I hate my job (28 Photos)

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  • Erect

    #7 only happens when scumbags get their welfare.

    • Anomanom

      Now there's a white people problem if i ever saw one.

  • Tim

    #18 alright I'll say it since I'm going to hell anyway. Want to make someone else's day better???? PUT THEM ON THE GLASS!!! Oh and hit SEND.

  • YaYo

    #26 And this is why it costs so much to host at Rackspace.

  • Behemoth

    #16 maybe try using all of your senses and a brain next time

  • peosh

    Great my local EMS are almost illiterate.

  • numb nuts

    I don't have a pic, but I have a sob story of why I hate my job today.
    The ridiculously hot chick at my work is married to a fat, ugly asshole. She has been on a field assignment for several months. She is finally back in the office today. WHY?…Because she has been porking married guys on her assignment! WTF?!?! I shoulda tried harder to hit that shit.

  • Retired Navy

    Insert tab A into slot C, Take tab B, fold into a paper airplane, insert the chrome muffler bearing into slot D. Type divide by zero on the control panel, throw tab B after depressing enter and,,,,,, run!!!!

  • Joe

    Wow Chive. Now the banner ads pop back up after you close then. Awesome.

  • Springs_Chiver

    Chive On CS EMS #9. Hope to never see you, but if I do, I hope I've got BFM on.

  • Cmwood

    Fuck chive these pop up ads are about to drive me off of the chive…..get that shit off here!!!!!

  • nugget_stain

    #6 and what is your hourly wage for field welding? mmhmm, f*ck your life indeed -_-

    • BType13X2

      In Fort McMurray, AB if you have your own rig it ranges from 70-120$'s an hour depending on your contract also he should be using a mudboard which would make that not suck at all.

  • Spelling Police

    #9 – the spelling makes me ashamed to live in Colorado Springs.

    • http://twitter.com/pezatsea @pezatsea

      I hope they're a lot better at saving lives than spelling and grammar.

      • Dookie

        If they have enough time for crap like this I wouldn't bet on it.

  • ChiveMaster

    Your spelling sucks.

  • Addicted Willie

    #18 Keep Calm and Scan On….. and please post more pics…. tomorrow is HUMP DAY!

  • Gallus

    #7 is why I hate to see kids in restaurants. If the parents can't control the little bastards, why do they insist on taking them into public places?!

  • Too tall two

    #10 was a driver who was refused an HGV licence in that office so went back with canisters strapped to his chest and took hostages. So ironically he didn't hate his job, he wanted it. Not a great day for the hostages either.

  • Notme

    #4 Little Caesar's sucks

  • Jay

    Dear Colorado springs EMS you guys rock… I will defiantly be looking for a job with you soon. Thanks for all you do,
    Fellow c/s EMT graduate

  • Dickens

    Stop with the banners on the mobile site! Or at least let me close them and have them stay closed. WTF chive?

  • Camo

    #20 Looks like crap… Have you ever heard of cable management?…

  • amazon_jade

    #6 wins this gallery. That is all.

  • ArmyWife

    Good to know there are other Chivers in The Springs! Seems like nobody on Ft Carson has ever heard of it! It's my personal mission to educate the poor soldiers who don't know what they're missing… If only I had stickers (hint, hint)

  • Dookie

    #9 I don't know why you hate your job. If you have enough time to do that your system is slow as shit. I'm a paramedic & I don't have time for stuff like that. 14 calls in 12 hrs today. Your system must be cake. Lazy shit like that makes us all look bad.

    • Austin

      I'm guessing by your arrogance and blatant disrespect that you are in fact a very new medic. As a COS medic myself, I can attest to an average of 8-12 transports a day with some days upwards of 18 or more. We aren't slow asshole. Way to belittle a fellow brother and Chiver and disregard the original intention of giving props to the Chive and EMS peeps. You're a dick sir, and I'm guessing you do a fine enough job of making yourself look bad w/out anybody's help 🙂

  • The Crazy One

    Thumbs up if you'd bang the chick in #22!

  • Piper

    #22 that's what you fuckers get for screwing my paint up every time. Lowe's paint desk sucks. That is all.

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