• Andyrew711


    • Bud

      I wanted to hate this so bad but I just couldn't do it.

  • Chris


    • Josh

      Look second to me. FAIL. SUCK AT LIFE.

  • GernBlansten

    One day, one of these chuckleheads will run for president, and we can ensure they fail with this video…..

    • mid13

      Some of the guys at the US Naval Academy did one..Needless to say, whoever runs for president will have a video of them self doing this.

    • CapnRon

      By that philosophy, in 20 years no one will be eligible for president or any office because of photos and videos on facebook/youtube. I thought it was hilarious, especially the 9th guy sitting in the back corner pretending to be asleep.

      • GernBlansten

        You are assuming that everyone is as enamored with posting every last detail of their lives on the internet as you are.

        Is it solipsistic in here or is it just me?

  • Paula_

    Not getting it; what's this meow; Chivers on a road trip?

    I wouldn't know; but this doesn't look like something hetrosexuals would do.

    – the one you love

    • bewbz

      stop using semicolons so much. Sweet jesus.

      • Paula_

        You'd rather have me working on your colon?

        – Fan testimonial: "does this bitch really write down comments people have said about her? LMAO. – George Costanza"

        • Paulaisacunt

          paula shut the fuck up

    • Mike

      "hetrosexuals" ?

      Should've bought another vowel there, P. 🙂

    • Stephanie

      "doesn't look like something HETROsexuals would do". YOU mean heterosexuals stupid. So I guess your 'hetrosexuals' don't know how to spell either, since this is something that HETROSEXUALS can do right? Thank God my English teacher was gay.

  • the_mike

    Dude in the middle center punched the van roof too hard rehearsing this.

    • Girl

      haha thought the same thing until watching the vid for the 3rd time…realized he had a cast on…if i were him i would've been like 'bitch please'

  • Chivette3000

    Don't hate, the dork factor is kinda hot.

    • Bud

      Chicks love baseball players. It's just science.

      • Skylar Ray Young

        Lol! Pure science.

    • hen

      Team Work

  • LiseyRae

    Love it! haha

  • xzapato


  • Lil John

    That's… actually pretty funny.

    • Mattman

      Yea, not gonna lie.. I openly laughed at parts of it

  • neal

    waiting for the sleeping guy to have a part the whole song…

    • why

      but it never came

      • Aoi

        That's because he's going to be our future president.

    • @Onoku

      Yeah, he missed out.

    • Betsy

      I think his part was being sung about by his team mates. it was adorable

    • MJ Chivette

      I really like how it looked like he was getting serenaded at the beginning 🙂

    • Tyler Alexander Fochtman

      ^—- wut he said…

  • Mikey

    This is what never being told "no" in life get's you.

    • Guy

      Gets you where? cause last time i checked, that was the HARVARD baseball team. idiot.

    • 66muds99

      Are you that ignorant to think that these kids are overly spoiled? If anything, parents of kids who make it into Harvard say no – to anything besides school work – way too much. Stop being brainwashed by Fox News and use some common sense or you'll continue to be stupid.

      • Skylar Ray Young


  • Brady

    Quit hating, this is funny.

  • BOOM!

    That dance is still better than what most of you could pull off.

    • Mark Loehrer

      Wanna bet?

      • BOOM!

        Cats named Mark can't dance.

        • Nice

          Best come back ever–^

          • Jamie

            hahahahahahahahahaha ^^^^

  • Baseball Fan

    Not going to hate. Boring bus rides make you do strange things. Might explain why they are 12-30 this year.

    • @Onoku

      Maybe they should have spent more time at BP and less time having inpromptu dance parties.

  • Mike M. Leska

    I've never heard that song before this, and I'm wishing I could still say that I haven't.

    • Definitely

      You love it and you know it.

  • tyanger

    Must have lost a bet.

    • Paul from the gump

      no baseball players are just fucking strange. I think it comes from all the sitting around.

  • I heart etcrr

    that dude is not sleeping, he still wants to date girls once this video comes out.

    • cha cha chewey

      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^Comment of the day!

    • hello please

      Yes, because the girls always go for the sleeping guy in shades. They don't ever show an interest in the guys goofing off and having fun.

    • Shawn

      all of those guys are either going to A) be drafted into MLB or B) graduate from HARVARD.

      Either scenario, they turn out fine and probably have dibs on the female population.

  • KooKooKachoo

    That shit is funny!

  • Anna Gerbozy

    baseball boys ❤

  • mikeyyyyyyyy

    so ghey……… sidenote: we killed them back in 1996 when they were top 25 div 1 team. sad highlight of my life.

  • Undershooter30

    Coming from someone who played college baseball this is pretty "normal." We have waaaaay too much time on our hands on roadtrips.

    • Shad

      amen to that. played college ball as well. away games were brutal/awesome. some of the best memories during away games.

  • Allie Ross

    I'm in love!

  • mipo2010

    Zuckerberg could market this and make a shitload of money then not give any to the team or the girl who wrote it

  • Mikey

    Steroids much?

  • burn bra chivette

    Sexy baseball boys + brains + ability to make an idiot out of yourself = a satisfied chivette. Well done boys. Call me maybe?

    • hello please


    • Ryan

      Shut the fuck up you slag

      • dave

        really? your gunna go on everyones favorite website and trash talk. ha get real.

      • ; P

        holy cow this Ryan guy is just waiting to sh1t in cheerios!!!

        Maybe if you heard what burn bra chivette was saying you might have more luck with the ladies because its obvious you are very VERY alone.

    • derp

      i can actually understand this. it's basically my style 😀

    • Danielle


    • Anonnymouse

      Agreed. There is nothing better than someone who is sexy (whatever your version of sexy is) and has no problem making an ass of themselves. A sense of humor is a sign of intelligence.

    • _McCool_

      I see what you did there …

    • patov40

      burn bra chivette, thank you, and the rest of the chivettes liking this post, for restoring my faith in the young women of today. Also, someday hoping to shake one of these guys' hands and say, "Enjoyed your YouTube video senator!" B-)

      • TJD7189

        At least that would explain why nothing gets done in Congress.

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