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  • TheKid

    i'm sexy and i know it

    • DaddyD

      But you're the only one who does.

    • clint735

      that's sexual harassment! xD

    • Brian

      That song is fucking awful.

    • grog


  • eric


  • etcrr

    #15 Dad fail

    • H12

      fuck I laughed

    • hud

      comment fail

    • etcrrr

      Just like my dad.

    • Mr.Eff

      I dunno…that seems like it's teaching a pretty important life lesson.

      • thom

        Dad Fail,
        Internet win!

    • mbomb


  • Huh


    • rromero

      Doing this is like being a grammar nazi, nobody likes you!

      • Don

        who says, no one loves nazis?

  • hater

    #23. Thanks for the rhymes, MCA. RIP.

    • dashete

      At least Keanu will have a place to surf where he won't be bothered by Anthony Kiedis

      • Logicyup

        Either there is a joke I'm missing in that comment somewhere, or you're on crack. For right now at least, I'll vote crack.

        • dashete

          I think I am. I remember commenting on something entirely different. I think hater ninja'd me.

    • Dude Imbibes

      Agreed. Everytime I think about it, it just bums right the hell out again. F#$% cancer

      • Habsy

        You can say "FUCK CANCER" it is acceptable in this case

    • Steve

      RIP MCA, you will be missed

    • Holy Shit WTF

      R.I.P. MCA

      Free to download audio as well. Link is on bottom of the page.

      • Dude Imbibes

        Been playing the Fight for Your Right Revisited on a 24 hour loop since Friday

    • Craig

      Agreed. B-Boys were/are formative. Hall of Fame for certain. Hendrix, Elvis, Beastie Boys…. So influential,

    • Guest

      bestie boys sucked. so does everyone who likes them.

      • Hendo

        STFU up and go listen to your vanilla ice greatest hits douchebag. Even if you don't like the music, you gotta respect the legacy.

      • F.S.M.

        I agree fully. Just another example of white people stealing black culture (poorly). How many firefighters died that same day, or soldiers, or scientists? Stop worshiping celebrities, and start giving a shit about people who actually make a difference.

  • Awesome little boy.

    #2 "……….ruuuuuuuuun!"

    • dirtypetenz

      Clever girl…

    • Logicyup

      Silly raptor, don't you know wearing jeans will slow you down.

    • thedude325

      If you look very closely, you can see the raptor is fake.

  • JimmyBoPeep

    #9 Ha! Trolling to the max.

    • Jimbozo

      Greg T the frat boy from the Elvis Duran show did this first. Total troll. Told people they won an iPad on air an sent them an eye pad. Elvis had to buy them real iPads. This person probably didn't.

    • XOXO

      Totally something my brother would do.

    • Stick

      This is the new version of the 'Toy Yoda'.

    • https://www.facebook.com/amy.wygle Amy Wygle

      This is my picture. It actually was my bday present this year. She even weighted it with rolls of pennies. Sneaky devil.

  • ryan


    • Dave


  • 650

    Where are the titties???

    • 650

      haters gonna hate, but there's an obvious lack of sweater meat (big or small, but hold the silicone) in this DMA

      a guy needs balance!

      • http://twitter.com/McBeastie666 @McBeastie666

        if you're having trouble finding titties on the internet than there is little hope for you. and sweater meat? you've never touched a real boob have you?

        • morebeer

          If you're having google problems I feel bad for you son__I got 99 problems but a titty search ain't one…hit me

    • etcrrr

      On my chest.

    • jack of all trades

      Sometimes it's nice to see new pictures on here. If you are looking for boobs, just wait, there will be 8 more galleries to look at. Also, try other websites.

    • 650

      Bright, witty, and original! Half you invalids fail to grasp an idea; instead you'd rather just jump on the bandwagon and stroke each other. Save your reparté for the Low Country Boil Debate Club – you might manage the third place ribbon next time.

      • A BiPolar Guy

        A man does need balance. You seem to have lost yours. Go and return when you have regained it.
        You will be welcome, prodigal.

        • 650

          If you wanted to talk down to someone/something, you could've saved some time, unzipped your skirt, and yelled at that disaster you call a penis for disappointing the only two women who've seen it (one being your mom, the other your sister – you know, the only person in your family capable of growing a mustache).

  • Sean

    #23 Damn I wish I could have seen Beastie Boys live. RIP MCA

    • Kyle

      They were awesome live!

      • Joe Mamma

        Agreed. I was lucky enough to see them. They blew me away…..and I had low expectations.

    • Joe

      I saw them at the Bill Graham in SF about 5-6 years ago. One of the best concerts I've ever been to!

    • Macro

      Was fortunate enough to see them live in Toronto. Badass show!

  • Trav1121

    #11 Truer words have never been spoken. Honest Abe is honest.

    #20 XD I would almost be tempted, just to see where he wanted me to go…

    • Logicyup

      #20 Pretty sure I have one of those guys inside my gps controlling it. Finally stopped listening to it, got sick of having to flag down cops to figure out where the hell I was. Then again, it aint a road trip without a few u-turns and some adventure.

    • sadman

      Careful with Mr. Lincoln, he was adamant that the Bible should be read in it's entirety, every year by everyone. This is an answer to a divisive political attack trying to separate Catholic voters from Protestant voters. It is not a view of relativism that rationalizes self indulgent behavior.

      Quick! Thumb me down for injecting reality under this layer of justification for your lifestyle.

      • tonyd

        fuck you… I like my lifestyle

  • Duh.

    #15 "..and that's the story of why daddy is sleeping on the couch forever"

    • etcrrr

      My daddy also took me on wet lap rides ,in our basement.

  • kapp


  • Mhm.

    #16 Arnold: Try it bitch..

    Predator: Clickakakaaka

    • Swen


      Arnold: Come at me, Bro.

      Predator: Uh, no.

  • So it goes

    #23 God Speed Adam

  • etcrr

    #27 laugh everytime I see this and I keep going back to see it and laugh some more

    • etcrrr

      Stop embarrassing us with such sad stories about not having a life. The goat is waiting.

      • http://twitter.com/McBeastie666 @McBeastie666

        you're so much worse than the person you're trolling.

    • Oscar Meyer


    • daveh873

      Way to recover, Buck!
      Go O's!

      • MattyBoh

        How bout dem O's hon!

        • RRR

          Got pounded by Texas

  • C_Bush

    #15 So I threw it on the ground!

  • phoenixpwns

    #9 Don't you hate it when you get trolled by your sister?

  • Martin

    #16 – Get to da choppa!!!

    • Count Chocula

      #5 "Kemo Sabe's going have some flavor. I'm going to choose not to eat with you. I'd like to recharge my batteries, and shut down the engines, and get myself back to neutral."

  • joe

    #23 R.i.p. Adam!

  • dashete

    #16 "Is Carl Weathers around? I wanted to shake his hand too…. ooh, never mind"

    • thom

      You dunce, that is Whoopi Goldberg.

  • Jordan

    Mmmmmmm panckes

  • haha

    #29 "You have no idea i'm shitting on your dishes :D"

  • MattKL

    #30 I'd see that movie.

    • http://whatmovieshouldiwatch.wordpress.com/ mhuard5

      it'd be the only way to top the start that The Avengers has had.

      • iheartboobs

        Spoiler alert: Batman wins!

        • pingas


        • http://twitter.com/theterryburke @theterryburke

          I dunno. Batman wont kill. Everyone else in this list has no problem killing people. I'd have to say Maximus or King Leonidas

          • http://www.facebook.com/cory.colvin.7 Cory Colvin

            Maximus hands down!

          • elbruces

            Jungle terrain = Rambo wins.

            • Caleb

              And guns.

        • MAX

          batman normally gets his ass kicked and then comes back later and wins, after extensive research into the person/people he is fighting, and then would have a moral dilemma over killing them. but that's not hating on batman. that's fact.

          • Moke

            Well keep in mind. If you have read the books the hunger games have been won with people who wait it out an have the best survival. Depending on the arena that is chosen. I think bear grills has a high chance. Assuming what he does on tv isn't fake haha. So batman could also easily win. You don't have to win with attack.

        • BHern

          Nah it'd be a close contest between batman and rambo–both are highly trained. Batman has a major advantage in combat and sneaking but rambo will kill and is more specifically trained for the jungle. It'd be close but one of them would win. It would come down to who makes a mistake first. The others don't have diverse enough training–some are bad ass fighters but without a weapon/survival training/any ability to sneak around quietly they'd fail quickly. Being a bad ass fighter like Leonidas won't help for d*ck without a sword in the jungle–Rambo would pop up out of the mud behind him and snap his neck.

        • Anon

          Achilles would beat anyone who had a sword in that. If someone with a gun doesn't win it would be him. He is the best of the best.

          • MJKIVP

            I concur Anon…

            • Matt

              Given that Achilles has at LEAST the battle skill of anyone else on the list, PLUS being 99% invulnerable, its his game. Pretending otherwise only reveal fan bias. Add Thor and you'd at least have a viable opponent for Achilles, and one hell of a melee.

              But I'd love to see Hit Girl versus Beatrix Kiddo–that would be one AWESOME battle.

          • techno_viking

            You must have never seen Madmartigan. A true magician with the sword…

        • Nate

          I don't know man, we've got quite a collection of badasses here (of which Katniss is the weakest, she'd just crawl in a corner and cry :D). Achilles, for example, is freaking immortal, he just has get better boots :-D…

        • Kuma

          Hawkeye son bats is over rated. Actually all of DC is over rated.

    • ChodeLauncher

      Lifted from 9gag

    • waryee

      does bear gryillus get his camera crew and hotel night stays?

      • http://twitter.com/Exile714 @Exile714

        Does Batman get his gadgets? Duh, of course he gets the camera crew and hotel night stays, that's pretty much his super-power in a nutshell.

        • waryee


    • Goldmember

      Bear Grylls would win, just sitting in some corner eating feces and drinking piss.

    • iknownothing

      Sean Bean would die, probably lose his head or something. I wonder who would ally with who at the beginning?

      • Gbiscuit

        The girl from Kickass would ally with the guy who looks like her daddy, Achilles and Conan would form a loose alliance to compete for glory. Xena and Maximus hook up.

        • Yahoo503

          Maximus wouldn't hook up with Xena, hes to loyal to his wife.



    • Captain Marvel

      The Internet needs to rally and make this an actual thing.

    • aussie aussie aussie

      bbbbbbooooooorrrrrrriiiinnnnggg…….next please

    • drwar41

      who ya got? I got king leonidas winning

    • AmBush_Steve

      Should have pitted Brad against Angelina. Wasted opportunity there.

      • lives in Japan

        already happened.mr. and mrs smith.

    • Justin

      Rambo would win easily.

    • Mathius

      …Chuck Norris!?!?!?

      • Chris

        That was my first thought. Chuck Norris is an obvious answer.

      • Dan

        Not included because then the winner would be obvious.

      • HGChivette


    • The Chird

      Pity Battle Royale is a better movie. Period

      • Dan

        The Running Man makes Battle Royale look dumb.

    • Tatts

      Not the most popular answer but that fight comes down to Elektra and Alice. Elektra is a MAGIC ASSASSIN and Alice is a telekenetic the likes of the Phoenix. Everyone else in there is a normal human. If you pulled those two everyone else is on "level" playing ground.

      Yes, Batman would absolutely win if he would kill but as he won't and gets no gadgets, he's screwed. To the fans that say he'd "find a way to beat the entire game without killing anyone", seriously stfu.

      There's a whole bunch of folks in that list who are just fodder sadly.
      Indiana Jones & Lara Croft are worthless unless there's a tomb with booby traps.
      Bear Grylls and Katniss may hold out for a while, but a few fires will run them into the other much more powerful adversaries.
      Ripley, Aowyn and Sarah Connor better hope for aliens, terminators, or a forsaken to fight otherwise they're worthless.

      Everyone else has a fighting chance save Sean Bean, he dies in romantic comedies.

      • batmanwins

        soooo batman wins… cool.

      • tag

        Achilles isn't a normal human, so your analysis needs some work, among other things.

        I'd go for Bear Grylls. Smart, knows how to survive, SAS trained, etc. Most of the others radiate their aggression and power, but his relative humbleness would be a strong point.

        • Tatts

          This is preposterous.

          First off, the Brad Pitt Achilles was portrayed as a normal human. If you want to get into the multiple background lines that aren't in the movies above we could debate all day which I won't.

          Secondly, Bear Grylls is the only guy who can compete with Sean Bean for "First Bleeding". Saying "my analysis needs some work" and then voting for Bear is the stupidest thing I've ever heard. "Relative humbleness", did you really say that? How in god's name is this a benefit in an event where the masterminds create forest fires and mythical beasts just to drive you towards your opponents? He can't hide forever or even an extra day.

          He is SAS trained though, you're right! Luckily the SAS is totally up on their training with swords, spears and archery as the Hunger Games didn't provide guns. Anyone SAS trained would easily beat the likes of Leonidas, Achilles, Conan, Hawkeye, Rambo, Beatrix, Miho, Hit Girl and Black Widow when they are minus any firearms. Yeah, he's got a better chance of them dying of heart disease simultaneously.

          Saying a real person could defeat a fictional hero is just plain stupid as heroes are written outside the human scope. They are strong, smart, confident, defiant and LUCKY at levels that are not humanly possible.

          Even if you pull out all the fiction I think you're left with I believe just Bear Grylls, King Leonidas and William Wallace and without firearms, he doesn't even come in second.

      • hotsauce101

        Thank you! Somebody else gets it.

        The super powers sort of trump "badass".

        The only regular folk who have any sort of a chance are Black Widow, who does have some powers, Batman, due to gadgets, and Achilles due to the possibility of only having one weakness.

        Ultimately it comes down to Elektra versus the fairly obvious victor, Alice, who may as well be a mix of Superman and Professor X.

        This isn't about coolness… It's about who has the most ridiculous super powers. Get rid of the mutants/superpowers and you've got a much more interesting mix.

    • Balorati

      Katniss would go down early…along with Bear Grylls

    • Holy Shit WTF

      $20 on John "Fuckin" Rambo.. any takers.

    • Don Rickles

      Determining the winner is simple. None of these contestants are supernatural in any way, just gifted. All of them have shown themselves to be able to overcome being heavily outnumbered (Beatrix), powerful aliens who bleed acid (Ripley) and even metal killing machines from the future (Sarah Conner). But only one has been able to go toe to toe with the most powerful being in the universe (Superman) and come away alive: Batman. Batman wins.

    • Juan

      what about all the dinosaurs? the raptors are clever girls…

      [IMG ]http://i48.tinypic.com/2el8hhl.jpg[/IMG]

      • xanna

        They'd take a few people out but are not contestants and therefore cannot be 'winners'

    • TheSpeedofCandy

      Round ONE:

      Batman vs Hitgirl: Batman would not be able to hit a little girl. Hit Girl is freaked out that he is dressing up like her dad. Calls him daddy? Batman is thrown off guard. Responds with a course “I'mnotyurfather!” with his cancer-voice. Hit Girl Rages out, and has no problem shooting him in his mouth. Hit Girl wins.

      Indy Vs. Eowyn: Indy wins. Guns.

      Rambo Vs. Electra: Rambo wins. Rambo always wins.

      Bear Grylls vs Ripley. Bitch please, Riply kicks his ass.

      Braveheart vs Black Widow: Again. Guns. And Mel Gibson has never seen a woman that hot in his life. And he would be drunk anyways.

      Maximus Vs Beatrix Kiddo: Beatrix, better training and he would not be expecting a woman who can fight. But it would be close.

      Ned Stark vs. Xena: Ned stark isn't even the best swordsman in Westeros. Xena kills Gods. Xena wins.

      Hawkeye vs. Alice: Hawkeye shoots her from afar. Hawkeye wins.

      Aragorn vs Lara Croft: Lara Croft has guns. in direct battle, Croft. If Aragorn uses Ranger skills to sneak attack, he would win, but he is too honorable, and therefore dumb.

      Leonidas Vs Hunger Games chick: Katniss shoots arrows at Leonidas whilst he is unaware. Hits him in shoulder. He blocks the rest with his sheild, rushes towards her (in the shade). Leonidas Sparta-Kicks her into a T-rexs mouth, screaming THIS IS JURASSIC PARK! (while the jurassic park theme music rises in the background) Leonidas Wins, but is injured.

      Conan Vs Miho. Conan by far. Conan kills her, crushes his enemies, sees them driven before him, and to hears the lamentation of their women.

      Achilles vs Sarah Connor. Sarah Connor unloads on him, does nothing, he stabs her, she sets off a bomb that kills his foot. They both die. Draw.

      Round TWO:

      Hit Girl Vs Indiana Jones: Hit girl is better trained, better armed and a better shot. Indy would hesitate to hit a little girl. Hit girl gets the drop on him, kicks his ass. Hit Girl wins.

      Rambo Vs. Ripley: Rambo. Ripley is badass, but lacks the warriors mentality. Rambo would hunt her down while she is trying to escape, since that's her main motivation through pretty much all of her movies. Rambo wins.

      Black Widow Vs. Beatrix: Chick fight of the ages. In the mud. During a thunderstorm. The winner? The audience. Black widow tries to play off preconceptions of her as a tiny, hot girl. Beatrix is having none of that shit. Beatrix killed hundreds of asians, including cute, crazy Gogo Yubari. Black widow got bitch slaped by the hulk once and sat in a corner hiding. Beatrix Wins.

      Xena Vs. Hawkeye: Hawkeye shoots exploding arrow at Xena. Xena A-Ya-ya-ya's, throws her stupid flying disk thing at the arrow, it blows up in front of Hawkeye. Sends him flying. She kills him while he is down.

      Lara Croft Vs Leonidas: Leonidas throws his spear at her. She dodges sideways, but it grazes her boobs. She shoots leonidas. He continues rushing at her. She shoots him more. More rushing. She empties her clips, he finally goes down and dies. She is injured, and out of ammo. And being hunted by raptors. noise+blood=raptor bait. Lara Croft wins, but dead by raptors.

      Conan has no opponent, gets a pass to the next round

      Round THREE:

      Hit Girl vs Rambo: Rambo could not care less about Hit girl being a tiny little bitch. They are both equally dangerous and lethal. Rambo is bigger and stronger. Therefore, Rambo wins.

      Beatrix Kiddo Vs Xena: Catfight round 2. Xena has a lesbian fantasy starring Kiddo. Allows Kiddo to get the drop on her. Beatrix Kiddo leaps at her, tries to cut her head off. A god stops Xena from dying, because the gods ALWAYS stop xena from dying. Xena kills kiddo. Xena wins.

      Conan Vs. No one, Conan gets a pass. While the fighting is happening, Conan kills a T-rex for the hell of it. Makes a cape out of its hide.


      Threeway battle for victory

      Rambo Vs. Xena Vs. Conan.
      By now Rambo has run out of bullets, and is relying on his good ol' bow and arrow combo. It does very little to affect Xena, as she can cut the arrows out of the air. Conan just grabs them and laughs. Xena and Conan engage in an epic sword battle of the ages, neither of them gaining an advantage. Rambo sneaks up behind Xena, stabs her in the back. Conan kills Rambo for being a coward and not fighting like a true warrior. A God comes down to bring Xena back to life. Conan kills the god, because fuck you he's Conan the Goddamn Barbarian, that's just how he rolls.


      • onethirdjewman

        My money is on Black Widow. If she died I'd just be too depressed for the rest of the competition.

      • Checkmate

        Bear Grylls wins.

        Why? All the others are f*cking actors.

      • Xanna

        You're doing it wrong, the men and women paired together wouldn't be fighting each other first because they'd be from the same district and therefore have a default alliance of sorts. The winner's entire district gets rewarded, so if you can't win you at least want the other person from your district to.

    • Lyin King

      I think Batman or Rambo would win because ultimately they both excel in skilled survivalist while also having a detailed knowledge of primitive trapping tactics which would be the game changer.

      If all these people go into a death match like hunger games. both Batman and Rambo would avoid direct conflict as a strategic imperative to save energy and resources.

      Rambo would find high ground and booby trap. Batman would do about the same if not being constantly mobile.

      I'm under the impression that all others with exception of Indy Jones would go looking to fight.

    • Justin

      Rambo would shoot everyone, even batman, in the eye with an incendiary arrow

    • zgriffin22

      the end fight would be achilles shouting "is there no one else" as he strikes down conan. while leonidas sparta kicks bear grylls off a huge cliff, just to be shot seconds later by a fury of arrows from Katniss. Hawkeye and rambo would blow eachother up with their exploding arrows. Sarah connor, ripley and blackwidow would be in perpetual firefight. elektra would be fighting the bride and xena and everyone else would be dead. at the hands of Hit Girl.
      all while maximus is screaming "Are you not entertained?"

    • cindy b

      Xena would win hands down.

    • AussieChivette

      Ned Stark would lose because he's too honourable. And trusts people who say "you shouldn't trust me".

      Also, because he's played by Sean Bean.

    • Xanna

      In the Hunger Games no one goes in with anything other than the clothes on their backs. The clothes are given to them and everyone is wearing something comparable. There are supplies provided but you go after them at your own risk and might not get anything that you know how to use. So half the battle is getting tools you need.

      That said I'd put my money on either Sarah Conner because she is well suited for survival situations where the enemy is tougher than her. Or Black Widow because she can hide when she needs to and play wicked head games to create false alliances.

  • Trav1121

    As far as the KCCO/BFM Thursday re-release goes, if Shopify shits the bed again, I am gonna have to burn down the internet. You have be pre-warned…

    • Hugh

      Good luck Trav.

      FYI other Aussie chivers, the sale starts (and ends) at 5 am on Friday morning.


      #17 – look at all these studs – bet the ladies were wet long before the dock collapsed

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