 That cat will never run so fast….

  • jughead

    #1 shouldn't that fish be on a leash?

  • Average John

    #25 Then I took an arrow to the ass…..

  • Jammy

    I'd like to play with your uh…..XXX- box…

  • Mark Almighty

    #20. The definition of "winning" changes in this scenario.

  • isaac

    #26 is soo weird to me. why? well my name is isaac and i do own a xbox. yet i do like her boobs.

  • Jawbone

    #13 Just type "Fucking", you Battlestar faggot.

  • Atom

    #26, I have an XBOX for sale, cheap.

  • DrMa7moud

    #26. I guess its so easy to find someone other than issac who will

  • KillinTime

    #19 I've been saying they look like penguins for years. Even posted last time they had the pic up. Thanks chive for enlightening everyone.

  • G1880

    #26 is isaacs surname Hunt? As it would make sense.

  • HotBitch

    #13 must be a Gypsy/Irish Traveller. Woof.

  • Dru

    #26 For every beautiful woman there is one man sick of her shit. Just saying…


    # 25, Thank god he still has on his life jacket.

  • dahenkilla


    I'm Issac,

    I nicknamed her twat "X"

  • EODguy

    Whoever made #15 is an idiot. AR670-1 is an Army Regulation (hence the "AR" in the title). Those are Marines. I know quite a few of the latter who would be quite upset at this Herculean mistake.

  • aussie

    #13 Snog Marry Avoid?

  • gottaclimb

    #13. Oompa loompa, doompa dee do, I've got puzzle, especially for you…

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