The Red Dress Found: Oh In-Hye (31 Photos)

Oh In-Hye was a little known South Korean actress until she dawned a red plunging neckline dress and walked the red carpet at the Busan International Film Festival (BIFF). Photos of her amazing sideboob exploded across the globe and arrived at theCHIVE in yesterday's 'Find Her.' Enjoy the rest of Oh's red carpet photos…

  • bzazz

    She needs more red carpet invites if she's going to show up like that!

  • bkfrijoles

    #11 oh hey!! look at those

  • Tito
  • Franklin1138

    Such a beautiful face. Love her smile. And her boobs.

  • Steve

    Side boob

  • spartica

    here you go. this is why she is famous.

  • Sergio

    I`m not saying I wouldn`t suck on those all day long but… did anyone else notice her left one seem to be bigger?

  • tom

    That right one is hanging a little farther south

  • Bustanut

    I can masturbate to that all day long

  • kimohoyo

    if u dont like this website then dont look at it idiot. The only racist shit i seen on here was the garbage that u wrote..

  • Crimson K-9

    She should get a deal on a half price boob Job.

  • chobobo

    two boobs > no boobs

  • Guessed

    They're perfect. It's the flashes playing tricks on your eyes. Look at 13 and 21. Very sexy. Thanks Chive.

  • jim

    Beautiful woman — and she's sporting the one valid reason for breast enhancement — to even them up. That Is All.

  • HappyDay

    Every pic shows how not symmetrical her boobs are I can't get pass that

  • Tonya

    So, where's the video of the bouncing boobies?

  • Dr. Evil

    I did the whole FWB thing with a Korean chick. This brings back FOND memories.

  • Tae

    Guess I was totally off. Might be a relief that I don't know my idols as I should 🙂
    Sorry about that.

  • Anonymous

    red hot

  • d b cooper

    Wait… she's wearing a dress? I guess I did not notice that part…..

  • real

    Amazing. God bless you

  • knotmee

    Six minutes and three seconds of her getting graphically banged by an old guy. NSFW if the description didn't clue you in. google oh in-hy black wedding x hamster

  • Dan

    That is the greatest dress ever. She looks awesome in it, but do you know who would look even better with it on? My floor

  • AdsSuck

    Your ad bars are trash. Thanks for slowing down the chive and pissing me off. Fuck.

  • Dugg30

    I rearry rike her pics

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