Mind the gap (30 photos)

  • Aaron

    #8 Hottest gap ever. Can't see your face, but you do have beautiful lips!

  • Zappers

    I'm sad that the chive didn't (doesn't) post our VP comments… It's ok to express your opnion, but when he talks, it proves he has a gap between the ears…Life will not get better blaming others… VP grow a pair…

  • klayman

    #15 Thank you babe, but I'm turning 24… but I forgive you :)))

  • Sam


  • Me1

    #29 #30 Way to finish strong!

  • Kenny

    #5 If anyone was born to wear a thong it's you, please post!!!

  • Anothermuser

    Probably one of the best posts I´ve seen here…soooo many pretty things to look at :O

  • Marty

    #22 and #29 – Some of the best i've ever seen. FIND THEM CHIVE.

  • Alex

    #26 is amazing. legs crossed and still a beautiful gap

  • CanadianPiper

    #22 Nice bum where ya from

  • dkptig

    chiver editors.. you seem to think that gaps look best from the front. you are wrong. the whole appeal of the gap is how it looks through the back, with the hump, the legs, the whole womanly curvy features. from the front, its just literally a gap between their legs. thats not sexy, its the absence of ugly. the best way to view a gap is from behind, like so #5

  • Average_Joe123

    #26 Awesome

  • absure2

    #24 #30

  • tilleen

    #13 I can smell it from here

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