Oh Sh!t (31 photos)

  • Kyle

    #10 Chuck norris at 4?

    • Dan

      His parents should have their asses beat.

      • Godzilla

        For. . .?

        • tom baker

          being an idiot,,much like you..

      • thatguy

        Its a genetic disorder jerk

        • Corey

          His name is Giuliano Stroe. It's not a genetic disorder.

        • tom baker

          your a total idiot…

    • Hunter X

      Dickhead Dad at work there. He'll be so proud when Jr.'s 25 and disabled because his muscles bones and tendons all grew at a different rate and fucked him up. Doctors tell you not to do this shit for a reason- and it's not because they're jealous. That's not even talking about hoping he's not on steroids. The high school girls will really love an underdeveloped reproductive system.

    • Crystal

      Not real. Why are you all so dumb?

    • Gomer
      • rromero

        only because there is genetic condition condition that can make your body really muscular, doesn't mean that he has it!

        • edslerson

          This kid WAS on tv for that genetic disorder. Im pretty sure kids that young wouldnt even be able to gain that sort of muscle tone from just lifting weights.

    • Freaksngeeks

      No that can't be chuck, he would have had a beard by then

    • tom baker


  • jjs


    • Mr. Magoo

      #23 Snooki's baby

    • http://www.facebook.com/James.D24 James Dobry

      Chive, you really need to do something about these popup ads. There's a new one that keeps reloading.

  • jjs

    Hey look i was first sweet

    • RAY

      Close….but NO.

      • jjs

        well i was first and second so yes

      • jjs

        I also made the first post dumb ass.

        • jjs

          clearly there are a lot of me

    • jjs

      and I'm a douche.

      • DaddyD

        No one disagrees.

    • therealguy


  • Tying fg

    #1 the Chive and the Charlotte John blog are all I need. Oh shit!

    • winfields

      that's another reference to this Charlotte John Blog, what's up with that?

    • aussie aussie aussie

      waimea shorebreak in hawaii

  • etcrrr

    #14 I want this inside me and i dont mean my stomach.

    • mike

      i dont know how effective that mesh condom will be at protecting you…

    • Andy Valentine

      Echo…. echo… echo… echo

    • Panigale


    • SharpM1nd

      Hmm, let me know how that goes and don't forget the pictures.

    • the dude

      Come on over

    • MonkeyMadness

      Chipbuty is a dillweed.

  • etcrrr

    #18 I`d hit that.

    • Godzilla

      With a metal chair.

    • jerrybusey

      im guessing shes japanese

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      At least she'll be able to see what she's doing down there under the covers.

  • Just Sayin'

    #24 Yes please!

    • Ben

      I live in the town where this is… Fayettevilee, Arkansas. I'm not gonna lie. Its pretty awesome.

  • Smooth

    #13 yeah those guys ended up killing one of their work mates through "joking" around.

    • Smooth

      True story.

    • martlgn

      Sad but true, they also murdered an unarmed man sat in a car, Greater Manchester Police looking after us once more!

    • Woop

      It's all fun and games until someone gets a shot in the ass. Then they die.

  • juztan

    Where are the motivational pics?

    • Thing

      #5 Use the flamethrower, Windows! Burn it, Windows! Windows! Kill it!

  • tv_paul

    #6 Oh the Humanity, he's smoking the Hindenburg of Doobies!

    • liter of cola

      only way to meet god

  • etcrrr

    Where did i keep my medicines ??

    • stfu

      that's a good comment!

      • aussie aussie aussie

        yes!!!!! yes it is

  • Hottest

    the first thing I did this morning was take a shit.

    • mike

      as a fellow lover of mornings dumps…i applaud you.

    • carl

      i find nothing wrong with making a true statement, regardless of context.

    • Frank

      I start 99.43% of my days with a dump. I hate the uncertainty that comes with not taking a morning dump. "Well, am I gonna need to crap when I'm half way to work and stuck in traffic, or will it just wait until I'm in the 10:00 meeting with the company's most important client?"

      • haha

        I love ur very exact percentage, you've obviously kept very tight records Franky-

    • john

      Mine never moves till after my bran and figs

  • pickleman77

    #12 I have the weirdest burning sensation in my crotch….

  • tv_paul

    #15 New Olympic sport: synchronized sex doll swimming

    • derka-derka

      Swimmers cramp meet Blowers cramp.

  • DemonDan

    #6 Quit bogarting that thing and pass it!

  • Bob

    #32 Creepy.

  • http://twitter.com/Dignen @Dignen

    #32 That’s some scary shit.

  • pickleman77

    #18 Turn around Bright Eyes…

  • Boozer

    F-ing clowns man. Enough with the sketchy a$$ slowns! #32

    • Boozer

      * clowns…freak me out man honestly.

      • Alex_5280

        I'm tired of these mother fuckin clowns in these mother fuckin windows.

        But seriously, screw clowns.

  • Chalkinhard

    The first thing I did this morning was take a nice solid shit.

  • SomethingClever

    #10 made me frown at my gut…

    • http://www.facebook.com/brian.rosnick Brian Rosnick

      He won't get much taller which means any 6 foot scrawny kid can beat his ass.

  • Truth be told..

    I only read the first page of comments…sorry other pages

  • Ricky Ross

    #17 – And not a single fuck was given by that guy smashing her head in

    • julio

      Hope her dad/mom beats the piss out of the kid who did that. Yeah lets her face stuck in the cake while she's knocked out and can't breath…

      • Paul

        Hes lucky he didnt poke her eye out with a candle…THAT ASSHOLE!!!!!:@

        • mike

          it's a chick that smashes her head down. not a dude.

    • Idius

      *whisper* Ricky Spanish

      • Henry the pen

        lol dude, I just watched this episode of American Dad!

      • zoopilandia


    • Cupajo54

      The face of whoever pushed her face in the cake would so get introduced to the working end of my baseball bat several times for being such an a–hole!

    • DoubleDex

      Found the video. Think she's okay… maybe.

      • Kyle

        Best comment "I love how El Mexicano just sits there and eats cake"

    • XOXO

      He slammed her head down pretty hard, probably snapped her neck. Dead on her bday. Sad.

      • rromero

        is a she who slammed her face on the cake, I've seen this video before.

    • http://thechive.com LukeTheTerrible

      sociopath. no treatment for that, just lock them away.

  • Beast

    #21 The Glory Hole at Lake Berryessa… Utterly terrifying.

    • tv_paul

      Wow, I was going to make a joke about the glory hole/ berry ass/ ghost of Liberace or something and then I looked it up and your right it's the coolest drain video I've ever seen.

      • Beast

        As one youtube user so aptly puts it, "this is what happens when you divide by zero".

  • http://alwayscivil.blogspot.com BostonRugger

    #10 I've got veins, they carry blood all over my bady. That's how John Mayer would say it. Bady.

    • Optimus_prime

      I'm really into him right now. You'd better be okay with it!

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