Images that will move and inspire (36 Photos)

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  • CMCB

    #14 Mr. Rogers. Ass kicker. Thank you for helping me grow up, sir.

  • MikeyDeelux

    When I got to 36 I got a lump in my throat and goose bumps. Incredible

  • sst7

    #29…. gotta love dogs

  • Lawrence Panis

    very powerful message here. If at least half the world felt the same way…

  • ThatOneNerdGuy

    I am not ashamed to admit that I teared up a bit.

  • McChassy

    This made my stressful day a little better. Im thankful for what I have and the People I love. Actually teared up. Thanks for making a rough finals week a little easier for me now.

  • Rick64


  • BklynSugar

    I created an account just to say thank you. This post was so beautiful that it made me cry. I really lost it at #19.

    I have been chiving for a long time but didn't create an account until now. Thank you. Thank you so much for restoring my faith and being so wonderful.
    KCCO ❤

  • Christian Cockburn

    #18 😥

  • Faith

    This post got me teary eyed.

  • chobobo

    damn allergies and dust and onions and all these things in my room. bah

  • Guest

    #23 #25 and #35 : Definite cause for a manly tear or two.

    Thank you for your service, one and all.

  • HannahM

    This was an excellent post. This should be a weekly thing. We all need to be reminded constantly that the world we live in is a wonderful place. Thanks, Chive!

  • Jeff

    #35 Thank you. A company of engineers are coming home tomorrow night…many tears will be shed, including this retired Sergeant Major. If #1 and #36 would materialize, #35 and #23 would not be necessary.

  • Arielle

    Beautiful post Chive. 🙂

  • jess

    These were beautiful pictures-much better than the side boobs and butts that are the norm

  • Krypt

    BS on #33, not the same dog unless it's part cameleon

  • Adam Puente

    Well, hell CHIVE. Now I have to believe in humanity for just a little while longer……

  • Ryan Gero

    #22 never a more appropriate KCCO…Let's goooo! Mountaineers!

  • Carguy95

    We need more things like #24 to happen in this world.

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  • rkess

    Awesomely put together. I needed this 🙂

  • Swaff

    #22 really touched me because of a nursing home i work at and some of the residents there havent seen family in such a long time,

  • Der Freischütz

    #19 Keep Calm and Fuck Cancer
    #23 I wish my dad was still here for when I get back from deployment.

  • BigStew

    #23 we need to bring them all home!

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