I miss college: Graduation edition (55 Photos)

  • David

    #7 #24 BLONDE FIND HER NOW!!

  • JohnnySuckin

    #7 #24 MOAR OF THIS FLBP!!!

  • skeeter

    the blonde's name in #7 and #24 is megan

  • bjizzle

    #20 needs a facial..err i mean we need a face shot…u get it

  • PKDubs

    #30. I'm begging you, have my children.

  • Nikki

    Last pic was taking at my school: Pitt! I could recognize the Cathedral anywhere. Love seeing Chivers on campus! 🙂

    • Neil

      There needs to be more Pitt Chivers! I wear my KCCO to the bars all the time and no one ever recognizes it.

  • Brian

    #9 Arizona State. Nice.

  • :DDDD

    lolol bill murray lol college

    this site is such faggotry for loser bro wannabes

  • http://www.facebook.com/mario.gutierrez.188 Mario Gutierrez

    more from #42

  • Amelyn

    You could use Picasa to organize your alubms and then upload to Picasa Web Albums (ie: so not FTP), and that would give you software that probably won’t be abandoned in a hurry and a web interface that will be maintained. I have Gallery (somewhere), and I think it’d be tough for a non-tech type to keep it updated I’ve got some upgrades to do myself that I just haven’t found time for.

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