Oh Sh!t (31 photos)

  • Name


    no, I'm not mad… you 'shopped?

  • Anonymous

    #30 what and were?

  • AndreLei

    #17 – not cool.

  • BRB

    Please tell me #16 is real.

  • https://www.facebook.com/colinlandies Colin Landies

    #10 yes im mad! thats super unhealthy for such a little guy, his parents shouldnt let him be weight training till hes like 14 or 15. he should work on being a little more like #29 if he wants to get fit.

  • Retired Navy

    #1 That's what happens when you P in the ocean. The ocean gets even! It's that or another godzilla F@rt just happened.

  • https://www.facebook.com/andrewhagood Andrew Hagood

    #24 I love that place!! SOOOOO good!

  • QQQQbatmansymbol

    how is #9 a fail?

    • still me

      i mean #8

  • HamiltonMathew

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