• leighk93

    the couple to the very left have a difficult choice now ahead of them…

    • Csquaredapparel

      this made me laugh! HA

    • chivettes2love


      • blueberry

        i think 5, 6, and 7 from the left might be going stag (2 guys and a girl). The others are distinctly paired up, but she isn't showing any preference for either of the two.

        • Lol

          No way. The tie and such match the date's dress.

        • Underbaker

          I think 6 and 7 from the right might be holding hands in #2 so it is 5 from the right who is alone.

          • Wicked

            Someone had to take the picture

            • Underbaker

              Isn't that job usually handed to a Mom or Dad? I know they are there because I saw this as a news story yesterday morning, they used hair dryers to dry the dresses and threw the tux's in the clothes dryer to get them to the prom before it ended.

      • ChronicUser

        I think it's the heavy set Justin Bieber looking kid, silver bow tie, who is FOREVER ALONE!

    • Mr. J

      Yeah, whether or not to break up with her because clearly she has issues. I mean, she seems completely horrified like she almost died.

      Also, she should consider breaking up with him. Look at how much he doesn't even seem to care to try to help out any of his friends.

    • Big_Curt

      that dudes chances to get lucky greatly increased after this

    • DaveStinson316

      To jump for it like mario or use their friends heads like the stones that rise from the bog of eternal stench…

      • parkatola

        Not the bog of eternal stench!!!!

    • TAB1452

      these dudes are gonna get so much street cred bragging about how they got their dates wet on prom night…

  • Paul

    Man, that looks just like a lake in Michigan where I grew up. Anyone have the answer?

    • Totally not the cops

      Lake Michigan?

    • bryan

      It's a small town in Wisconsin.

    • Someone

      Jesus is always the answer.

      • mikeltn

        thanks Tebow

    • SinisteR

      Oconomowoc WI, Lake 'Lac la Belle'

    • FingerPainter

      You grew up in a lake? Cool story bro

      • El Chicken

        I'm Old Greeeeeeeeeeg

    • Matt

      Yeah, totally. What with the…water…and the trees….. yeah bro, VERY distinctive.

    • James

      This was near Delafeild in Wisconsin. This showed up on my Facebook feed yesterday. (Finally something happened in Wisconsin!).

    • Paul from the gump

      Looks just like every lake in the world.

  • PKDubs

    That kid there on the left saving his girl. He's getting laid.

    • Fun_with_Numbrs

      While thguy on the right (stepping over his date) is surely going to hell.

      • Unfkngblvbl

        She looks like Snooki.

    • Ned_Plimpton

      Stole my comment…. Yep, he's definitely having sex with all the one's that fell in too.

    • Kyle

      That depends…he's ahead on points, but needs to somehow get her to shore now without getting wet.

    • Burns

      So is the guy picking the chick in the pink up… the rest of the dudes are SOL in the getting laid department.

    • Mr. J

      His friends are pissed. He's not helping any of them out of the water.

      Bros before hos, man.

  • pjn

    where is this ?

    • SinisteR

      Oconomowoc WI. Lake 'Lac la Belle'

      • pjn


        • thom

          Its at Stiffler's lake house!

      • codeblue

        I live like 20 min from there. Damn, now I just need a prom date… and a prom to go to… damn.

  • noegod

    you had this in the DAR the other day. waste of a perfectly good post!

    • Westy

      But now we know the story. Yesterday I thought it was triple wedding.

    • Intensedebate1

      That's because Chive reposts everything! Have you seen the picture of the old man that looks like the character from the movie Up? I am sure they will repost it for you soon.

  • Pete

    Eli Manning on the far right.

    • Brian

      definitely eli manning on the far right

    • Lancealot

      And his brother five over from him

    • wisconsinchiver

      That made my day

  • shd72

    is that Eli Manning on the right in the 1st picture?

    • KingThing

      That's what I was thinking…… His date looks like a fine piece of a$$!

    • Chris Fleming

      HAHA….Thought the same thing!

  • ChronicUser

    My man in #4 saved his girl from falling in. I hope he got some ass that night.

    • Jay

      He will. Oh definitely he will.

  • Rick

    lol before scrolling down I thought this was about there being 9 guys and 8 girls

  • supercop

    nine guys and eight girls.

    • ougthnot

      Not very observant …. the 9th girl is concealed by the guy on the far right.

      • Scuba Steve

        Maybe you should count again.

    • Guest

      My money is on the kid in the black shirt being stag.

  • What

    #3 Stupid snooki…babies can't swim…

  • vaginasmellgood


  • Blvd

    Read this, save time:

    A bunch of corny comments from people who think they are hilarious. There. Now you dont have to scroll through this whole thing

    • mrb

      Wow! What an original comment.

    • Gerri

      you sir, are a douche nozzel ….come on now, why all the chiver animosity? put on a smile and eat your Wheaties like a big girl.

  • biff

    is that eli manning on the far right? #1

  • SinisteR

    HA! This happened in my Hometown of Oconomowoc WI, The lake is called Lac la Belle and it's Damn Cold in May.
    Poor Kids.

    I'm sure the one guy who saved his date from falling was the only one that got lucky that night.

  • richard

    Eli Manning on the right.

    • quiksaand

      lmao… I thought the same thing

    • M3 Love

      You win sir! I was scrolling down to write the same thing. The guy in the very back is his brother with his clutch catch!

  • Lon

    How many times do we need to see this? Wasn't funny the first time.

  • Jmoney

    Dear chive can we please get a milf/ beautiful mom post on mothers day… Epic

  • 6_Crack_rocks

    Lac La Belle. I ski on this lake during the summer. Damn cold in the spring though

  • zep

    #3. Far right. White dress. Find her!

    • anon

      …..because picking up high school chicks is hot.

    • Gerri

      pedo bear much?! i mean seriously, its prom…you can wait a couple months creepo.

    • zep=pedo

      high school prom bro, try to set your standards a little higher

  • LOL

    8 chicks 9 dudes…anyone else notice?

    • janedoe

      I did, my guess it's the guy to the right of the Snooki look-a-like

  • loyaltodachive

    how many times are we gonna see this? I love the chive but you guys need to tell each other what pics ur putting up to prevent stale reposts

  • SaltLakeChiver

    #4 Guy on the left totally caught her before she fell. What a sir.

  • bambam

    #1 eli's date is hot.

  • Guest

    Smart Asian kid knows where to stand!

    • Hagsr

      U douche

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