• GrahamBurgher

    faith in humanity restored

  • Bob

    #14…Mr. Rogers fucking rules.

  • Gallus

    #4 and #6 – I am continuously dismayed at human arrogance when I hear people talk about "the conquest of space." The best humankind will ever do is to explore.

  • maxchiver

    No no, nothings wrong just my allergies acting up again. another awesome post brought to us by the best website, no probably about it. #1 #36

  • https://www.facebook.com/chaoticbeauty6 Tatiana Campuzano

    it has hittin me right in the gut *wiping tears* ❤
    #23 #29

  • Myst

    #18,#19,#22#23 broke the dam in now sobbing in public in a parking lot thank you

  • G1880

    #22 is one of the most moving and beautiful photos I have ever seen.

    I like pictures if awesome explosions and gorgeous girls with great breasts too, so I'm still manly right?

    • BostonChiver.

      Is identical to the picture of my great grandfather and I days after birth…got some tears flowing.

  • JDB85

    Very good ending to the post Chive.

  • VeryBadAstronomer

    #6 The smudge in the middle with what looks like cross hairs is a star. Not everything in the picture is a galaxy.

  • Afro Sheen

    Look … It's Roy G Biv.

  • Dan

    Wow, that was a great post, thanks guys : )

  • Lisa

    #23 and #33 It's always soldiers coming home and dogs that get the waterworks goin' for me.

  • Rayzer

    This is why I love theChive, we can go from a post about babes in bikinis to a post that brings water to my eyes….keep up the great work gents

  • Holmespump

    Why would I be moved or inspired by #10?

  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=12629486 Brett Butler

    Someone is cutting onions around here damnit!

  • Twk

    #30 is a liberal agenda

  • Mr.Eff

    I was fine until #19. You suck -_-

  • Falthor

    #22 that got me… I have one remaining grandparent that i wish i could say I see more often but I don't. At the birth of my twin daughters none of my grandparents were there, and only one survived long enough to see that joy that is my 2 baby girls.

  • rjc0235

    some of these are complete bull, just some artsy crap, but others are absolutely amazing😛

  • Sam

    Truly touching and inspiring!

  • Pierre

    why would christians have to protect muslims at prayer in muslim egypt, where christians are being murdered, churches are being burned down, and one of the oldest christian communities in the world is being forced to flee? How effing stupid do these people feel now that they are the object of a pogrom?

  • Twk

    #25 welcome home… That looks like one proud father. Thank you

  • Twk

    #23 thank for your service. People should know freedom isn't free #35

  • McDunna

    sorry to ruin a picture but i'm not sure if the dogs in 33 are actually the same beagle

  • http://www.facebook.com/angela.nelson.758 Angela Nelson

    Goes to show you don't need half naked women to make a great post.

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