You sir have been owned (34 photos)

  • @edmerbrito

    #2 you motorboating son of a bichito you

  • Lisa

    #14 Jon Hamm is the shit

  • Chris

    #14 how it should always be. Real men wear suits

  • SadeShadz

    #3 Haha!! #5 Not so wise after all…

  • onethirdjewman

    #28 always bugs me. Isn't it entirely possible that the kid just had a mix up with the first answer and it threw off his or her answers for the rest of the test? Teachers should never assume their students are cheating; it's something that needs to be dealt with through conversation and discipline, not assumption and degradation.

  • tommytwotime

    #27 haha!!!

  • waltgator

    #2 years later, boobs will be his downfall…lucky bastard

  • Verbal_Kint

    #2 These aren't my sunglasses! But that's okay….

  • acoustrix

    #21 ouch
    That's down the street from me, yummy Baja Grill 😀

  • Mark

    #17 Is that Neil Young?

  • Behemoth

    #28 with better writing than the teacher, I'd say fuck off

  • Canadastani


    Quebecers. That's who.

    "Chalice Tabernacle de Sacre Mere!"

    Canadian chivers are laughing right now.
    We'll explain it to you Yanks later.

  • CMCB

    Man, I so hope Podsednik caught that. Eff you, Yankee fans.

  • CMCB


  • ThatOneNerdGuy

    I believe you spelled "porpoise" wrong. #3

  • psycoiceman

    #30 GIGGITY!!!!!!!

  • Zach Rochner

    #22 I love both those brews, but Newcastle wins this battle.

  • urrrp

    #17 cindy sheehan???

  • banthisbreed

    #33 this dog can't breath and can not regulate it's own temperature. It lives a painful life.


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  • is awesome

    #22 no one can get one over the geordies hahaha love it

  • Sam


    Awesome. Logic ftw.

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