• RAC

    So which guy has no date??

    • ChickenTenders

      third from right

      • wdh

        and they hatin

  • BOB

    guy far right looks like eli manning??

  • the_mike

    #4 dude hoisting himself up before helping his date in the black dress, you have a lot to learn from the dude with the date in the red dress.

  • Ryan

    10 Bucks says Dude on the far left soooooooo got laid for "Caught you like a bawse"

  • Vent187

    Bunch of derps. Must explain why Eli's there.

    • CommonSense_IhasIt

      Maybe the 9th Girl was taking the Photo?

  • peter

    The third guy from the right is the odd one out

    • DerpTastic

      I came to the same conclusion too

  • the great sandy

    eli youre a smoooooooooooth pimp

  • sst23

    I see 17 people—means we found the answer to the age old question- "what's worse then going to prom alone"—-falling in a lake, then going to prom alone!!!!

  • TylerDurdenUMD

    Holy repost Batman!

  • Chive Junkie

    With 9 guys v 8 girls, what if the guy on the end that caught the girl is the odd man out?

  • j dub

    This post would be better if it was the after shot and the chicks were wet gowning!

  • Jrod

    ELI MANNING on the far right???

  • Solitare

    HOw many more ppl are going to comment how how that dude looks like Eli Manning ??

  • David Connell

    Just in case we all missed this picture the first 6 times… NO BODY CARES

  • Brian Oliver

    c'mon honey, let's get you outta those wet clothes

  • JMoney830

    If homie at the end didnt get laid that night after saving his date…idk what this world is coming to

  • parkatola

    In #2, the kid seventh from the left. Only one looking down.

    "Guys, what's that creaking sound? Hey guys! Did you hear someth[plummets]"

    You gotta feel bad for them though. The dresses and rental tuxes cost a fair bit. Gonna have to go to the dance in jeans. But they'll have the best story.


    • injaneer

      I was so going to say the same. This guy KNEW it was going to fall, in the next photo he actually caught himself on both rails, not just one. The Pier needed another leg in the middle, what is one wide span for that length of pier.

  • Gallus

    Oh, it's a *prom* photo. When I saw these photos before, I thought it was a wedding. Still, a memorable event.

  • tony

    Just down the road from my house!

  • Guest

    I didn't know Eli Manning still went to the prom.

  • JTP

    White bow tie is definitely the odd man out…

  • charles

    Eli fuckin Manning on far right!!

  • Moknowsbest

    #1 guy all the way to the right… Who invited Eli Manning

  • tommytwotime

    #3 those dudes on the left got so lucky!!!

  • Aap

    Dude on the right gets out before his girl! Not getting laid tonight.

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