Daily Morning Awesomeness (30 Photos)

  • Jack

    #20 I like the George Carlin reference.

  • Steve



  • CoachTSB

    #11 what is the origin of what's defined as "good" or "bad"? Someone, somewhere had to decide what is right and what is wrong. Food for thought…or not.

  • Super mario

    #13 mother of god

  • Super mario

    I meant #30….mother of god

  • Elia

    #30 Aw, he'd win, he's invincible, but she's badass, but, wait, he's invinc… but she's clever. And he lived against all odds… I have to see it now.

  • joey b

    #30 Bear wins it

  • Anonymous

    # 17 Is that Eli Manning? #30 Conan!

  • Captain12pk

    #17 Is taht Eli Manning?
    #30 Conan FTW

  • sid206


    Challenge Accepted!

  • spencer

    It would end between leonidas, rambo, and gladiator. i would definitely go see that movie!

  • Eagleheart

    It Would Actually Be Worth Seeing, Not Mind Numbingly Dull

  • Coop

    Where's chuck Norris?

  • ThePV

    #30 Sean bean would not make it

  • Solaralien

    #30 U 4got Chuck Norris & Jet Li

  • Justin

    #30, And Chuck Norris showed up and round house kicked them all in the head and he wins.

  • RettB

    #17. I'd like to point out that the guy on the left who caught his girlfriend and saved her from falling in the lake totally just sealed the deal. He definitely got laid that night

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