Get low, get dirty, and have yourself a good time (35 Photos)

  • Master_Rahl

    #11 Thar he blows…

  • Master_Rahl

    #12 Take some advice from Wesley Snipes, always bet on black

  • Master_Rahl

    #17 Three dog night INDEED!

  • Verbal_Kint

    #2 Yeah, probably…

  • irish-traveler

    #14 "weve only got one shot at this its a small opening about two diameters wide" haha

  • Ariel


    I will never drink water the same again

  • Ted's head

    #25 Hater's gonna Hate

  • M4jestic

    #35 … may god have mercy upon you

  • des troyer

    #14… starwars AND an evangelion tattoo… find her.. she must be mine

  • Camarodude1987

    #15 wtf that appears to be from Postal the movie, but I don't remember that. Is there a sequel out or something? Someone please tell me!

  • Michael Piterniak

    #14 where's the rest of her?! Must have MOAR!

  • apollo

    #1 YOU MUST FIND HER!!!!

  • Gallus

    #14 – Star Wars nerd level ridiculous.

    #16 – Good, positive attitude. She deserves a nice dinner out.

  • Anonymous

    #14 hands down coolest star wars tat ive ever seen

  • Joseph Pannoni

    I think your all missing the point #14 has an Evangelion tattoo. Find her please.


    You should choke on a dick and die… Please? Stop polluting our favorite site and get a fucking hobby you prick…

  • Ur stupid

    Haha. What a loser. Couldn't imagine how sad it must be living in that world of his. Do much anger. Can't enjoy the precious things in life. Like laughter and freedom of the Internet. Loser.

  • Max

    #32….is that from the Trib? ….Greensburg?

  • chode

    you're racist, don't be racist

  • Hanks

    On behalf on all of my fellow chivers….blow all that bullshit out your ass douche bag.

  • 2BR02B

    Ok, the ads on The Chive for iPhone using Safari as the browser (my preference)- I could stand them when I could exit them one time, even though they were often difficult to exit even with my tiny fingers… But this continually popping up (over 25 times scrolling this page alone) shit is pissing off a very loyal Chivette to the point where looking at my fave site is more like a chore than the pleasure intended. Please repair. I can only be patient so long! Thanks!

  • Noo nooo

    upon further investigation its your fault they did that

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