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  • Dave

    #19 His shirt explains it all

    • thom

      Great of him to stick with her during this ordeal, but kind of douchie to where that kind of shirt with your sick girl.

    • derp

      Still a better love story in 6 frames than Twilight in 4 full-length movies.

    • liter of cola

      does that say "i love bitches"?

  • UGTP

    Proud to be a man and say that I teared up at most of these pictures….

  • barum

    Man, I needed this today.

  • Ryan

    Simply. Amazing.

  • gmoney


    Ticking away the moments
    That make up a dull day
    Fritter and waste the hours
    In an off-hand way

    This pic reminds me of that bad ass album

  • justin

    awesome #8 and #19 #24 #30
    and well all of em

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the shake up chive.

  • Gabe

    #33 Surely a great story, but the pictures are of two different dogs. The coloring of the face is completely different.

    • Mac the Intern

      They were part of a group that were rescued, all of them were adopted.

    • Coach

      when a dog ages some of its hair grow white… just like humans 🙂

    • Donny

      You're absolutely right. Good eye, Gabe.

    • Tara

      I was wondering when someone was going to point that out.

  • Jeremiah Young

    #8 and #35 are just straight awesome

  • Batman

    i sang if i had a million dollars by the barenaked ladies this whole post.

  • 6_Crack_rocks

    #23 watch some of the vids of people seeing their loved ones returning from deployments. Its impossible to not get teary eyed

  • Devil

    #29 I think yall need to get rid of cat saturdays and make it a dog day!!!

    • echogeo

      Or at least give them equal space.

  • Dan

    Every time I see #3, I really hope a second later the cop jammed his rifle barrel into that idiot's eyeball.

    • joe

      Or the butt of the rifle against the side of his head. Get back to school, shithead.

      • Samhedi

        You're an ass, and so is the guy above you.

    • jpadawan

      Fuck you! These people had the balls to give the Government a hardy 'FUCK YOU!!!!!!' and they were silenced.

  • Anonymous

    Why is #13 on there? That man is forcing a puppy to smoke a cigarette!

    • Sillywilly

      He's feeding a kitten, ya jackwagon

  • Theguy


    Anyone know the story here?

    • derp

      Who cares? It's still better than Twilight.

      • gmoney

        I agree with the guy of above me.

  • Clancy

    Awesome post Chive. A much needed break from studying for finals, really puts things in perspective.

  • Acesevens

    #11 Lets not be the ones who run from fire, lets run to it and help others. Change the world 1 life at a time.

  • Ken Kong

    i luv riot police… they keep the peace.

  • echogeo

    Too bad he never lived in the White House. There's a neighborhood worth fixing.

  • thegoodnerd

    I was listening to: Beach House – Myth, during this…

  • Santiago
    • Mom-of-2

      After reading the article I still agree with the statement made in the photo. My children, who happen to be biracial, notice differences in other people, whether it be race, sex, age, accents etc. It's impossible not to notice our differences. This is also where I disagree with the article. To notice is not to discriminate. The definition of discrimination is: The unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people or things. The job of a parent is to teach these differences as what makes us all unique and not reasons to hate others.

  • dnote42

    #19 i hope she keeps fighting a good fight!! Keep Calm and FUCK CANCER

  • Harleyxx

    #7 Someone needs to tell her that the homeless will take a dump in the kitchen sink and infest the house with god knows what. Welcome to reality honey!

    • Jim

      It's great that kids can believe this kind of fairy land bs. unfortunate truth is Harleyxx is right–that house you built would be full of used needles and smell of piss and shit after a couple of weeks. And the poor kids? Give them better parents instead of toys.

  • dan

    Im pretty sure #33 is 2 different dogs

  • @slackersavvy

    I WAS having a shit day at work full of problems.
    Consider my perspective reset.

    Much needed. #KCCO

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