Get low, get dirty, and have yourself a good time (35 Photos)

  • true story

    #35 hot

    • kryvian

      agreed. XD

      • Poco


        • Kyle

          Your gf's house.

          • Mr. H

            and the weirdest boner, ever…

    • hebrew_hammer

      That awkward moment when your scrolling a web page and you come across a picture of your little sister…..

    • Vent187

      I've said it before and I will say it again, check out the "black is beautiful post" jackoff. Plus there was an Asian post yesterday douche bag.

  • etcrr

    #10 what's not great about this? This is great !!

    • etcrrr

      This comment is so clever that its very clever.

      • fuckstan

        ^ I like this guy. Thanks for doing the dirty work that must be done, but no one else wants to do.

    • shitstan

      This idiot really is an idiot.

      Do you ever proof read something and think to yourself, "wow, that doesn't sound nearly stupid enough, I better dumb that down or people might start thinking I have a brain."


    • @K_Lian_D

      YAY LFL!

  • etcrr

    #1 It's a trap!

    • dashete

      That comment would've been better for #14

    • Justin

      I have a strong feeling she's underage, but if she isn't FIND HER!

      • etcrrr

        Hello fellow desperate pedo.

    • Happy Canuk

      She is absolutely gorgeous, please find her….PLEASE FIND HER!!!!!!

      • Alex

        Gorgeous indeed, Find!

    • yherth


  • Adam

    #14 Would wife.

    • Red One

      Say it with me now…
      "I'd like to fire a torpedo down her exhaust port…"

      • *dash*

        i was thinking more "stay on target, stay on target"

    • Edd

      you want to marry a 16 yr old filipino boy???

      • O.Bama

        It's legal in New York now, apparently.

      • Al Rite

        Agreed probably a boy

        • PunkInDrublic

          Not a boy, actually. A very lovely SuicideGirl, in fact.

    • macs scumstache

      gross, tttoos, probalby has AIDS, but chive would make fun of that

      • fyjr

        macs scumstache, I truly hate you and your stupid opinions. Normally I'm glad people have their own opinions, but yours are just ignorant and stupid. Stop, just stop everything you do.

        • macs scumstache

          it's satire.

          do you not remember the chive's post, it's friday and you don't have AIDS? very insensitive

          • Ron Swanson

            Your mother is a whore… no satire… just bacon…

    • jon

      I'd make a run on her trench to the thermal port.

  • yup

    second or something

    • DaddyD

      Something = hopeless idiot

  • jabbadabooty

    #26 is there someone sitting on a chair guarding the door?

    • moX

      Where is that magical place?

      • Gary

        Research & development room at the Tampax plant.

        • Gary

          Thats wrong, and I'm sorry…I can't delete it though.

  • millie


    • Fall

      Ha! Stupid fuck!

  • Logicyup

    #29 Dude, no… just no.

    • etcrrr

      My friend likes to do that to me too. His name is Stan.

  • Me!

    #16 I want you to be my wife

  • Me!

    #30 hahaha

    • Token Black Chiver

      I literally laughed out loud

      • Billy

        I literally laughed out loud at your name………..

  • Me!

    #32 dont mind if i do

  • Me!

    #33 thats what she said

    • she

      that's what

  • Me!

    #35 i've always liked doggy style…wait huh?

    • etcrrr

      Wait till you see a pic of me with my Goat.

      • Billy

        Grow the fuck up…………….

        • Really?

          If you're over 12 and you still go by "Billy" as opposed to Bill or William, you may want to heed your own advice.

      • Matt Gabrielson

        Fail troll.

      • a fan of Paula

        There is only one Paula, and your not even close.
        So stop trying, it's pathetic.

        • Ralphie

          your = you're

  • manny


    so that's why they fold at the end?

    • jack of all trades

      Drinking a water bottle will never be the same…

    • PanchoSV

      Rule 34. No exceptions.

  • dbp1211

    #25…I need to meet this woman

    • carl

      yeah, it's fun for a couple of times but then you just want her to shut up. Trust me on this one.

      • Dan

        Just. Read an article saying a guy in Germany ran away from a nympho he met on the bus, she was forcing him into 36 hours of sex, he eventually ran away and was seen naked on he street crying

    • Ispeakchive

      It seems that the people on levels 3,4 &5 haven't been doing it right.

  • dashete

    #9 Try not to kill an old lady with those.

    • Tripp

      This kid needs a little more abuse at home

    • Ispeakchive

      See my nipples and fear me

    • Idius

      Plunger boobies!

      American Dad is an awesome show… I love you Chive for giving me opportunities to quote it on your website

  • passwordistaco

    #14 Stay on target…………

    • Andy Valentine

      Trench run? Yes please.

      • JG Marine

        It's a TRAP!

  • Erik

    #25 jealous much??? Obviously this girl is having a great time unlike ppl on lvl 3&5

    • dirtysteve99

      Nah, she's just being ignorant, and likely an attention ho too!

      • yup

        Or maybe you have just been doing it wrong all this time….

  • carl

    #23 so gross

    • Token Black Chiver

      I'm hoping that's another girls mouth we're viewing from the inside

    • LukeTheTerrible

      Either way, they need a dentist.

    • hark1985

      Yeah they need the dentist chick from DAR yesterday.

    • itsashleybro

      agree, this kind of ruined my life.

  • BuckersAZ

    #14 Yup…Locked my x-foil in attack position

  • iheartboobs

    Anyone else find #23 disturbing?

    • etcrrr

      Fap Time !

    • RedRaiders

      somebody needs a toothbrush desperately

  • Yamomzboyfriend

    ##35 Skippy! #19 Fuckin Hilarious! #14 My tongue would be the shot right at that open spot to blow that Death Star wide open!

  • Sean

    Am I… missing something here?



      • Turrebo

        I already did. Btw you might want to check your Caps-lock key, it seems to have stuck. I don't wish to imagine what the cause could be.



  • DrMa7moud

    #10 strange how the guy in the green shirt isnt looking

    • Lt HELI

      Strange how you're looking at the guy in the green shirt.

    • RAY

      That's because he's checking out the guy in the suit.

  • TylerG_76

    #14 "That's no moon." xD

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