Bizarre benches installed in Belgium (19 Photos)

Via Jeppehein

  • Desi



    • Losing Battle

      u knot knead due thiz

  • Todd T

    So they basically created benches useless in the name of "art"……. and probably cost at a minimum X5 what a fully functioning bench would cost. Fully paid by the government. What a cluster ……

  • Epic_Failure1

    some ass hat decided not only was this acceptable but was art. I call it a waste off time and materials

  • dian

    i'm sorry…this isn't designing…when i design, i follow one major rule…and that is, form follows function…these benches arn't practical at all thus to me, an epic design fail…it doesn't even look good.

  • bro

    dumbest shit i have ever seen

  • Kevin McCoy

    Scrolling through this post, all I can think of is "Aqualung" by Jethro Tull.

  • kona coffee

    I could see #14 breaking under the weight of some good American-sized butt.

  • Wes

    Just because your unique does not mean you are usefull.

    • Wes's mind


  • Master_Rahl

    #5 #18 WTF, you need a lego ass to be able to sit on these benches. I think I'll stand.

  • Gallus

    Yeah, sure, hip, interesting and all artsy & such. But impractical and uncomfortable.

  • donmo

    Dublin, Ohio Rec Center has similar benches outside along their walking/running path. they put them in 5 years ago. I wonder if it the same artist.

  • Parallendicular

    #13 That's a lawsuit waiting to happen.

    • Hrimfaxi

      Then we are lucky to have this in Belgium and not the US. People don't sue people for minor things like that here in Belgium.

      • Parallendicular

        "Minor Things" like children breaking their ankles because some artist thought it would be cool to have a public bench that is too high to safely sit in?


  • Mario

    They will be removed as soon as someone gets injured!

  • mrjmurguia11

    Enough with the damn pop ups. Fuck this is annoying.

  • Taco

    I appreciate.

  • Kiwichiver

    #15 is on top of Auckland Art Gallery in New Zealand.

  • PianoFingers

    OK, here goes:
    These benches are ART, not design. They're made not to try out different ways of sitting, but different ways of thinking. I mean, look at #3, and think of how you'd sit on a normal bench if someone already sat there. You'd make sure not to sit too close. Bench #3 states the fact that we tend to remain strangers to each other, even when we have an opportunity to get social. What does this mean for our society? for our way of dealing with life?
    Stop pestering this art exhibition with law suit hoaxes.

  • ChiveNewMexico

    #3, #4, #6, #8, #11, #12, & #14 would be pretty awesome to skateboard on


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  • Lars Jame

    Any Belgian chivers here?

  • TheGhost

    wanna such benches @ your local town? Legalize marijuana…. B)

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