Roomate has a clever way of avoiding workouts (17 Photos)


  • MEC

    Gotta say, this boy sounds awesome. If looks were based on humor, I would officially bang him until he couldn't be bung anymore.

  • SpikenGB

    Lol as long as Drew can make up awesome excuses he has no need for the gym

  • Yamomzboyfriend

    Terrible writing skills! I would trust a doctor signature over this anyday! The next generation should be very worried!


    4 more hot & cool photos go to

    thank you

  • ScottishChiver

    because reasons

  • chito

    this is so gay. he could just say "No." instead of writing funny stuff every now and then.

  • Anonymous

    LOL! now I wanna see a pic of nate and drew!

  • acrilic_abyss

    this was fucking awesome!!!!!

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