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  • dweber77

    I needed this today. The eis a big debate in NC over Amendment One (they are calling it the Marriage Amendment.) It would strip away a lot of rights for any couples who are not legally married. It's just sad that this country keeps trying to limit people's rights based on what some of the people believe as religion. Sorry did not mean to get all political.

  • Brother Maynard

    #14 One of the few truly great people.

  • Justin Lietz

    Damn fine post chive.

  • Damian

    #1 Why not try handing the heart to the protestors throwing rocks and Molotov cocktails behind you, fucking hippies.

  • tv_paul


    Man Card upgrade to ∞ (-1 for the shirt in tha last panel)

  • butters

    #24 love it!

    • Kyle

      By far my favorite

    • Franklin1138

      Now THAT is the truest demonstration of Christ's love I have ever seen. I am humbled.

  • Timin Phoenix


    I think I will take my kid to an area that has the obvious potential for a dangerous riot and use her for a political prop.

  • defnotamid

    Neither voyager 1 or 2 have gotten out of the solar system. They both are in the heliosheath. Which is the last step before getting out, but still pretty far away. Still an awesome post and we are really small.

  • AnyoneForCoffee

    #6 Even in 'futuristic' Star Trek, we were still struggling to explore more than a quarter of our own galaxy….

    ….Let alone that lot aaaall the way over there!

  • Sworn_infidel

    Without money, we'd all be rich? What kind of hippy fucking bullshit is that? Without money we wouldn't have economies, jobs, development, medicine, homes, nothing would be possible without it.

  • PennStater

    #37 What kind of dumb research keeps a dog in a cage for its entire life?

    • PennStater


  • Coach

    this is what we all need to understand: "United we stand divided we fall"
    ps. share happiness, joy and love to one another
    ps2. we all live really close to each other considering the size of our world…

  • socalmarti

    #8 #13 #29 and I'm crying now……. beautiful!

  • Sworn_infidel

    +1 if this post made you laugh and def not cry

  • Lisa

    It's raining on my face

  • Ashley


    This picture was taken over 4months of the hubble staring into what appeared to be just blackness.

    We can't be alone. We just can't be.

  • rae

    damn chive make me cry at work…

  • D Nice

    #23 made me tear up. I have a half sleeve tattoo dedicated to my dad. Awesome dads make the world a better place

  • XOXO

    #31 that's a real man right there.
    "MOAR" "Find him"

    • lolwut

      Crap, I remember this story, too. Where the water is pouring down created some sort of current that kept the person from swimming away, AND the rescue boats from getting close enough. There was a construction site nearby, two guys saw what was going on, and one hopped in the cab of a crane and the other one is, obviously, the guy in the picture.

      Oh, here we are:

  • dsgrntld

    As of late, The Chive has become 50% chives and 50% berries

  • Johann

    #33 is a fail. It's not the same dog.

  • antitango

    #23 Children soften the hardest heart.

  • therealguy


  • Anonymous

    I hate to be the realist in a great picture…but #33 is different dogs, different shades of brown, and different whites.
    Dog rescue is still important though.

  • Timmer

    #11 who's the jerk that was busy taking pictures rather than doing something to help that whole time?

    • Otter

      Probably a news photographer standing two stories below.

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